Install the following android backup apps, don’t lose your important data anymore.

Smartphones are becoming powerful day by day. We now depend on it more when it comes to storing important data. Most of us happy to get rid of few other devices as our phones now able to handle many tasks with great apps. None of us is willing to delete any of these apps and data. But this might happen to your device. Spend a few minutes to install a good android backup app and be safe! Some of these apps even offer to save data forever with cloud storage integration.

As our handsets have gotten smarter, their storage space has grown. Remember the days when 8GB under the hood was something to strive for? Well, your operating system takes up more space than that now. 16GB is generally the standard entry point for a decent device while 32GB is what you will want to have at a minimum in most cases despite a microSD card slot.

How to backup Android

Most smartphones come with an automatic backup solution built into the software. How well it works actually varies, and they do not suit everyone’s needs. That is where dedicated backup apps come into play. There are dozens of apps that promise to keep your data safe, and we have picked through the Play Store to bring you the best Android backup apps currently available.

All the apps on our list fall under one of two categories with Cloud-based backup solutions or ones that can live without the cloud and rely more on your SD card and other forms of physical storage. Another thing to consider is mobile games. Unlike apps, these can often come with their own loads of data tucked away in the depths of your device. Unless your favorite title saves your “game data” in the cloud, you will want to look before you leap. Regardless of your preference, we have included a nice mix on our list which means there is a little something for everyone…

Whether you are switching to a new phone or just don’t want to lose your favorite photos, contacts, apps or other data, these apps will do the trick.

1. Helium App Sync and Backup (free)

Helium - App Sync and Backup for android

ClockworkMod has been a developer user have turned to over the years when they have needed to root and ROM their phone. AllCast was arguably their second most popular app when the streaming craze began although we have become rather fond of Helium. It is one of the best Android backup apps and ensures you won’t lose any valuable data.

Helium comes in two varieties with the Free and Paid versions. The former offers the ability to backup and restore your data to a microSD card or your PC. This will cover everyone, but you will have to deal with ads, and you will be missing out on some better features. The Premium version ups the ante by adding features like device to device sync, automatic scheduled backups, and cloud backup and restore through three fan favorites with google drive, Box, and Dropbox.

If you are rooted, you will simply need to install the Helium app, and you are good to go, but non-root users will need to follow a few additional steps like installing Helium desktop.

2. Titanium Backup (Root) (free)


If you want a backup solution that can do it all and performs like a champ, you will be hard pressed to beat the Titanium Backup app. It has been around for ages, and is one of the most popular apps for a reason – it works extremely well. On the downside, you will need to be rooted for this one so you may want to skip on to our next pick if you are sans root or unable to modify your device.

Like the rest of the apps, Titanium Backup allows you to keep your data safe and secure. The free version offers up SD card backup while the PRO version is packed full of features power users will appreciate. Encryption, multiple backups per app, web server zip backups and a Dalvik cache cleaner are just a few of the fine features listed. We would be remiss if we did not also mention the widget and the App Freezer function which halts things in an instant.

If you have root, you can pick up Titanium Backup for free while the Pro version will set you back a cool $5.99 in the Play Store.

3. CM Backup (free)

While the cloud can be a scary, slightly non-existent place for some, it is a very popular destination to keep your data. The CM Backup app relies on the cloud for its backup capabilities, has a clean layout, and is easy to use. That means whether you want to simply backup your contact list for transfer to a new device or dump all your data into the cloud, they have you covered.

When it comes to features, this particular app is not that different from some of its competitors. Scheduled backups are present, and all the important areas of your handset are represented as well. That said, this one also sports a photo “slimming” feature that will compress current photos while moving the original ones and offers up secure storage and transfers through Amazon’s big cloud S3 servers.

CM Backup is free to download and requires no root access to work. Your free storage space is somewhat limited out of the gate, however, and this app does not backup app data, just contacts, messages, call logs, photos, and a few other areas.

4. My Backup (free)

Looking for something easy and efficient that gives you more out of the gate than most apps for offer up for free? My Backup covers a wide array of areas when it comes to backing up your data. Messages, Calls, Contacts, Playlists and even MMS attachments can be saved. On some devices, you will be able to save your alarm and home screen settings as well. If you have root, you can also backup full APKs.

On that note, the Pro version of My Backup brings some more goodies to the table. You can deal with multiple devices and link them to one account. Cloud storage also comes into play with access to Dropbox, Drive and Rerware Cloud. App freezing, cache wiping and force close control are some of the functions rooted features can look forward to with the Pro version.

My Backup is free to download and will take care of most of your needs without paying a penny. My Backup Pro is pricier at $6.99, but comes with loads of features and would be a great fit for power users that want more control and functionality from their backup and restore the app.

5. G Cloud Backup (free)

G Cloud Backup app

This is another oddball of sorts as it will back up 99% of your data, but doesn’t deal with apps at all. It also uses the cloud as the name implies. Despite the lack of app backup, the G Cloud Backup app is still well worth a look however as it offers up some things you are not likely to find anywhere else. One of those is dubbed “Memories” and lets you peer into your past.

The Memory feature installs a tab that allows you to take a look back at archived video, calls, and data from the past year of your life. Whether that is a pleasant trip down memory lane or not will obviously depend on your year so it may not be a feature for some. If you are not the type to relieve the past, you will appreciate the ability to backup Whatsapp and Viber photos along with your messages, contacts and call logs. It is going to be secure with SSL and 256-AES encryption and restoring your data is just as easy as backing it up.

The G-Cloud app is another free backup solution, but there are a couple of hitches due to its cloud-based nature. You will only get 1GB for free, but can “earn” more from within the app, and you’ll have to deal with some advertisement and in-app purchases as well.

6. App Backup (free)

Now for something a little different as this is an app that lets you back things up in a unique way. App Backup lives up to its namesake by backing your apps from the Play Store. How it does, it is interesting however as you do not rely on the cloud… it just uses a simple but cool tech trick.

App Backup takes an app from your handset and makes a backup of it in the form of an installation file. The file is saved to your SDcard and can even be re-downloaded back through your desktop browser. In other words, you can save the new .apk anywhere you choose which makes for an easy install on another device.

This one is a little barebone compared to its brethren, but it specializes in apps and does not deal with contacts or other areas. That said, it performs admirably and does have a few additional perks like sharing and the ability to install and multiple backup apps at once.

7. List My Apps (free)

Technically this is not a backup app that can store data to move on other device or restore. Instead, this is a very straightforward and effective way to track your apps or create a list of applications you would recommend to others.

8. Super Backup (free)

Super Backup - SMS & Contacts app

This may be the simplest and frill-free backup app. You can here decide which one for backup and which not. You can also backup your data monthly or daily.

  • The free version gives you the opportunity to have a backup of SMS. Bookmarks, call logs.
  • The free version comes with ads.
  • If you want to have to the ad-free version you have to pay $1.99.

9. App Backup & Restore (free)

App Backup & Restore is an excellent solution if you need to back up your applications or simply want to keep the ‘apk’ file on your computer. The app allows you to backup your apps on the SD card, quick uninstaller, Restore apps from SD card, self-security, support App2SD, send apk file by email… among others. To store backups just select the apps from the main interface, archive or even erase without a trace in the terminal.

The app also allows you to make a copy of the link to the Google Play so that you can easily reinstall the app any time you want. Only bad thing is that the app can not backup data or settings of apps, it only backup the apk files. A very useful application for those who like to Share his Android apk files or just have them in the SD Memory.

9. SMS Backup + (free)

Save your SMS and MMS in Gmail easily with SMS Backup +, useful, free and open source. The app allows you to back up your text messages, both stored in the phone memory and SD. To run this application you need to enable IMAP on your Gmail account. SMS Backup + can synchronize manually, automatically or do it from time to time whenever you receive a new SMS. When creating a backup, you can specify the file name. At your computer, you can change the directory where the backup files are stored.

Go Backup & Restore is another useful Backup app for Android devices that lets you make a backup and restore your user data (Contacts, Call Logs, Bookmark, Calendar, etc.), apk files, system settings, and apps data, with a user-friendly interface, easy to use, professional and stable. Whether you have lost your phone or change your phone, the app will save the hassle and get your phone loaded up just like you had before.

Final Verdict

Rooting your smartphone is not something everyone wants to do or can even manage these days with the way some devices are locked down. The backup apps on our list should have you covered regardless of the root, but we did include some options for the pros as well. In other words, don’t rely on your smartphone’s limited backup capabilities to keep your data as all of the picks from our best Android backup apps list will do the trick.


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