Angry Birds Android Download Update v1.4.2 with 45 New Levels


The eggs of Birds are stolen by some evil green pigs and the birds are out for revenge!
The survival of the birds is in danger, due to the eggs stolen by the bad pigs and your job is to stop this slaughter. Help the birds, which have unique and distinct powers, to get back their stolen eggs. Specifically your goal is to destroy the defenses of the pigs with the birds themselves and the use of a sling. The game has a lot of levels where we have to make use of all our logic and skill to solve them and retrieve the eggs that have been removed.

Angry Birds AndroidIn Angry Birds Android game, your goal is to use the slingshot to hit birds in pigs. To do this, click and drag back the pet moving up and down, trying to hit the target. To complete each level of Angry Birds for Android, you need a good strategy and learn to destroy obstacles that appear the way. You have four chances to destroy the enemy and can find many bonuses on the way.
The first few levels are pretty easy, but as we move through the game you will see that the difficulty is in considerable increase, reaching sometimes be really hard to solve it. However, we will be able to use the mighty eagle if we are stuck in a level. Undoubtedly, Angry Birds is a fun game you can not miss on our Smartphone.

Angry Birds was developed for Android by Rovio Mobile
Package name : com.rovio.angrybirds.apk
File size: 14.1MB

Angry Birds is the most popular and most downloaded game on Android as well as other mobile platforms.

Angry Birds Android Downlaod Update v1.4.2

Download Angry Birds Android Update Angry_Birds_v1.4.2.apk
Angry Birds apk download      
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Angry Birds is a Free Android Game. You can Download Angry Birds from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.
Or, simply follow the link below to get the latest version of Angry Birds for Android from Google Play Store
  • malamen

    don’t work in my vodafone 845 :(

    • Pompezz

      It doesn’t work in my G1 too…..damn it!

  • Kit

    Get some golden eggs.
    There is an easy one on level 14 of these new maps.
    (Bommerang-bird backwards + tap immediately to get the distance)

    You cannot access the golden eggs.
    If you use a long swipe while only touching the screen with one finger on the golden egg screen…you can see the eggs.
    I have 3 so far…
    The center one that I have is accessible, and once I beat the level it allows page two of the eggs to open up…but I had a force close and page 2 is gone again =/
    Wonky fu..g update.

  • Nagrom

    Will I loose my current game progress with this update, or does it just add the new levels, and fix the bugs?

    • Whofeih

      Same question here.

      • gHoSt

        No you will not lose any data already there, such as points, levels cleared etc.

  • marlon

    Works great on motoroi. Love the big bird

  • Jacky

    This angry birds version actually works on my x10 mini pro, the previous version didnt work!

  • arthur

    Is it possible to move this game to the SD card on froyo ?
    This game is pretty big =P

    • Bri

      The game is designed to automatically install on your SD card, you shouldn’t need to move it to the card manually.

  • Marin

    how can it work on x10 mini pro damn it?!? my gf has a wildfire on 2.1 and it still doesn’t work. operater still hasnt given update on 2.2 where the game works confirmed and im not rooting just for angry birds.

  • StenvenBe

    bad tittle, Download not downlaod, bad for seo 😛

    • admin

      Thanks StenvenBe

  • Luis

    contains advertising?

  • Zaw

    Doesn’t work on my HTC Tatoo too ;(