10 Best Caller ID Apps for Android

Caller ID apps help to Identify fake callers, spammers, and spoof callers and block unwanted calls

Best Caller ID Apps for Android

Caller ID Apps are known to be helpful as they name random caller’s identification using a well-founded database. They give protection and security as they block calls, identify potential scammers, and even filter out which phone number to ignore and add to the blacklist. Here we have a rundown of the Top 10 Best ID Caller Apps so you can determine which one has reliable features that may help your day-to-day experience.


Price: Free with ads/ $0.99
Screenshot of Truecaller- Phone Caller ID, Spam Blocking & Chat app

Truecaller is the most popular Caller ID app that offers a great user experience and a featured pack secured service ranging from messages, contacts, and dialer function with backup and identification feature. The app is capable to block foreign numbers, unsaved contacts, hidden numbers, and top spammers in your area. It works great and the UI is quite straightforward with nice animation and clean fonts. It also has a dark mode feature however, the messaging service is a bit hard to navigate.

The true caller app is free with no aggressive bothering ads but it offers premium and gold membership for as low as $0.99/month which grants you access to other features such as call recording, auto-update of top spammers list, remove ads, and a Gold calling card that’ll make you stand out.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Screenshot of Whoscall – The caller ID and block App

Whoscall is an excellent caller id app that also won the editor’s choice app award featuring Call, SMS, and anti-spam services with a built-in dialer. It accurately identifies unknown numbers and blocks spam calls/SMS, unsaved contacts, and international numbers. What’s great about this app is the offline identifier, perfect for users with a limited data connection. It also has a cool personalized caller-ID for businesses, and the UI has simple functions to operate. For example, all the useful tabs are at the bottom, perfect for one-hand operation. Whoscall is a free app for Android and offers a $0.99/month premium subscription that enables offline auto-update from the database and removes all ads. It is not at the top 10 searches, but it offers the best of both worlds, online and offline.

Call App: Caller ID

Price: Free with ads/ $0.99
Screenshot for CallApp- Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder app

Call App is one of the leading caller ID apps offering call and dialer service that blocks and identify unknown callers and filter spam calls. It doesn’t have built-in messages, but there are tons of features such as backup, personalized video covers, who viewed my profile feature, detailed analytics, and Incognito calling. It also acts as a call recorder app for high-quality audio call recording. However, getting all those features requires a premium monthly subscription priced at $0.99/month. In-app purchases will expand the collection of free themes library. You can also refer and earn points so you can unlock a Premium subscription. Call App is quite a heavy app for entry-level smartphones, but it offers reliable protection with a gimmicky personalization feature and analytics that tracks your call routine.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Screenshot for Hiya - Call Blocker, Fraud Detection & Caller ID

We’ve been hearing good thing about Hiya as a popular caller id app and wanted to test ourself. Surprisingly it works pretty well. Hiya has a simple and cleans UI with pretty specific features for minimalist people. It has basic protection features such as caller ID, personal call block list, spam call alerts, and basic number lookup. It also has a call screening for added protection. The reliable app is suitable for non-tech-savvy users; however, the nuisance calls and scam/fraud calls blocker are only available in the app’s premium version, which costs $1.99/month. But still, Hiya is one of the best software for reliable daily usage with navigation as easy as ABC.


Price: Free with ads/ $1.99
Screenshot for Showcaller- Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker app

Also, a better caller ID app identifies the caller’s ID, name and region, spam, scam, robocalls, and telemarketing numbers. It has google drive back up and works even offline thanks to the number database. The Showcaller is a great daily driver with instant, real-time identification, voice recorder, and smart dialer that is easy to use. The app has the basic call and dialer service, and the UI is informative and interactive. It also has a wide variety of call screen themes. Call blocking works just fine, although some random ads appear on the screen. So buying their premium subscription for $1.99/month works best, with unlimited search time, video ringtones, and auto-block spam calls.

ID Caller Name

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Screenshot for True ID Caller Name app

The same with the rest of the app, it blocks potential scams and frauds, identifies names and regions of unknown numbers, and avoids spam and scam calls. This app offers excellent interactive analytics on its clean and straightforward UI. The contacts, dial pad, and messaging service are also available. However, the UI is not seamless as it doesn’t have one consistent theme. It offers call recording but with limited time as well.
By purchasing the monthly subscription for $1.59, True ID caller name offers unlimited call recorder, cloud backup, no watermark, and ads free app.


Price: Free with ads/ $9.99 per year

Eyecon has a unique UI, the reason why you will never hit the uninstall button. The visual is very much acceptable for people who like stylish looks thanks to the gradient themes. The app also displays a profile picture for every contact, whether in a list or grid view. The photos are synced via Facebook, generated online, or uploaded from the gallery. The Caller identifier and call Blocker functions quite well though very basic in features. There are also pop-up ads when using the app, but the premium yearly subscription of $9.99 offers complete spam protection, 40+ themes, ads-free, and VIP support.

Who Called Me

Price: Free with ads
Screenshot for Caller ID - Phone Number Lookup, Call Blocker app

A pretty lightweight and simple app that brings user experience a fresh feel. This caller ID app tells immediately if the caller is a spam or scam, and it is working. It also identifies whose calling as it displays a picture and city address. It also blocks spam calls, and the user interface is pretty much minimalist. It also offers backup contacts, phone number search, smart dialer, and calls log scan. The downside is, it doesn’t offer a premium subscription if you want to remove ads, but it is not that distracting as it seems. Still a great experience

Should I Answer?

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Screenshot for app Should I Answer?

A unique name for an app identifies unknown calls and permanently stores them in their database, which can then be used without an internet connection by all users. It will warn you when a potential scam or spam is trying to call. Pretty much all functions of the other app above. And even the app only has 1M+ downloads, the main feature of this app is the Advance Blocking which gives the user plenty of actions when having incoming or outgoing calls. It doesn’t have any subscription as the features are all free to use, but they accept donations by subscribing to their tier list from $1.99 – $10.99, and I, myself, want to do it as the app works like a charm.

Contacts by drupe

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Screenshot for Phone Dialer & Caller ID- drupe

A very interactive and distinctive app we found among all Caller ID apps. It is worth trying as it has smooth animation and lots of customization. There are also an unlimited number of themes, the sorting and function are a little bit complicated for average users, but the finger sliding gesture gives comfortability with ease. The blocking and identification work fine, and it offers backup and call recording. You can also upgrade to the Pro version for as low as $0.99, and it will unlock more intuitive and fun features.

And that’s pretty much the best 10 Caller ID apps we found on the Play Store. Each has distinct features suitable for your different needs. Some have varied with customization, the rest are basic and straightforward, and some sure have Advertisements, so choose what the best app is for you.

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