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The Best Free Android Theme Apps in 2020


by Khaled Shariar

Great Themes for Android that can change the whole look with a few click

Best android theme apps

One of the big reasons to get an Android device is the amount of customization it gives you. Launchers are one great way to change up your smartphone’s look, but a theme app can really kick things up a notch when customizing an android and is a bonus of using a launcher.

Android theme apps are similar to android launchers, they change the look & feel of the home screen and app drawer, but they tend to have a few unique differences. The primary function of an Android home replacement app is, of course, to replace your home screen in a way that gives you more customization options, making it ideal for those who like to personalize their Android devices. On the other hand, theme apps allow applying themes for android and switch between various themes in just a few taps. Because of the popularity, many launchers now include applying a pre-configured theme for a quick makeover.

What are the best free Android Themes Apps?

The best android theme apps allow you to import themes from various sources to replace the home screen & app drawer layout. However, a nice wallpaper can make all the difference with the combination of a similar tone theme. So make sure to use a good wallpaper app first. Now, let’s check out 10 of the best android theming apps.


Best for one click android theming
Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Substratum is the ultimate theme engine for Android phones and tablets. It unlocks the hidden theming engine on android. It allows it to replace almost every user interface from the keyboard to the menu, icon, and everything else with custom overlays on stock OS. Unfortunately, Substratum only works on rooted phones. Luckily, a non-rooted android Oreo device can use the app with an extra app called Andromeda. However, if you have installed a custom ROM on your phones, everything is likely to works just fine.

There are practically hundreds of themes available on play store that you can apply in a few seconds. If you are an advanced android user and fan of customizing like a pro, then the substratum theme engine is the best app.


Best theme apps for both rooted and non-rooted devices
Price: Free
Custom theme widget and live wallpaper maker for android

Kustom Industries made android theming is effortlessly easy for all users. They developed a bunch of apps that allow to import or build unique skins and apply themes in different parts of android. For example, KWGT Kustom Widget Maker is the best widget creator app with tons of layout, fonts, and styles; KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker lets you create custom live wallpaper in what you see as what you get method. They also recently launched a new app called Kustom Lock Screen Maker for customizing the android lock screen. There is even a custom Weather Plugin to integrate with other apps.

You can find thousands of apps with customizable layouts and premade themes on the play store that can be easily configured to work with your persoanl taste. Overall, Kustom apps are the best andorid theme app for all users.

Zooper Widget

Best for customizing homescreen widgets
Price: Free / $2.99

Zooper isn’t really a theme per se, but more of a widget form’s customization tool. It has been long around to customize or design your own widgets, which in turn changes up the look of your home screen. It comes with several templates and popular choices like the date, clock, and weather. It has a history of disappearing appearing and disa[[eraing on the android market. The Kustom apps we mentioned earlier has replaced a similar functionality. But if you are still interested, you might check out the most recent apk from the link below.

Although zooper isn’t on the play store anymore, compatible apps regularly popups on the play store. So, there is no short of new awesome looking widgets. The pro version is ad-free and adds a few new features like .apk theme support, launcher support, and the ability to export your custom widgets.

Smart Launcher 5

Best for in-built themes
Price: Free / Offers IAP

Smart Launcher 5 is a great theming app for android that comes with hundreds of in-built themes you can easily apply. Additionally, it has an ambient theme function that can automatically change the theme colors to match the current wallpaper. The widgets can be resized without snapping to a grid means you can place them anywhere on the screen without blocking a view from a particular area.

Furthermore, the adaptive icons let you customize the shapes and sizes of icons. It also includes a few unique home replacement features like automatic app sorting in similar groups make using the phone easier.

Niagara Launcher

Price: Free / Offers IAP
Niagara Launcher android theme app

Niagara Launcher is one of the newer launcher apps with the capability of altering various parts of the UI. It offers great looks and feels out of the box with a minimalistic vibe. Additionally, you can pick a theme color from the wallpaper using, add new icon sets system-wide or specific icon for each app, and choose between a light or dark theme.

A few more options, like various pre-configure media widgets, quick notifications, and various customization settings, make Niagara Launcher a great android themes app.

Action Launcher

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Action Launcher is also a popular choice for theming android devices. The app is simple and offers the usual theming elements as pulling colors from the wallpaper, use various app shortcuts, a quick bar, smart sized icons, popup notifications for individual apps, etc. The app is dubbed as the Pixel Launcher edition, so you expect many elements from pixel phones. Overall, it’s a good app to start with that also works decently as a home screen replacement app.


Price: Free / $4.99

UCCW is another WYSIWYG editor for creating a custom widget using various shapes, icons, and fonts. The Ultimate custom widget maker has the ability to add all kinds of functionality, including calendar events, weather, battery, missed calls, various notifications, location, and more. Users can import widgets made by other users, add further customizations, share their own creation as apk, and download tons of additional skin packs from app store.

Energy Bar apps

Price: Free / Offers IAP

The IJP apps, developer of Energy Bar, also released a series of apps letting users add cool elements to their screen. In the early version, Energy Bar adds a battery status bar on the screen’s top edge, displaying how much battery left. As modern smartphones start to add notch and punch-hole cameras, they have new editions.

The energy rings also let you add custom colors, animations, and other effects as well. If you are interested in theming the look of a front-facing camera hole, check out the apps and install the one that suits your phone.


Price: Free / $3.99 per month
Find android themes on reddit

Reddit isn’t an android theming app by any means. However, it’s an excellent place to find inspiration for custom andorid home screen settings. Thousand of users proudly share their creations on different subreddits like this one- AndroidThemes. Many people post their home screen layouts, and most of them come with creating, including the apps used. So you would know which apps to install and which layout to import.

This is absolutely a fantastic way to start building an artistic look for your phones. You might also check out the best Reddit app for android for enhancing browsing experience.

Facer Watch Faces

Best for custom watch face
Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Themes for android aren’t limited to only smartphones or tablets. As smartwatches get popular, chances are you already have one or planning to get one. Facer is a great Wear OS apps aimed to let you make custom make watch faces for your Android Wear smartwatch. The app showcase thousands of watch faces from other users that you can use and upload your designs. Plus, Facer also supports creating watch faces for Samsung galaxy watches.

These best Android theme apps will make your phone transform into new looks and stand out in a crowd. Whether you want a heavenly home screen with bright widgets, icons, or something a wee bit darker, it’s out there. If you don’t want to dig, some launcher even has a built-in function to help you find and load apps, so if all else fails, check your launcher settings.

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