10 Best Free WINE Apps for iPhone & iPad

Know the world of wine and Pick the right bottle of your choice

Best Wine Apps for iPhone

Can you imagine the frustration when you want to organize an event, but you have a dilemma regarding the best wine to serve the guest? However, you don’t need to stress as your frustration can be resolved by using a good wine app for recommendations. You can easily get the best pairing of wine with any food with a good wine app. Also, a good wine app can help you kickstart your wine business by providing you with knowledge about different varieties of wine. 

After tasting a wine for the first time, it is possible to forget the brand’s name, making it impossible to procure it next time easily. However, with a good wine collector app, you can easily input the details of the wine and add them to your collection for reference. Also, wine apps allow you to take a picture of any wine you’re fascinated with the flavor and upload and then share it with the community.

What are the Best wine apps for iOS?

While many like wine, not all are experts in the field. And choosing the perfect wine can be a tricky business. Here is a selection of the best iPhone apps for wine lovers and wine enthusiasts to select the accompaniment of a dinner or organize your personal wine collection.


Price: Free/ $4.99 per month
Screenshot of Vivino app - Buy the Right Wine
Screenshot of Vivino app – Buy the Right Wine

Based on numbers, more than 25 million are using Vivino, making it the most popular mobile wine app for buying the right Wine. Users can browse through reviews and ratings for different kinds of wines and compare the price of different varieties of wines using Vivino. 

All you need to do whenever you come across a wine you don’t know about is to take a picture and upload it on the app. The app works as a good wine scanner app extracting the information from the levels and then providing all the information about the wine. After drinking a good bottle of wine you can add your review for subsequent users. It has a free version, but you need to pay $4.99 monthly to access the premium version.


Price: Free
Screenshot of CellarTracker Wine Review app
Screenshot of CellarTracker Wine Review app

CellarTracker is one of the best Wine reviews apps and cellar tools for cellar management, and it contains many reviews from users of the app. After tasting wines, you can easily track, store and monitor them using the app. You will get honest reviews about different kinds of wines, and you can easily access them with your iOS device. If you are looking for a cellar management tool, CellarTracker is one of the best to use, and it offers a free version with no subscription plan. After drinking a glass of wine, CellarTracker makes it impossible for you not to forget it.


Price: Free/ IAP from $0.99 – $49.99
Screenshot of Raisin Natural Wine & Food app for iPhone
Screenshot of Raisin Natural Wine & Food app for iPhone

Have you ever tasted a bottle of wine, and you don’t want to keep the whole excitement to yourself? If yes, you need to download the Raisin app to make sharing wine with the community possible. After posting a wine on the app, the team conducts research to ascertain if it is natural, and after that, you will be directed to different kinds of wines you can try out. Although this Natural Wine & Food app is a new one, it keeps getting better. If you need or want to share information about natural wines, Raisin is the best app to use.


Price: Free/ IAP from $0.99 – $4.99
Screenshot of Decanter Know Your Wine app
Screenshot of Decanter Know Your Wine app

What better wine app could be than ‎Decanter to know your wine? If you are devoid of prior knowledge about wines and you are willing to learn, Decanter is the best learning app for you. There are ten modules available for learners, and each of the modules contains information and a quiz about wines. 

Likewise, you can easily build your wines knowledge and pass any wine exams with the app. It is a microlearning app, and you can download it for free. Also, there Is a premium option in which you can make the subscription renewal automatic.


Price: Free/ $1.99 ad free/ $5.99 premium
Screenshot of Delectable - Scan & Rate Wine app
Screenshot of Delectable – Scan & Rate Wine app

Want to have access to the best wines in the world? Download the Delectable wine app for iPhone that helps keep track of your preferred wines and learn about different varieties. Buying wines using the iOS device is made possible with Delectable for free. The application uses a very large database, which is constantly rising thanks to the support of the community.

It also offers premium services for which the charge is on your iTunes account. The subscription renewal is automatic and done within the day the subscription is supposed to end. However, you can deactivate the automatic renewal from the iTunes store settings.

Hello Vino

Price: Free/ IAP from $0.99 – $4.99
Screenshot of Hello Vino- Wine Assistant app
Screenshot of Hello Vino- Wine Assistant app

Do you want the experience of asking experts on wines questions? Download the Hello Vino app for wine lovers, and you can ask any questions on wine, to which answers will be provided for free. The app can learn about the wine preferences of the users using artificial intelligence. If you are hosting an occasion and want to find the perfect wines for it, access Hello Vino, and you will have the answer. According to your settings and activity, you will receive recommendations on wines from the app. You can also make in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $4.99 per item.

Wine Events

Price: Free
Screenshot of Wine Events app for iphone and ipad
Screenshot of Wine Events app for iPhone and iPad

Do you know if it is possible to know about wine events coming up within your location? Yes! With the Wine Events app, you can get updates about wine events coming up, and you will be directed to the exact place it is taking place since you have synced the app with your map. 

Likewise, if there is a need to pay a fee to attend the event, it will be indicated on the app, and you can easily book a slot. The host will receive your details after showing interest in the event and then contact you to provide other information regarding the event.

Virtual Cellar

Price: Free
Screenshot of Virtual Cellar wine app
Screenshot of Virtual Cellar wine app

Building an online wine cellar is possible with the Virtual Cellar app using your iOS device and creating a personal profile for your desired flavors. The app will provide information that will enable you to select the best wines for a certain occasion. The app features include searching for various wines, finding matching flavors, owning a personal cellar, and saving flavor profiles. Thousands of wines are present in the database, so you cannot exhaust the list searching for your desired flavor.


Price: Free/ IAP from $8.99 – $17.99
Screenshot of Winebook iOS app
Screenshot of Winebook iOS app

If you are a great admirer of wine, you need to download one of the best apps for wine management: Winebook. The app provides means for storing wine collection, and many inform about wines, including pictures of different kinds of grapes. Navigation through the app is easy, and you can use the advance search option to get information about your favorite grapes and wines. By touching the heart icon, you can add your favorite wine to the collection.


Price: F$8.99
Screenshot of VinoCell - wine cellar manager app
Screenshot of VinoCell – wine cellar manager app

VinoCell is one of the better wine cellar manager apps for both iPad and iPhone devices. Seekers of wine knowledge and those who need to advance their wine knowledge need to download the Vinocell app. Fifty separate descriptions are available for the users to add information about any wine they’ve taken. You can simply take a picture of the bottle and add it to your wine collection or use the extensive database to add it automatically. 

It is a good wine collector app and allows you to add ratings. The app uses a powerful search engine that bases its search on forty different fields; thus, extensive filtering is ensured. You will need to pay $8.99 to get the app without subsequent payments to renew your subscription.

Although there are many wine apps for iOS users, we have selected the best ten wine apps for you in this guide. You are encouraged to check out each app and select the best one for you. Most of the apps have similar features and offer free versions; however, your needs will determine the best kind of app for you. If you want to discover new wines and share them with others, apps like Vivino and Delectable will be a good option. 

However, if you are looking for a great wine collection app, you will need apps like VinoCell and CellarTracker. All the apps discussed in this guide are compatible with iOS devices, and some of them offer a premium option for users. Read through the article to determine the best wine app for you.

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