The best iPhone applications using Touch ID

Here is a list of the best iPhone apps compatible with Touch ID, updates of which landed in the App Store after Apple released iOS 8.

The fingerprint scanner is enhanced with the latest iPhone 6 which adds security to your phone. The utility is able to transform your device into a safety gadget enabled through fingerprint or thumbprint of the user. Your iPhone is now able to detect fingerprints, more security, for the release of the terminal, for the purchase of the app on the App Store. Take a look at the best applications on the App Store to use Touch ID.
best iPhone 6 apps using touch id

Using the ID Touch

You may be familiar with this scanner and touch, but it’s likely that you are still not used to its full capacity. The four-digit PIN is no longer the only option to use. You can use a strong passcode to ensure your device.
In Settings-> Touch ID and Passcode-> simple code, you can now enter a new access code. The code should be changed when you want to make changes in the fingerprint scanner or the relevant settings for the access code.

Now let’s move to find the best iPhone applications that are protected by Touch ID scanner.

Of course not all applications are compatible, or who does not need the security provided by the Touch ID. Among those qualified however, some use this function but do not have full access to or use it improperly. So for the “Best App”, we decided to collect for you the best app with support Touch ID.


1Password allows you to securely store sensitive information, including serial numbers, credit card numbers, passwords of websites, etc. The assets of the program – support for all major browsers, as well as special mobile client base through which passwords are always at hand. Synchronize passwords, records, passwords and other data between the iPhone, iPad and Mac, you can use cloud services. Download 1Password App Here.


With two-factor authentication it is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet. Authy process combines two-factor authentication for all user accounts on websites. Inside there is support for most Internet services. The interface design is simple and clear. Data protection is performed by Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Download Authy App Here.


Similar to 1Password, the app uses Touch ID to block access to passwords and confidential data. LastPass is a password manager that saves your passwords and gives you secure access to them from every computer and mobile device. Download LastPass App Here.


Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services in the world. The official application for iPhone allows you to use fingerprint scanner to restrict access to the contents of the cloud service. As the developers say, users do not have to worry about the security of their personal data. Download Dropbox App Here.

Google Drive

Google Drive has made file sharing easy. With the app you can create and share documents, videos, files and more. Many users, however, have the need to secure this information, and Google has released an update to support the touch ID function. Download Google Drive App Here.


Mint, a veteran in the category of financial applications, also attracts users with a reliable security system based on Touch ID. In addition, the service assigns the user a four-digit PIN code. If the owner loses the gadget, he can enter the official site of the application, enter the code, and deny access to personal information. Download Mint App Here.


Like all cloud systems OneDrive lets you share photos, documents, images and video. Also it integrates data from Microsoft product applications, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Also with OneDrive you can secure all these data with the Touch ID that ensures access only to the iPhone owner. Download OneDrive App Here.


The app of the famous online store using Touch ID for access to the private, rather than requiring a password. Download Amazon App Here.

Online dating with eHarmony

eHarmony dating app is the first to integrate touch ID. With this, you can get in touch with potential dates with the touch of a button. Download eHarmony App Here.
This post will be updated with new free applications that will introduce support for the Touch ID, as they become available. If you know one, you can report it in the comments.

Danica Simic
Danica Simic
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