13 Best Weight Loss Apps for Free on Android to help you feel better

Losing weight can be tough but you can make it a little easier with an Android app!

13 best android
weight loss app

It’s so easy to put on the pounds and see the scales creep up gradually without really noticing. It seems much harder to get those extra pounds back off again, and it’s so easy to make excuses to avoid going on a diet or adopt healthy eating to lose weight. Many of us will recognize the “There’s no point denying myself at the weekend, I’ll start again on Monday” syndrome, and I’m sure that the use of saying “just one slice of cake won’t hurt” is not confined just to me!

Losing weight is a whole lot easier if you use an app from the Google Play Store for your Android smartphone or tablet. Such apps can give you good advice on the practical aspects of losing weight, as well as much-needed motivation when you want to give up. Reminders of how well you are doing will help to keep you on track while seeing your steady weight loss displayed on screen could help you stick to your goals.

Of course weight loss not only comes through healthier eating but also to exercise, so some apps might give dietary and nutritional information while others can act as a personal trainer to help you get in shape. We’ve trawled through the Google Play Store to compile our list of the 13 best weight loss apps for Android that will help you to feel better and get fitter. Losing weight will boost your self-esteem and give you more confidence, so don’t delay it any longer, your new life starts today!

What is the best weight loss app?

  • Noom Weight Loss Coach
  • Runtastic PRO
  • JEFIT Workout


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP
My Diet Coach - Weight Loss Motivation & Tracker

My Diet Coach will help you to make lifestyle changes to improve your fitness and healthily lose weight. Users can set their weight loss goals, and it features a visual weight tracker as well as reminders about targets, fitness classes, drinking enough water, and more. For motivational purposes, there are inspiring quotes, photos, lifestyle tips, and virtual rewards, and the app features daily challenges that will help you to lose body fat, and increase calorie burning.

Most of the features in my diet coach are free but in-app purchases are also available, and users can opt whether to upgrade to My Diet Coach Pro. Additional features with the paid-for version are a diet diary, food barcode scanner, BMI calculator, food cravings panic button, and more.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Most dietary experts advise that losing weight steadily but slowly is the best way to keep off the pounds when you achieve your goal. However, there are times when it’s necessary to lose weight more quickly, for instance, when going on vacation or perhaps to get into a particular outfit for a special occasion. This app could be a good choice if you fall into that category as it has various plans for weight loss of 10kg, 20kg, 30kg and more within specific timeframes.

The app includes detailed nutritional and diet information, including what you should eat on your plan, tips for fast weight loss, 10 minute home workouts, meal recipes, and a Brain Waves feature that is supposed to boost weight loss hormones, although we haven’t put this to the test just yet. In-add purchases are offered for premium features such as an ads-free version.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP
Lose It - Weight Lose Apps for Android

This app has been downloaded and installed by millions of people, and members across the world have so far lost 50 million pounds in weight using it. It offers calorie tracking, and you start by entering profile details before setting a goal, and the app will calculate a calorie budget for each day that’s personalized just for you. It can then be used to track your weight, your food intake, and daily activity, and the app has a database of more than 10 million items and features a Barcode Scanner that can conveniently scan different foods.

As well as calories, you can also track water, body measurement, and more, and it can be connected to devices such as Fitbit trackers and scales, Withings Scales, Misfit trackers, and more. It will help you to lose weight sustainably, and like many of the apps in our selection this app is free to download, but in-app purchases are available. These offer further features such as meal planning, and info on body fat and blood glucose in a Premium version.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

The app has a high user rating of 4.6-stars on the Play Store, and the pedometer feature will keep track of your steps when you have your phone with you, with no need for a tracking device or wristband. You can adjust the step counter sensitivity, and the app can sync your calories and steps with MyFitnessPal.

It can track your weight and BMI, and you can also look at your history, or give and receive encouragement from friends by using the Group tab. The nice clean interface makes this an appealing choice, and this is definitely one you should consider.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This is another highly rated weight loss app for android, and it’s packed with features. MyPlate offers a simple-to-use calorie tracker to help you shed the pounds and enhance your fitness. Your profile information will offer up a personalized daily calorie target, and it gives detailed data on your nutritional intake, breaking it down into fat, protein, carbs, sugar, sodium and more.

A bonus with this one is the active community where you can engage 24/7 with others who are also trying to achieve weight loss and additional fitness. As well as tracking food, this app can be used to log workouts with the exercise-tracking database. A companion tool is available on LIVESTRONG.COM, and there’s an option to upgrade to a gold membership for additions such as advanced statistics, a clean eating guide, access to the Gold Members community board, and more.


Price: Free with Ads

The Weight Loss Workout app concentrates on losing weight through exercise rather than restricting your food intake, although of course, it’s best if they go hand in hand. It’s a pretty basic app but it’s totally free and offers a user-friendly experience with a total body fitness workout covering 16 exercises including sit-ups, push-ups, jumping jacks, lunges, crunches, and leg raises.

If you want to focus on exercises aimed at weight loss with no equipment necessary, this would be a suitable choice. It also features a workout log, reminders, animations, difficulty levels, and more.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This is a very user-friendly app that offers a good starting point before you get down to the serious business of losing weight through healthier eating or exercise. It’s a simple and colorful app that will help you to know if you’re in the correct weight zone for your height or whether you’re overweight or indeed underweight. It does this by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI) based on the details you enter about your current weight and height. It will then display the ideal weight range that you should be aiming for, and it features support for both metric and imperial units.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP
Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal android weight lose app

This app is more commonly referred to simply as MyFitnessPal, and it’s one of the best-known weight loss apps for Android devices. Users of the app rate it with 4.6-stars on the Play Store, and it’s used by millions of people. It’s packed with just about every kind of feature you can imagine, with a vast food database, nutrient tracker, recipe importer, and food insights. On the exercise side of things, you can log your exercise with support for more than 50 apps and devices such as Fitbit, Garmin, Runkeeper, and Runtastic to name just a few.

There are over 350 exercises, and you can log your cardio and strength exercises, track steps, and more. A nice feature of this one is the ability to add photos to your weight entries to keep you motivated as you lose weight. Sign-up is free, but you can also opt for in-app purchases for extra features and personalization.


Price: Free

While many free weight loss apps offer in-app purchases, everything with this app is totally free, so it has to be worth a look! The easy to use app has an appealing streamlined look and offers diet tracking and a calorie counter. It can sync with Google Fit, and a few of the features include an exercise diary, weight tracker, recipes and meal suggestions, a food diary, and details of macros and nutrients.

Some of the best features with this one are image recognition of meals with the camera function and a journal where you can record how you’re feeling about your progression.


Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Is it really possible to lose weight without dieting? Well, with this app you can certainly aim to find out, as its aim is to help you lose weight healthily and not through crash diets or using pills. The app can suggest customized training plans and nutritional targets. You can record all of your meals, and the calorie counter will calculate what you’ve eaten and let you know if it was a healthy choice. It will even remind you if you forget to record meals, so there are no excuses! Additionally, physical activities can be recorded, and your dietary intake is then recalculated accordingly, and you can also track your bust, waist, and thigh measurements.

Like many free apps, this one does display ads. However, a neat inclusion with this one is that you can earn bonuses known as ‘pearls’ if you use the calorie counter often enough. These can then be used for purchasing the ad-free version with a discount or for the removal of ad banners with enough pearls.

11. Noom Weight Loss Coach

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This app is great for every aspect of weight loss as it helps you track your meals, choose exercises, and even measure your steps with an integrated pedometer. The meal tracking has a large database including restaurants and a guide to which items are healthy. This coaching app even gives you motivation on your home screen and lets you connect with others for extra support.

12. adidas Running App by Runtastic – Running Tracker

Price: $5.99/ Offers IAP

Runtastic PRO is designed for runners but also works for walkers and bikers. The app will use GPS to track your running (or other activities) and tracks your time, distance, calories, and elevation change as you work out. You can opt to use one of their Runtastic Training Plans or make your own and listen to music while you exercise. When you opt for the PRO app, you can audio feedback, the ability to find routes, and even auto-pausing when you stop running.

13. JEFIT Workout – Exercise Log

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP
EFIT Workout Exercise Trainer - Weight Lose Apps for Android

JEFIT Workout is a free Android app designed to help you plan your workouts with the help of a virtual personal trainer. The program includes over 1,300 exercises and lets you make your own routines (or see those created by community members), track your body changes, interact with others, or simply view your progress in a workout. You can also sync your data from the app with your online profile, making it easy to track workouts.

Nobody will claim that getting into shape is easy, but using one of these 10 best weight loss apps for Android could make it more achievable. All of them are free to download and install, and with the vast majority of them, any in-app purchases are not essential as they still have plenty to offer. If you’ve been thinking about losing weight and haven’t quite got round to it, why not try out these apps today. Very soon you could start making real differences to the way you feel. Do let us know how you get on by posting a comment, or you can suggest a weight loss app that’s a favorite with you that’s not in our selection.

Hopefully, you’ve chosen the right android weight loss app from the list above and already started to workout. Why not let your freinds know about your new mission by sharing this page on social network.

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