Best Cloud Storage Apps For iPhone And iPad

What are the best free cloud storage apps for iPhone and iPad? Find out in this lesson!

We all should make backups of all our important data files with personal or work, useful to avoid losing the valuable information in case of technical failures, theft of the device, etc.
One of the most effective ways to keep a copy of your data is upload them to sites of cloud storage. This way you can have them available anywhere and at any time, and you’re sure it will not be lost.
best cloud storage apps for iPhone iPad In our today’s top selection, we present the best cloud storage apps for iOS at no cost, chosen for reliability, safety and quantity of space for storage of your files.

The best free cloud storage services for iOS devices.


Dropbox is the most widely used cloud storage service in the world. It is easy to use and reliable. The files can be uploaded and managed from any device and will also be accessible through the web portal service. Upon enrollment, users will get a storage space of 2 gigabytes, easily expandable for free. The files and folders will be synchronized automatically with selected devices, facilitating tasks and life of the people using it. The graphical interface is simple and straightforward. Download Dropbox App Here.

Google Drive

The service from Google offers 15 GB of free storage space, much more than other services. Files can be uploaded and managed directly from the web browser or by downloading and installing the client for iOS. The configuration of the service does not require a great mastery and knowledge of the world of information and very easy to use. Google Drive, however, has a tight integration with other Google services. If you use other Google services like Documents, it could be the right choice for you. Download Google Drive App Here.


By registering an account you will get 15 gigabytes of free storage, easily expandable for free. OneDrive is great for its integration with other Microsoft products and has a decent support for third-party applications. The service can accommodate any type of file – from text documents to large multimedia files – automatically organized by type, so they can be searched more quickly. Download OneDrive App Here.


As with Google, the cloud storage service of Apple is closely linked to other services – Calendar, Contacts, iTunes music, photos, etc. – The house of Cupertino. And this is perhaps one of the greatest limitations of iCloud: unlike other storage services on the cloud, gives its best when it is used in combination with another Apple app or service, allowing synchronization and sharing files and settings immediate and reliable. In other cases, however, it’s up to you to choose whether and how to synchronize files and content.


Box has been widely used within the business sector. This cloud storage service is known to give a large amount of storage space. If you are looking for a good solution for enterprise-class cloud storage, Box is certainly a possible choice. Download Box App Here.


It offers 50 GB free storage space and focusing on the privacy of users and their documents, all the data are in fact encrypted end-to-end. This means that the data loaded on the device is encrypted before being sent to the server of Mega and downloaded data is decrypted only after they have been downloaded to your computer. Download MEGA App Here.


MediaFire offers 10 Gb of free storage space. It is suitable for file storage but not for use as business and does not have all the features offered by other services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Download MediaFire App Here.

Amazon Cloud Drive

The service offered by Amazon offers 5GB of free storage. It allows you to automatically upload photos taken with your mobile devices directly on the Amazon cloud. Download Amazon Cloud Drive App Here.
If you know other interesting cloud storage solutions, you can use the comments to share the name with us and we will put them on the list. Thank you for reading.

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Danica Simic
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