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Best iPhone Apps To Learn English Language And Others


by Danica Simic

Looking for the best iPhone apps to learn English language or any other language of your choice? Here is a selection of the best language learning apps for iOS.

Do you want to learn English or any other language with your iOS device? You can do it very easily, thanks to the many apps you can download and install on your iPhone and iPad devices.
Learning a language is one of the most rewarding experiences. When you know enough another language you can access all the culture past, present and future that has been produced by the people who speak it. The best way to learn a new language is to speak it effectively and to assimilate it at a young age. However, with a smartphone, among many things, you can also learn to read and speak a foreign language.
best iphone apps to learn englishFor English, in particular, there is a multitude of specialized applications with so many different ways to improve or to learn new words and grammar. All this happens in a fun and interactive, making the study more enjoyable than usual. In this guide, we will see the best iPhone applications that help to learn English.

Top 6 iPhone apps to learn or improve your English.


Duolingo is the most popular language learning app that allows you to learn English (but also German, French, Spanish etc.) in a fun way. Duolingo is based on levels of learning and testing where you gain skill points and compare progress with others.


Lingualy is a tool for learning English and other languages of your choice. In fact, while you surf on the internet on a page in a foreign language Lingua.ly transforms the page into an incredible learning opportunity. With Lingualy, you can learn new English words every day, read texts chosen by the application based on interest selected during registration.

Best Games For Learning English.

LearnEnglish Grammar

Learn English Grammar by the British Council (UK and US Edition) is available for iOS for the English and American. This is an interactive application designed to enhance the grammar. Both editions offer four levels of learning from beginner status. There are 12 sections of grammar each of these with 20 different activities.

Learn English with Johnny Grammar’s

Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge is a resource by the British Council where you can test your spelling, grammar and vocabulary with more questions to be solved in 60 seconds. There are three difficulty levels with 10 different topics including Food & Restaurants and Hobby. You can compete with other users for the overall ranking.

Rosetta Stone

This app aims to facilitate learning through the beautiful images and a very useful program that analyzes your pronunciation and correct when an error occurs. Great for those who are beginners, you will learn the language with speed.

Memrise. Learn Faster

Memrise is a program of learning that goes beyond the simple use of the vocabularies. Learning foreign languages is through tricks of memory and other tools needed to quickly learn a language.
Hopefully, you liked our selection of the best iOS English learning apps. Do you use other apps to learn a foreign language? Leave them in the comments and help us to complete this article.

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