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The Best Free Educational apps for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


by Danica Simic

A list of learning tools for any student who own an iOS device. These top quality apps are free and available for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Are you a student of some college or University and looking for the best educational app for your iPhone or iPod touch. We find some best free educational app in the app store which might be helpful in your study.

Here is a selection of 10 free educational apps for iPhone and iPod Touch that will surely be of great use for students and teachers. Check the list below and find the best free app that is suitable for you.

iTunes U (FREE)

iTunes u

8.5With iTunes U courses, you can access the best schools and universities, and a large catalog of educational digital content, including assignments. You can get almost everything from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and these courses are completely free. This best free educational app contains over 50000 free courses on countless subjects. iTune U provides you the best tools that you need, including audio, video, lecture, presentation and other documents. This is an ideal tool for those who are a big fan of learning.



9.0Flashcards+ is an optimized app for iPhone and iPad to learn and retain new information. With Flashcards + application for iPhone and iPad, you can say goodbye to piles and piles of cards and use electronically. Because, Flashcards + app allows you to easily create and study Flashcards. You have no need to buy and write on actual note cards.

Khan Archiver: KhanAcademy Educational Videos On The Go (FREE)

Khan Academy

8.0Khan academy is one of the best education apps on the internet where you can learn almost everything for free. Khan academy provides you with a complete library of over 3500 videos on different topics i.e. K-12 math, science and even the humanities with playlists on finance and history. You can download the videos to watch offline. So, download and discover the educational world of iPhone app with Khan Academy.

SparkNotes (FREE)


7.8If you are interested in prose and poetry then SparkNotes is for you. It is a complete study guide for literature, poetry, Shakespeare, drama, philosophy and short stories. With the free SparkNotes for iPhone app, you can access 50 pre-installed study guides in your library and hundreds of study guides online.

iBooks (FREE)


8.2With this free education app for iPhone or iPad, you can download and read latest books in different topics i.e. designed art books, children’s picture books, cooking books, photo books, and many more. Although it is difficult to find textbooks in the iBookstore, but you can find educational books on different topics.

Quick Graph (FREE)


7.5This might be a helpful app for math students. It is a powerful, high quality, graphic calculator that allows you to make multiple charts simultaneously equations, change the color, trace over them and much more. Quick Graph supports 2D and 3D rectangular and polar forms.

The free Official SAT Question of the Day (FREE)

The Official SAT Question of the Day

8.0The free Official SAT Question of the Day is an app that gives you a new official SAT question every day. You can also view the questions from the past 7 days.

These are just some of the thousands of applications dedicated to education in the App Store. Tell us in the comments if we missed any that you recently found more useful.

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