How to Download and Install Adobe Flash Player Apk Android Free (Latest Version)

Learn how to be able to enjoy Flash contents on your Android devices by sideloading Adobe Flash Player Apk for Android Free.

Adobe Flash Player Apk Android Free

Adobe Flash is no more built-in on Android devices as the company decided not continue support for the flash player on Android. Following the announcement they made back in November 2012, Adobe has discontinued support for Flash. For Android devices running Android 4.0 or lower version, Adobe Flash will continually be available and supported through updates.

However, for the newer version of Android, Adobe recommends that you uninstall the plug-in as they cannot guarantee any support for it. More so, devices that don’t come with Flash pre-installed will be unable to download and install it from the Store after August 15th. That is leaving users with the choice to download Adobe Flash Player Apk Android and install it by sideloading the apk file.

Because of its vulnerability and performance issues, above flash were abandon by many developers. HTML5 has quickly replacing which will lead the mobile world into the future. But flash contents are still everywhere on the web. From streaming videos, games to interactive services flash still a popular choice. So what will you do to continue viewing flash content on your android devices? Here we come to rescue you.

Downlaod Adobe Flash Player Apk Android for Free and install it to view flash content on android

You should know that you can Download Adobe Flash for Android Free and sideload any version of Flash apk for Android. Make sure you download adobe flash apk for Android and keep your copy safe as Android no longer support flash officially. In the meantime, manufacturers and developers will continue to improve support for HTML 5 in the future.

Download Flash player apk from adobe flash version archive

Head oover to the Adobe Site where you will see a long listings for Android Flash player downloads with the applicable opearatin systems and versions. Keep scrolling on the page untill you find the listing for android devices. Once you find the most recent compitable flah apk version for your devcie continue with downloaing.
Get APK from adobe flash version archives

How to install Flash player apk on Android

install flash on android

  • If you have downloaded the flash player apk on your computer then first transfer the file to your phone.
  • Go to the security settings in your phone and check the “Unknown sources” box to allow installing apk files.
  • If you download the file directly on an android device then it’s very easy to locate the above flash player apk file from the notification panel otherwise use file explorer app to locate the apk from downloads/copied folder.
  • Tap and press Install to begin installing Flash on your Android device.

Note: Adobe Flash Player will not work with google chrome browser on android. You need to use the default browser or download a Flash compatible web browser to view flash contents. You may also need to activate the flash plugin by going to the Settings menu in the browser itself.

Download and Install Adobe Flash Player apk on Android 2.1 running devices.

With the support of Flash on android users can enjoy a full browsing experience for rich contents on web pages. Android 2.1 comes with the new feature for full flash support. Here is how it works, google just integrated a Flash plugin for Android called Flash uses it to embed itself inside browser.

So browser in android 2.1 mobile phones does not see plugin. Now if you are owner of Android 2.1 or 2.0 smartphone then download the Adobe Flash 10.1 apk application below and get full flash support for your Android 2.1 or 2.0 smartphones.

Adobe flash player APK Download Android 2.1

BUT!There’s another thing inside – a permission called android.webkit.permission.PLUGIN. It is already used by Flash Lite on HTC devices. So this app will replace the lite version of flash and will work with full feature.

This apps was developed for Android by xda-developer AuxLV. If you have any question or need more help, please visit the above link to go developer page. Now Download Adobe Flash Player for Android 2.0 and Android 2.1:

Get the above flash player apk on your Android Gingerbread Devices, install and enjoy Flash videos and contents on websites. Let us know if the apk works for you.

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