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Best Android forums for rooting modding tutorials

Created by Google, the Linux-based Android operating system has grown to be the most widely used software on a wide variety of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets over the last decade or so since its unveiling back in the year 2008. However, the road to where we now have not been without its ups and downs. With the OS less than perfect and the market demands and competition shifting the goal post every few weeks, it has been no easy task to keep up with the current trends. This would not have been possible without the strength in unity and support of online forums.

Common problems that you can get help on in online android forums

System UI crash

This happens when the user interface just won’t respond. The easiest fix is to clear the system UI cache and restart your phone.
Downloads disappearing
If your phone is not equipped with a reliable file manager app, you might run into such problems as this.

Total Android crash

This is when your phone just won’t boot properly in which case you can try using safe mode to boot into your device and try to remedy the situation by disabling all apps that may be causing the device to stall.

Insufficient memory error on Google Play Store

Android chooses fixed allocations for apps that you cannot really change so when you run into this error even though your phone is showing plenty of space it is probably true you are low on space. However, clearing the cache files of all apps using a cleaner app like CCleaner can correct the error.
You can find the more elaborate answers to the above and other problems you might be facing on the OS in the following online forums; remember your problem may not be unique to you as you think.

Let’s get familiar with the best android forums out there

Xda Developers

The most popular destination for all kind of OS related questions. This community of millions of users brings you the latest in the open-platform related news and updates to keep you informed and ready for the next turn. This platform is for both organizations and individuals who are united by their enthusiasm for application development ranging from consumers to experts in the field of programming for the Android platform. This community has a wide online presence where you can get support and tips to help you with your troubles. Read through reviews if you are looking to buy a phone or review your phone. The forum features subforum where you can get apps, tips, tools, rooting and modding tutorials for a particular device.


  • Get support from experts and other users on any kind of Android-related question.
  • All the necessary tools and guides to customize your Android device.
  • Read user review of android stuff to know what is working and what is not so desirable while buying.

Android pit

The site actually has more than one forum within it forming together a community made up of smaller ethnicities if you may. There is the general forum the developer, the Google Android phones forum among several others. When you join this community, they keep track of your activities and how willing you are to help others as well as the frequency with which you log into the forum. The higher your number, the more reputable you become in the community and you just might make it to the leaderboards.


  • Read reviews of hardware and accessories to help you buy the best qualities.
  • Get the latest hardware and software news
  • Get help on any android related query.
  • Save money by getting incredibly enticing deals on hardware and software

Android Central

As the name of this forum suggests, this is the middle earth for all the majority of Google’s mobile OS lovers a common meeting ground for them to learn of the latest rumors and facts. And while visiting, there is a ton of stuff to talk about starting with helping each other out with challenges to contests in which you can win free gifts all the way to an online marketplace where you can sell and buy things.


  • You can get help on anything for free from technical people and fellow users who have experienced similar glitches.
  • You get to answer other peoples query in unanswered threads, and it always feels good to help someone else.
  • You will get the latest news and updates of the platform earlier than most people in the websites new forum.
  • If you are looking to buy all things Android, you may benefit from reading buyer guide.
  • When you are free you can always stop by the Androidcentral lounge to chat about random subjects of the topic.
  • Whenever you are feeling competitive and lucky, you can head to the community’s contests where you stand to win free stuff including accessories and phones just by virtue of being a member.
  • The marketplace is where you can find or sell devices and accessories.

Android authority

If you are looking to meet other people from all over the world with a passion for everything Android and the technical know-how to help you accomplish just about any daunting task related to the operating system, then this is your one-stop shop. By joining this forum you earn the rights to comment on articles posted on the community’s forum, you are granted special access to their so-called “exclusive giveaways” and most important of all you can stop get help with all your burning questions, whether you are a user or are learning to code for app development.


  • Read articles about the latest advancements in the mobile platform and give your contribution
  • Win stuff for free in the exclusive giveaways and contests
  • Get technical support from experts and other users
  • Read a review of the latest products before you go out and buy them

Android Forum is the official website of the popular Android Forum which is also a global community of enthusiasts who are of the like minds when it comes to keeping the OS open to all people of the world and updated and developed to suit the needs of an ever-changing people. Membership is free but comes with several privileges key among them being the ability to participate in discussions in order to ask any burning questions you might have regarding your device and the access to free downloads from their site of useful files and programs.


  • grants you access to useful downloads from their site for free
  • Participate in healthy warm discussions about apps, games
  • Ask pressing questions and get help on the forum
  • Create a email for which all emails incoming will be forwarded to your other email address.

You can rely on android forums online to give the latest in rumors and facts about which direction the OS is headed next and what new updates are available for your device. Taking part in this online communities can and will be beneficial to you as a user and developer in several ways. Key among this being the information you get on time about the latest developments and what is supported. In today’s world, information is essential, and that is why the Android platform is open to all. Apart from that, you can just have fun while you win free stuff from the community to reward your loyalty and championing the android community. Join today and be a goodwill ambassador to your region from the largest online forums.


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