Looking for some great puzzle games on Android? Checkout our favourite 10 free Top Puzzle Games for Android.

Puzzle games are a great way to both kill time and improve your brain at any age, and a mobile device is the perfect platform for them. We’ve got a selection of the best puzzle games for your mobile device right here, from word puzzles to logic games, all completely free to download.

Feel free to Download the following best puzzle for android as they are absolutely free.

Word Search Puzzles

Word Search Puzzles for android

Easy to pick up and play, IceMochi’s Word Search Puzzles is a simple crossword puzzle game. With a random puzzle generator, you won’t ever play the same game twice. In addition, the “Vocab Challenge” puzzles give you a great chance to improve your vocabulary while you play.

Download Word Search Puzzles Here (Free)


Mahjong android puzzle game

A solitare-style game of matching tiles, this version of Mahjong comes with over 200 boards, so even a Mahjong veteran will find a new challenge.

Download Mahjong Here (Free)

Mind Games – Brain Training

If you’re looking for more of a brain-trainer that just feels like a game, Mind Games is for you. With a variety of different brain training puzzles ranging from abstract thinking to face memory, you’ll feel smarter in no time. A great choice for people interested in Lumosity, but unwilling to pay full price for a brain-trainer.

Download Mind Games- Brain Training Here (Free)

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga android game

Don’t let the bright colors and Candyland art style fool you; there’s a reason that Candy Crush isn’t just a simple matching game, but one of the most talked-about mobile games ever. In addition, links to your desktop PC means you’re never far away from this addictive little puzzle.

Download Candy Crush Saga Here (Free)


A prime example of a “kitchen scramble” game, Burger has you making hamburgers in a variety of different ways as fast as possible. It may start out easy, but with new toppings and less time, Burger gets quite tricky quite quickly.

Download Burger Here (Free)

Flow Free

A perfect example of a “simple to learn, difficult to master” game, Flow Free is a simple game of connecting dots without crossing lines that gradually becomes a true test. A great puzzle game for visual problem solvers or anyone who works better with problems they can see.

Download Flow Free Here

4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word android puzzle game

Four pictures, all with one word in common. A game that takes a sentence to figure out but weeks to perfect, 4 Pics 1 Word encourages unconventional thinking and problem solving.

Download 4 Pics 1 Word Here (Free)

Can You Escape

With a dedicated following and new floors constantly being added, this Myst style puzzle game is sure to keep even clever fans of the genre entertained.

Download Can You Escape? Here (Free)

graBLOX Puzzle Game

graBLOX Puzzle Game for android

In addition to a simple art style and challenging gameplay, GraBLOX also comes with a level editor, so that you can make new levels to challenge your friends.

Download GraBLOX Here (Free)

100 Gates

100 Gates andorid challenging game

Combining tricky puzzles, a beautiful art style, and the use of all of your Android’s features, 100 Gates is a puzzle game that doesn’t look or play like a free game.

Download 100 Gates Here (Free)

All of these games are great to play in short bursts or over a whole afternoon. We guarantee you’ll spend plenty of time trying to completely figure out each of these wonderful pieces of freeware.

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