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The best free iPhone apps for beer lovers


by Danica Simic

Discover the world of beer with these best free iPhone apps for beer lovers. You’ll love them.

best iphone apps for beer loversIf you are fairly new to craft beer, there are plenty of apps for your smartphone that can be very overwhelming if you do not know what you are looking for. The good news is that the following beer applications can help you discover your own love of craft beers. In this article, we present the best applications all centered on the subject beer.

Top free beer apps for iPad and iPhone.

DrinkedIn: BarFinder & Cocktail Recipes

DrinkedIn is a social networking application for beer lovers. This application is a fun version of the professional network with the similar name. In this app, you can find a detailed list of pubs throughout the world, as well as reviews from real people around the world.

Taplister – Discover Craft Beer

Taplister is a mix of beers, producers and bars. Specially designed for the premises with many shooters that change the offer, it allows owners to register and update their offer for fans to find exactly what they want or know what can be ordered. In this app, you’ll find lots of information on local and beers from around the world.

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The app gives you beers according to your taste preferences. You can use the application to store the feedback on the various beers and tasting notes for future.

Pintley Beer Recommendations

The application suggests beers, according to the judgments that you have expressed previously, giving suggestions based on opinions. The application also has a feature of social check-in.

Untappd – Discover Beer

Untappd is a social network for beer lovers. This is a mix between “Facebook”, “google maps” and foursquare but everything around beer. You can check-in when you drink a good beer and find out what your friends are drinking.

Findmytap – Bar, Pub Finder

Findmytap is a location-based app that allows you to identify the points where you can find your favorite beer. This is a great service for beer lovers which has a large database of beer location and it helps beer drinkers find their favorite beers on tap and in the bottle.

Pintley Beer Recommendations

The application Pintley combines a huge database of beer with a network of social commitment to beer lovers in particular. You can use the app to rate and review the beers that you like or beat those who do not. And you can even use it to discover new beers with the actual recommendations from users.

Happy Hour Finder

Who does not love a good happy hour? This location-based app locates nearby happy hours. You can discover most of the restaurants and bars around you with detailed profiles. You can view the menus, services, reviews and contact information.

What is your favorite beer app for iOS? Let us know your thoughts and experience through the comments. Have a nice day.

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