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Best Free iPhone Apps For Architects And Designers


by Danica Simic

Ideas for architects and designers happen anywhere, which is why we now show the top free iOS applications useful for architects and designers.

Applications for smartphones and tablets are taking more and more importance in all sectors including the most creative. And the world of architecture and design is no exception, in fact, there are lots of applications for iPhone and iPad on the market.
iphone apps for architects and designers Given the ease of use of these apps, always very intuitive, even beginners can now improvise architects, designers, interior decorators or designers, so trying to create a plan customized by your house, taking inspiration from endless gallery of interiors. In our today’s top apps selection, we present the best iOS apps for designers and architects that will help you accelerate your workflow and make the right choices in the design.


MagicPlan is one of the most useful and complete apps for architects. Using only the camera, you can create real plans of the rooms. All you have to do is point the device towards the environment and the application will do the rest of work. You can then export the drawings to PDF, JPG or DXF. At the beginning, this app is a little bit difficult to understand, but once mastered, it’s pretty accurate.


If you are one of the classic designers who prefer to have a blank canvas from which to start “painting” your future home or building, there is no better alternative than the Paper. It is considered one of the best mobile applications for the designer. It’s fast, easy and responsive.

Best iPad and iPhone apps for the artist at no cost.

AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 extends the power of CAD over the desktop, getting all your CAD designs on a mobile device. AutoCAD 360 for iPhone provides viewing, editing and sharing CAD drawings, anywhere, anytime. Powerful review tools, available in online mode and offline, especially useful for field activities and offsite. This application is free and easy to use. It also has a pro version with which you can take advantage of more advanced functionality for field work.

Adobe Photoshop Express

It is an application for mobile devices, lets you edit and share your designs instantly. With the touch system, you can drag, drop, cut or adjust your image. It possesses the skills of the desktop version in which layers, filters, adjustments and selection tools is handled. It exists in free and paid version.


Houzz is a free application that contains collections of photographs for almost any room location or product. You may even find a list of designers and architects with their portfolio and a lot of advice. After you save the photos, you can access them even offline, so you can use them as inspiration wherever you go.

Best free iOS apps to decorate your home – Dream Home.


Morpholio is another spectacular app for sketching and design sketches, drawings and notes on paper. With Morpholio, you can start putting your design ideas wherever an idea arises. Just take a photo of the room or the project area and design directly on levels to unleash your creativity.

Home Design 3D

Design 3D Freemium is a useful application that allows you to create three-dimensional projects of your home and furnish all environments with virtual reproductions of decorative accessories.

Autodesk SketchBook

This application offers the freedom to draw and different ways to export sketches and diagrams in different sizes and resolutions. It is very easy to use and will certainly be very useful for architect and designer.

Color Capture

This app is a great help when you need information about colors and about how you can combine them. It even keeps notes or variations saved and can easily access them.
Do you know any other free apps helpful for designers and architects? Please do share them with other iDevice users through the comments. Thank you.

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