Apps to share files between iPhones or iPads wirelessly

A list of the best app that allows you to easily transfer files between iPhones or iPads wirelessly.

One thing is sure, we always have at one time or another need to share files between two iPhones or iPads or vice versa. The simplest solution is to use the Bluetooth connectivity. Share files between devices using Bluetooth connectivity is good if the file or files are not so big. Transferring large files through Bluetooth is not a good solution, because it will take long, very long time to transfer files.
Apps to transfer files between iPhones or iPads wirelesslyIn this article, we will see some of the free iOS apps that can facilitate the work of transfer files between your iPhone or iPad devices quickly and easily.


The ShareIt is an application whose function is to facilitate file sharing between phones that have installed this app. Your connection versatility is its biggest highlight as it is able to use the phone’s Bluetooth as well as using WiFi. With an organized interface, just select the files and wait for the transfer to end. It could not be simpler. In addition, also allows you to transfer files to entire groups and back them up to another smartphone – really practical and a good alternative for everyone.

Feem WiFi File Transfer

This application is one of the best iPhone apps to transfer files between iOS devices. It allows you to transfer multiple files simultaneously and is very easy to use. You just need to run the app (on sender & receiver’s device), choose the files you want to share, select who gets them, and finally tap on Upload button. That’s all and the files will transfer shortly. You can transfer all types of files between the paired device, such as images, documents (in various formats), video in mp4 format and files compressed with zip or rar. This application also has a built-in media player and a file browser to view your transferred files.


Shareable lets you share files between several types of operating system easily. Using this application, you can share files between iOS and Android phone; files can be shared between phones and to and from Mac and Windows computer. You can install the application on each of your devices and see which ones connected in the dashboard of your application. The next step is simply to decide which files to share and to transfer in WiFi.


AirForShare helps you share text, links and files between devices / computers instantly. Once uploaded, your text or file will be available for 30 minutes on any other device that you use on your Wi-Fi network. It is a free and easy solution to transfer files between iOS devices. Not only that, it is also compatible with Mac, Windows, Windows Phone, and Android, which is great. To share documents among devices, the only requirement is that all are under the same network. Your invited users can view and download your files easily on their devices.


DropCopy is another iPhone app to transfer file wirelessly. It lets you share files and even text stored in the clipboard between iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computers. This application is really easy to use. You just need to install the app on all your Apple devices and connect them on the same Wi-Fi network. After that, select the files you want to transfer and select the device to which you want to send. It supports a number of different file types.

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Hopefully any of the app listed above will come very handy when you look to share files between iPhones wirelessly. If you know another useful app that is not listed and want to share, you can do so from the comments!

Danica Simic
Danica Simic
Danica Simic is an aspiring data scientist and software engineer who enjoys writing technical articles and informational content using her academic knowledge. She also loves reviewing different products, especially gadgets and gizmos, as well as writing concise guides and tutorials.


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