10 Best Police Scanner app for free on Android


With police scanner app on Android, you can retire your ham radio and listen to thousands of police, fire and rescue feed from around the globe.

Best police scanner app

With the Android operating system, you have to rethink what is you thought a phone could not do. Now you can listen to police feeds with these police scanner apps from the Google Play Store. We have selected only the best for your enjoyment.

Disclaimer: Listening through a police scanner app is illegal in some states so, be sure to check your local laws before downloading and using any of the following apps. Remember we, are not responsible anyway if you get yourself into trouble.

What are the best Poice Scanner apps for Android?

Police Scanner Radio

1. Scanner Radio

This is arguably among the top apps recommendation for beginners when trying out police scanner apps for the first time. This app has a modern fluid interface and has seen quite the fair share of updates that has left it ever more efficient and bug-free on most Android versions. You can get this on your new and older devices too to get to enjoy over 5300 radio stations from around the world covering police, fire, and weather broadcasts. This app has some advantages over other regular apps, including sending notifications when many people tune into a certain station you love. The app is not entirely free even though the free version can be obtained free of charge from the Google Play Store. You can later upgrade to the pro version too for just about three dollars and enjoy full functionality.

Broadcastify - listen police conversation

2. Broadcastify

Perhaps the world’s largest source of scanner radio feeds, Broadcastify offers you over 5700 (and counting) police, fire department, aviation, rail marine and amateur radio streams. With this app, you will enjoy a sleek feature rich police scanner app that you can rely on to give you the latest on what is going on around the world. There is a free and premium version of the Broadcastify app. In the free version, you get full access to all the over 5700+ feeds which you can sort by location and name. You also get push notifications for major incidents and a listing for new and top 25 feeds. The free version contains ads, however. The premium version will allow you to access archives for the last three months six months.

Do not listen into police channel, instead listen some good songs. Try these music apps:
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Chicago Police Scanner Radio

3. Chicago police scanner radio

Next up is the free Chicago police scanner radio app. With this app in your arsenal, you can listen in on thousands of conversations by police officers and firefighters in the Chicago metro area. The app could launch in the background and run with minimal resources so it should not be a problem even if you limited system memory. The latest version of this app has battery saving and buffering acceleration enabled, so you can keep your phone on for longer and take shorter periods buffering. The app will require that you have at least 3G speed connection or above enabled or you could just use Wi-Fi. Thi app is free, and you can get it here to start to listen to all police, fire and emergency feed from the metro area.

Scanner radio California

4. Scanner radio California

You guessed it; the app only focuses on frequencies available in California. And why not? California is home to the famous LAPD which probably deserves an app for just them and no one else. Want to know what is up in LA and other parts of California? Then the best police scanner apps for your Android right now are the scanner radio California. This is app streams content that is so interesting it may sound like the audio track of an action film except it is real life stuff going on somewhere in LA and other parts of California. The app incorporates an incredibly fluid and easy to use design and requires minimal real estate on your smartphone to run efficiently. And the best part is that you can get it below for free!

5. Ontario PD Live Scanner Radio

With this app, you can listen in to the OPD from your smartphone. The app’s unique feature is its ability to record all the juicy live feeds and listen to them later. You can also share your recordings with your buddies via several other share apps from this app’s premise. You will find this app incredibly easy to use and practical too. Perhaps the biggest downside to the Ontario PD Live Scanner is that it will not work with your Bluetooth receiver. At least not yet, we hope the developer will add this functionality in subsequent updates. Even so, with the Ontario PD Live Scanner Radio app being totally free of charge, you should totally check it out and even make a donation if you please.

Police Scanner 5-0 (FREE)

6. Police scanner 5-0

Police scanner 5-0 is a bit archaic compared to these other new apps of this list but has the advantage of numerous updates and has been doing well regarding functionality over the years. It has made a name for itself as one of the best police scanner apps for free on android for all time. If you like the good old tried and tested apps you should totally check Police Scanner 5-0 Out and you are guaranteed to love it.

With this app, you will be able to listen in on up to 2500 police and fire rescue feeds and the mind-blower is the GPS enabled localization to find the nearest frequencies near you and of course you can try this one for free too! Have fun downloading and installing the genuine app from the Google Play Store for gratis!

MyScanner-Police Scanner Radio

7. My scanner-police scanner radio

My Scanner-Police Scanner Radio is a police scanner app with a difference; it is unlike all the apps on this list and most other apps in that it takes you back to the basics. If is easy to use and supports over 300 scanner stations that you can listen too from all around the world, so you don’t have to worry about your locality. The other cool thing about My Scanner-Police Scanner Radio is the ability to save favorites so that you can come back to tune into your best stations later on. This app is also fluid and bug-free though it may not work well on some older version below 4.x.

If you find that this app is not fully compatible with all devices, please do not try to force it as it might not work correctly. That said, the app is also free of charge, all you need to do is follow the link below to the Google Play Store and download the app where it is safer to do so.

8. Police scanner radio scanner

To end with is this great app that generally focuses on all police departments scanning and brings you the power to access over 3000 police radio scanners from all over the globe. If you are more of a globally oriented listener, this is the go-to app for a global reach and capability. You can listen as far and wide as Chile, US, the UK among, many other countries. Perhaps the best thing yet about this app is that there is a top fifty category, so you don’t have to manually go through all the channels to locate what you want to listen to.

Police Scanner app

9. HD radio police scanner

For the rest of us that are not in California or Ontario California –virtually all of us- here is yet another best police scanner app for free on Android that will only crack your ribs (not literally). The HD radio police scanner app is another fun app that imitates a real police scanner and can be really convincing at that.

If you’re looking for the real thing, though move on a, there is nothing to see at the stop. This is perfect for pranking your friends and generally role-playing as law enforcement officer, nothing more. Get this free app from the Google Play Store using the link provided below and enjoy!

Airport Scanner android game

10. Airport scanner

The airport scanner is a fun simulation game app in which you play the role of immigration police to ensure not illegal stuff gets through the airport. Just like the police scanner app, it is not a real police scanner app and does not work in a real airport –at least no one has tried, but you can take the liberty of trying to go all bomb squad at the airport and “not” get arrested.

Anyway, this is just a simple game where you use X-rays to scan for unwanted nasties before they hit the streets in your lovely town. It is a great way to take your mind away from all the real hate crimes that are taking place all around you and genuinely have fun to play law enforcement. Get this refreshing app for free and enjoy scanning at the airport like real police. Follow the link to get the genuine app for free!

Final verdict: whether you want to go with just for fun apps or close as it gets to the real thing; there are plenty of apps out there and on this list for you. Please let us know of any apps that we may have left out that are awesome police scanner apps for free on android you may want others to know about.

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