50 Best Free Educational Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2024

Discover the best education apps for iPhone and iPad to enhance your lifelong learning.

Free Educational Apps for iPhone and iPad

Whether you are a student, a professional, or a lifelong learner, plenty of educational apps can help you acquire new skills, enhance your existing knowledge, or prepare for exams. You can learn anything from languages, math, science, coding, and more with these apps designed to be convenient, flexible, interactive, and fun.

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best free educational apps for iPhone and iPad that cover different categories including Mathematics, Online Learning, Language Learning, Coding Learning, Brain Training, Creative Arts, Science and Nature, History and Geography and Outdoor Learning. 

The Benefits of Using Educational Apps

Interactive educational apps on iPhones and iPads offer engaging learning experiences. “Duolingo” is an example of a gamified language learning app that makes the process enjoyable and effective. Traditional educational materials are becoming increasingly expensive, with an average annual spending of over $1,200 per student on textbooks alone. However, free educational apps offer a cost-effective alternative and democratize education by providing high-quality resources without the hefty price tag.

Top Free Educational Apps for iPhone and iPad

Apps for Learning Mathematics

Apps can make learning math fun and engaging, even for those who find it challenging or boring. Apps for learning mathematics are designed to help students practice and master various math skills, from basic arithmetic to advanced calculus. Some math apps use game elements to motivate and entertain learners, while others provide interactive lessons and explanations.

  • Brilliant: This learning games app helps you learn math and computer science through guided interactive problem-solving. Brilliant offers courses for beginners and experts alike, covering topics such as algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, logic, programming, machine learning, and more. You can also challenge yourself with daily puzzles and quizzes to test your skills and knowledge.
  • Bedtime Math: An excellent free app that makes math fun for kids and families. Bedtime Math provides daily math problems that are based on real-world stories and situations. You can choose from different difficulty levels and topics, such as animals, sports, food, and science. Bedtime Math also has games and activities that you can play with your kids to build their math confidence and curiosity.
  • Monster Math: Another game-based app that helps kids practice and improve their math skills. Monster Math features an engaging story where you have to help a friendly monster named Maxx save his world from evil monsters by solving math problems. Monster Math covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, and more. You can also customize the game to match your child’s grade level and learning goals.
  • Photomath: Photomath is revolutionizing math problem-solving by offering an innovative feature that allows users to scan handwritten or printed math problems. With this feature, Photomath can provide instant step-by-step solutions to complex equations and calculations. This app makes math more accessible and understandable, enhancing users’ comprehension of mathematical concepts. It is an excellent tool for students and anyone looking to improve their math skills on their iPhones or iPads.
  • Prodigy Math Game: Designed for elementary school students, Prodigy makes math fun through an engaging role-playing game. This app cleverly blends education with gaming, creating a fun and engaging way to practice math skills. As you progress through the game by solving math problems, you’ll improve your math skills and also develop problem-solving abilities and critical thinking. This is also a great educational apps for toddlers.
  • Socratic: Developed by Google, this app offers a powerful AI-driven solution, allowing users to take a photo of a math problem, instantly delivering detailed step-by-step explanations. Socratic’s user-friendly interface and clear explanations make it a valuable companion for anyone seeking to efficiently understand and conquer math concepts on their iPhone or iPad. It’s a game-changer for math enthusiasts and students alike.
  • Wolfram Alpha: The WolframAlpha app offers users access to a vast mathematical knowledge database, making it an essential tool for teachers and students, researchers, and math enthusiasts. With its ability to generate step-by-step solutions, plot graphs, and provide comprehensive explanations, WolframAlpha helps solve math problems and enhances one’s understanding of mathematical concepts. Whether you’re studying calculus, algebra, or any other branch of math, this app is a must-have resource for your iPhone or iPad.
  • MathTango: This top learning app is a stellar educational tool for young learners ages five to ten. Its engaging interface and age-appropriate math challenges effectively foster foundational math skills. MathTango is an engaging app that helps kids strengthen their math skills through fun games and activities. It’s perfect for parents and teachers looking for an easy-to-use tool on their iPhone or iPad. With MathTango, students will love learning math and build a solid foundation for future success.

Best Online Learning Courses Apps

Online learning apps are convenient and flexible for acquiring new skills, knowledge, and qualifications. These learning platforms or apps offer courses, lessons, or tutorials on various topics like business, technology, arts, languages, and more. Online learning offers flexibility in low-cost or free classes. Some even provide certificates or credentials that you can use to boost your resume or portfolio.

  • EdX: You can access courses from some of the best universities and institutions in the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, and NASA. EdX courses cover subjects such as science, engineering, humanities, and more. You can also earn verified certificates or microcredentials that can showcase your achievements or prepare you for further education or career opportunities.
  • Pluralsight: A very interesting educator app that helps you learn data skills, such as data analysis, visualization, machine learning, cloud computing, and more. Pluralsight courses are interactive and hands-on, with quizzes, exercises, labs, and projects. You can also measure your skill level and track your progress with Pluralsight’s skill assessments and learning paths.
  • Coursera: It is one of the most popular and reputable online learning platforms that offers courses from top universities and organizations around the world. You can find courses on almost any subject, from computer science to psychology to music. You can also enroll in specializations, professional certificates, or online degrees that can help you advance your career or pursue your academic goals.
  • Udemy: Another online learning platform that has a huge catalog of courses on a wide range of topics, from web development to yoga to photography. Udemy courses are created by instructors who are experts in their fields and who share their tips and tricks with you. You can also interact with other learners and instructors through Q&A sessions and discussions.
  • Skillshare: Skillshare mostly focuses on creative fields, such as design, illustration, writing, video editing, and more. These courses are short and project-based, meaning you can learn by doing and get feedback from your peers. You can also enjoy the advantage of a community of millions of creatives who can inspire you and help you grow your skills.
  • Khan Academy: A mobile education platform for students of all ages with a vast library of courses covering various subjects and grade levels. The app offers comprehensive lessons, practice exercises, and progress tracking. Just 30 minutes a week on Khan Academy can significantly improve Math, Science, Economics, Computer Programming, Arts, Test Prep, and Personal Development skills. It also has a specialised version of the app called Khan Academy Kids, which is ideal for kids in early learning.

Apps for Learning Language Learning

Learning a language can be challenging and time-consuming, especially if you don’t have access to a teacher, a class, or a native speaker. That’s why apps for language learning are a great solution. Language learning applications for mobile devices can help you learn a language anytime you want from anywhere. Also, check out the list of Best Language Learning Games.

  • Duolingo: Duolingo is a free app that offers courses in over 40 languages, from Spanish to Swahili. Duolingo uses gamification to make learning fun and addictive. You can earn points, unlock levels, and compete with other learners while gaining real-world communication skills. It is probably the best English Language learning app.
  • Rosetta Stone: Known for its immersive language learning approach, Rosetta Stone provides a variety of languages and has helped countless users achieve fluency.  Its immersive approach, featuring real-life scenarios and interactive lessons, makes language acquisition both effective and enjoyable.
  • HelloTalk: What sets HelloTalk apart is its innovative approach to connecting users with native speakers for language exchange. Through conversations with native speakers, learners improve their language skills and gain valuable insights into the culture and context of the language. The app fosters real-world communication, making language learning a dynamic and engaging experience on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Memrise: Memrise is a top-rated, easy language learning app offering mnemonic techniques, spaced repetition, and real-life videos to make language acquisition a breeze. With courses in various languages and diverse topics, Memrise caters to a wide range of learners, from beginners to advanced. Whether you’re looking to pick up conversational skills or delve deep into a new language, Memrise’s user-friendly interface and effective teaching methods make it an excellent choice.

Best Coding Learning Apps

Coding is a valuable skill that can open up many opportunities in the digital world. Whether you want to create your own apps, websites, games, or software, learning how to code can help you achieve your goals. However, coding can also be challenging and intimidating for beginners. That’s why there are many coding learning apps that can help you learn the basics of programming in a fun and interactive way.

  • Codecademy Go: Codecademy is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for learning how to code. It offers courses on various languages and topics, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, SQL, data science, web development, and more. You can learn at your own pace and practice coding on the go with interactive lessons, quizzes, projects, and feedback.
  • Grasshopper: Grasshopper is a coding app that uses puzzles, games, and animations to teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript, one of the most widely used programming languages in the web. You can also create your own mini-apps and share them with others. Grasshopper is designed for beginners to learn basics of coding who have no prior coding experience.
  • Mimo: Mimo is another coding app that helps you learn various programming languages and skills, such as Python, Java, Swift, C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, data analysis, machine learning, and more. It uses bite-sized lessons, challenges, projects, and quizzes to keep you motivated and track your progress.
  • Hopscotch: Hopscotch is a remarkable app that introduces young learners to the world of coding in a fun and interactive way. kids can learn the block-based programming language with visual cue and create their games, animations, and interactive stories effortlessly. Hopscotch introduces coding to children in a fun way, encouraging problem-solving, logic, and creativity. It sparks an interest in programming on an iPhone or iPad.

Top Free Brain Training Apps

Brain training apps aim to improve cognitive abilities like memory, attention, logic, speed, and creativity, sharpening the mind, boosting mental performance, and preventing cognitive decline. Check out the list of top free brain training apps here.

  • Lumosity: Lumosity is one of the most popular and well-known brain training apps. It offers a personalized training program that adapts to your goals and level. It has over 60 games that challenge your core cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, flexibility, focus, and memory. You can also track your progress and compare your results with others.
  • Elevate: Elevate is another brain training app that focuses on improving your communication and analytical skills. It has over 35 games that test your reading, writing, speaking, listening, and math skills. You can also customize your training program and get detailed feedback and tips. Elevate claims to boost your productivity, confidence, and earning power.
  • Peak: Peak is a brain training app that offers a variety of fun and stimulating games that target different cognitive domains, such as memory, attention, language, mental agility, problem-solving, emotion, and coordination. You can also set your own goals and challenges and see how you rank among other users. Peak also has a feature called Brainbow that helps you train your visual perception and color vision.

Best Learning Tool for Creative Arts

Creative arts are a form of expression that can enrich your life and inspire your imagination. Whether you want to know about arts and learn how to draw, paint, sculpt, sing, create music, dance, write, or perform, there are many learning tools that can help you develop your artistic skills and talents.

  • MasterClass: This app is mostly known for its classes taught by celebrities and world-renowned creators in their domains. You can learn from the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Serena Williams, Neil Gaiman, Martin Scorsese, and many more. MasterClass courses are high-quality and engaging, with video lessons, workbooks, assignments, and access to exclusive online events.
  • Crayola Create and Play: Crayola Create and Play for iOS is a fantastic app that nurtures creativity and design skills in young learners. With a wide array of coloring pages, interactive activities, and imaginative challenges, it encourages kids to explore their artistic talents while having fun. This app serves as a delightful introduction to the world of design, fostering artistic expression and fine motor skills on your child’s iPhone or iPad.
  • DailyArt: DailyArt app is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to expand their understanding of art and design. By delivering a daily dose of renowned artworks with detailed explanations, it educates users about various art movements, styles, and techniques. 
  • Learn Paper Crafts & Arts: This fantastic app serves as a virtual workshop for aspiring artists and crafters. With step-by-step tutorials and a wealth of creative ideas, it guides users through the intricate world of paper crafts and arts. This app fosters design skills by encouraging hands-on creativity, and helping users develop the ability to craft beautiful and intricate arts.

Best Learning Apps for Science and Nature

Science and nature are fascinating subjects that can help you understand the world around you and beyond. Whether you want to learn about astronomy, biology, chemistry, physics, geology, ecology, or any other branch of science and nature, there are many learning apps that can help you explore and discover new things.

  • NASA App: The NASA App for iOS is an incredible resource for science enthusiasts and anyone interested in space and science. It provides breathtaking images, real-time mission updates, and a wealth of educational content, making it an immersive gateway to the cosmos. This app helps to enhance your understanding of science and nature and ignites a sense of wonder and exploration.
  • Star Walk 2: The Star Walk 2 App offers an exciting virtual planetarium experience for iPhone and iPad users. With its real-time sky map, constellation recognition, and detailed celestial information, it provides a deeper understanding of the nighttime sky. This captivating tool enriches your knowledge of science and nature, allowing you to explore the mysteries of the universe.
  • iNaturalist: iNaturalist is perfect for nature lovers. Users can document and identify plants and wildlife, contributing valuable data to scientific research. The app’s community-driven approach promotes a deeper connection to nature.
  • Khan Academy: Khan Academy is one of the best free educational apps for kids that offers courses on various subjects, including science and nature. You can learn from video lessons, articles, exercises, quizzes, and projects. You can also track your progress and earn badges and points. Khan Academy covers topics such as cosmology, evolution, genetics, anatomy, chemistry, physics, and more.
  • SkyView: This app helps you explore the night sky by using your device’s camera or compass. You can see stars, planets, constellations, satellites, and more in real time or in different dates and times. You can also learn about their names, mythology, history, and more. You can also capture and share your sky views with others. The app is a great way to learn about astronomy and space.
  • CuriosityStream: CuriosityStream is a streaming service that features thousands of documentaries and shows on science and nature. You can watch high-quality videos on topics such as space exploration, wildlife, climate change, history, technology, and more. You can also access exclusive originals and interviews with experts and celebrities.

Best Learning Apps for History and Geography

History and geography are two subjects that can enrich our understanding of the world and its diverse cultures, events, and places. However, learning them from textbooks or lectures can be boring and tedious. That’s why some developers have created apps that make history and geography more engaging and interactive. Here are some of the best learning apps for history and geography that you can try:

  • World History Trivia: This educational games tests your knowledge of world history with over 1,500 questions covering ancient civilizations, medieval times, modern history, and more. You can choose from different difficulty levels and game modes and earn achievements and badges as you progress. The app also provides detailed explanations for each answer, so you can learn from your mistakes and improve your score.
  • Geo Challenge: This app challenges you to identify countries, capitals, flags, and landmarks from around the world. This is one of the better learning apps for kids where they can play in four different modes: country quiz, flag quiz, capital quiz, and landmark quiz. The app also features a world map with zoom in and out options to explore different regions. This is a fun and educational app that helps you learn geography in a playful way.
  • GeoExpert: This app is a comprehensive geography app that covers all the continents and countries of the world. You can learn about the location, capital, flag, population, area, GDP, currency, and more of each country. You can also practice your skills with interactive maps and quizzes that test your memory and speed. The app is designed for both beginners and experts and supports multiple languages.
  • History Today: This app is a digital magazine that features articles, podcasts, videos, and quizzes on various aspects of history. You can read about the latest research and discoveries in history or browse through the archives of past issues. You can also listen to interviews with historians and experts or watch documentaries and animations on historical topics. The app is a great way to stay updated and informed about history.
  • Google Earth: Google Earth provides virtual tours of locations worldwide, making geography come to life. It’s a fantastic tool for both students and travelers who want to explore the world from their screens. Its immersive 3D imagery and historical maps bring geography and history to life on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Stack the Countries: Designed for younger learners, Stack the Countries is a geography game with interactive games that make learning about countries and capitals fun. By challenging players to stack countries on top of one another while answering trivia questions it reinforces knowledge of countries, capitals, and landmarks around the world. The app’s engaging approach helps children develop a solid foundation in geography.
  • Ben Franklin’s World – Learn about the man who defined the early American ethos as a marriage of the practical values of thrift, hard work, education, community spirit, self-governing institutions, and opposition to authoritarianism. Through in-depth interviews and discussions, it provides a rich understanding of the people, places, and events that shaped the United States.
  • Civilisations AR – BBC’s first-ever Augmented Reality app ‘Civilisations AR’ puts history in the palm of your hand. This app is a fantastic educational tool, allowing users to explore and interact with history and geography in a new and captivating way, making it an engaging and informative resource for learners of all ages.
  • The History of Everything – An animated timeline that allows you to navigate, explore, and compare events from the Big Bang to the birth of the Internet. 

Best Apps for Outdoor Learning:

Outdoor learning is a great way to enhance your education and enjoy nature at the same time. Whether you want to learn about plants, animals, weather, astronomy, or geography, there are apps that can help you explore and discover the wonders of the outdoors. Here are some of the best apps for outdoor learning that you can try:

  • Seek by iNaturalist: This app helps you identify plants, animals, fungi, and insects by using your camera or photo library. You can learn about their names, characteristics, habitats, and more. You can also earn badges and join challenges as you find new species and share your observations with the iNaturalist community. 
  • AllTrails: This app helps you find and navigate hiking trails near you or anywhere in the world. You can see detailed information about each trail, such as distance, difficulty, elevation, reviews, photos, and more. You can also record your hikes, track your progress, save your favorites, and share your experiences with others. The app is a great way to learn about nature and fitness.
  • Outbound: Discover the best local spots for adventure in this incredible community of mobile adventurers. With a vast database of user-generated content, it offers a wealth of information on hiking trails, camping spots, and road trip destinations. This app is an invaluable resource for outdoor learning, providing detailed insights and recommendations that empower users to embark on adventures and connect with nature while expanding their outdoor knowledge.
  • Cairn: If you love outdoor activities and want to have a great learning experience, Cairn: The Trail Safety App is a must-have tool. This app keeps you updated on trail conditions, weather forecasts, and safety alerts in real-time, allowing you to be fully prepared for your adventures. Cairn prioritizes safety and information, allowing you to explore with confidence and gain a deeper understanding of the wilderness. You can stay connected to critical updates from your iPhone while enjoying the great outdoors.

Educational apps for iPhone and iPad offer an incredible opportunity to expand your knowledge, improve your skills, and enhance your learning experience. By considering factors like app ratings, age-appropriateness, content quality, and interactivity, you can make informed choices about which apps to explore. With a wide range of subjects and top-rated apps to choose from, your journey to knowledge and skill improvement is just a download away. Embrace the digital era of learning and unlock your full potential with these free educational apps.

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