The Best Android Theme Apps for Free


Adding a sharp new theme to your Android smartphone or slate can liven things up in an instant…

Best Android Theme Apps

One of the big reasons to get an Android device is the amount of customization it gives you. With some operating systems, you are stuck with a stock home screen, but that is not the case on Android. Launchers are one great way to change up the look of your handset, but a theme can really kick things up a notch and is a bonus of using a launcher.

We are not going to focus on the latter however as the best Android theme apps are on our minds. These apps are similar to android launchers in that they change the look & feel of the home screen and app drawer, but they tend to have a few unique differences. The primary function of an Android home replacement app is, of course, to replace your home screen in a way that gives you more customization options, making it ideal for those who like to personalize their Android devices. These apps allow applying theme on android and switch between various themes in just a few taps.

There are thousands of themes in the Play Store, and anywhere from a dozen to hundreds depending on which launcher you choose. The best Android theme apps have one thing in common however as they all make your handset stand out in a crowd.

Our list uses full of themes from some of the best launchers around although some can only be used with a particular launcher app. That said, several apps allow you to import themes from other sources if you pony up for the Pro version. We have also included several developers of note that specialize in theme apps built for Android-based launchers.

These are the best free Android Themes Apps to replace homes screen & app drawer layout.

Themer (free)

Before we get started on individual themes, we are going to take a look at one app Theme that rules them all. Themer is essentially a launcher, but it is not like the rest of the pack as it does not focus on app drawers, crazy widgets or slick transitions. It is all about the themes…

Themer is an app full of themes including those of the free and premium variety. You can navigate through them all with ease, and once you settle on a theme, the fun really begins. Each theme is fully customizable which opens the door to endless possibilities. Easy access means you can change the look of your phone with your mood.

App icon gestures are included along with the Zooper Widget as this is a launcher regardless of its endless amount of themes. We mean that literally as the company adds new ones each week.

Zooper Widget (free)

This is another app that isn’t really a theme per say, but more of a customization tool in the widget form. It basically allows you to customize or design your own widgets, which in turn changes up the look of your home screen. It comes with several templates as well including popular choices like the date, clock, and weather. If you want to take things to the next level, there is a paid version of the Zooper Widget as well. It is ad-free and adds a few new features like .apk theme support, Buzz launcher support and the ability to load or save your favorites from a microSD card for $2.99

Touchwhiz Apex/Nova Theme (free)

This theme sports a whopping 30 HD wallpapers, a slew of customized icons and a super sleek custom Apex Skin. As the name implies, it gives you a Samsung-like experience on your home screen even if you are rolling with a handset from LG, HTC or Huawei. This theme is free but will only work with Apex or Nova launchers.

Glass Icon Pack Theme (free)

If you want a theme that goes the transparent route, you will not have an issue finding one on the Play Store. There are hundreds to choose from in varying degrees of opaqueness, but the Glass Icon Pack from Android Customization stands head and shoulders above the rest. This pack has something called a Sense Glass Flat HD theme and comes loaded down with Glass icons, a dock and HD wallpapers. It also works with a wide variety of launchers including ADW, Nova, Apex, GO and Launcher Pro.

Shadow Theme (free)

The Shadow Theme from Vladimir Tymanov was a lock to make our best Android theme apps list, and it has been a fan favorite for years. That is because it has sleek icons and wallpapers to give your phone a classy look. In fact, you will get over 550 icons for free, and there are other cool perks like an Icon Mask feature, Icon Shader, and Cloud Wallpapers. This theme is also available to use with a number of launchers including Nova, ADW, and Apex.

Black Technology Theme (free)

Out of all the colors in the rainbow, Black tends to be picked as one of the most popular across the board. If you feel the same way, you will appreciate the Black Technology Theme from the team at CML. This one is blacked out with neon green highlights for the icons and widgets which gives it a Tron style look.

Wallpapers, widgets and over 60 app icons are included with this theme in addition to a 3D weather widget and several cool live wallpapers. The theme is free, but you will have to have CM launcher to use it.

Steam Punk Launcher Theme (free)

Steampunk mixes the classic with the futuristic and it’s a popular niche if you dig the cosplay or just really cool art. There are several Steam Punk themes available, but his one is our personal favorite. It combines beautiful icons with wooden wallpapers to give your device a unique style. The widgets really kick things up a notch as well. The Steam Punk Theme is free but only available for the Hola Launcher although it can be imported to work with other launchers.

Red Iron Hero 3D Theme (free)

While there are no official Iron Man themes with RDJ peering at you from your home screen, there is the Red Iron Hero 3D Theme. This one is not going to be for everyone but is by far one of the slicker themes you will find if you sport the proper 3D launcher. In this case, it’s the CM Launcher 3D Pro.

As for the theme itself, it comes with a 3D weather and clock widget to go along with a slew of custom icons. We would be remiss if we did not include the massive Iron Man-esque piece character in the middle of the home screen as well. On the flipside, if Red is not your hue and you do not dig superheroes you may appreciate their Lightning Storm 3D theme or Transparent Heart theme.

Now that we have shown you some of our favorites along with a few popular picks from the masses, it is time to switch things up. We are going to shine a spotlight on a few developers that specialize in making themes for your handset.

Best Android Themes Workshop – C Launcher (free)

While everyone won’t be able to use their themes, the Best Android Themes Workshop lives up to their namesake. They literally have a theme for everyone, and while we will not list them all, we are going to highlight a few favorites. Like Science and History? Well, there is a regular Science theme, a Futuristic one and an Ancient theme in case you want to roll the clock back to olden days. If nature is your thing, we think you will enjoy the Natural Landscapes, Amazing Flower Bloom or Blue Water Drops.

Whether you want motorbikes on your home screen or cartoon characters, they probably have a theme for you. That includes Vampires, seasonal themes and even the TajMahal. You may be able to import some of these with a certain launcher, but most of these theming apps will require C Launcher to take advantage of all their features.

ZT Art – GO Launcher (free)

ZT Art is another developer that specializes in themes and nothing else. They also have arguably more available in the Play Store than anyone other developer hands down. We had got to around 150 before we grew tired of counting. That said, some are a bit slicker than others when it comes to features although all look to be high quality.

Some of the more beloved themes from ZT Art include Black Diamond, Star Tours, Drops, Graceful, and Twinkle. In addition to the themes for your launcher, they also provide SMS sticker packs and themes like the colorful GO SMS Neon theme and Keep Calm. All of the themes we tried were free to download, and some will easily import into other launchers.

BladeXDesigns (free)

The minds behind these stunning themes don’t have quite as many available as our first few developers, but there is something to be said of quality over quantity. These themes will also work on a wide variety of launchers which means more folks can get in on the fun. At the moment, there are five options in all with Elegance, Metal, Blawb, Hybrid, and Shade. Elegance and Blawb are free while Metal has a free version and a paid option as well.

Hybrid will set you back a buck but comes with over 3000 icons, 20 wallpapers, a themed dock and more. Shade is a $1.49 and takes a more colorful approach with over 40 HD wallpapers and 2600 themed icons. The dev also have several icon packs available separately if you are just looking for a minor change to your home screen.

Final Verdict

We only touched on a dozen or so of the best Android theme apps, but there is truly a little something for everyone if you want to dig down into the depths of the Play Store. Whether you want a heavenly home screen with cloud-based icons or something a wee bit darker, it’s out there. If you don’t want to dig, some launcher even have a built-in function to help you find and load apps so if all else fails, check your launcher settings.


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