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Best IPL apps for iPhone and iPad


by Danica Simic

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Best IPL apps for iPhone and iPad

Cricket is the most popular sport, and arguably the most popular form of entertainment in India. It’s no shock then that Indians take the Indian Premier League (IPL) very seriously. From simply viewing and following games, though participating in fantasy leagues, to betting, there are a lot of IPL apps dealing with this league.

However, not all of those are up to scratch with their services. When you narrow them down to those that are available for iOS, even fewer are left standing. Of the few that are left, though, I have reviewed and picked out the 10 best choices for you.

What are the best iOS apps for the Indian Premier League?

Worldwide cricket fans suffering from the fever of IPL surely don’t want to miss a single ball of the tournament. Here are the best IPL and IPL apps.

The official IPL app

Price: Free
Screenshot of The official IPL app for iOS
Screenshot of The official IPL app for iOS

If you’re looking for an IPL app to download, the official app should be your first stop. The app has a straightforward, clean interface that makes it easy to access desired information. Info available include, standings, schedule, stats etc. The selling point of this application, though, has to be the opportunity to view exclusive IPL highlights. That, and the IPL fantasy league you can enroll and participate in through the app.

BCCI official app for iOS provides live scores, news, match schedules, stats, standings, and other relevant information for IPL. The app also features videos, virtual replay, live commentary, photos, and score updates of all matches.

Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News

Price: Free/ IAP from ₹599
Screenshot of Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News app
Screenshot of Cricbuzz Cricket Scores & News app

One of the best cricket apps that let you keep track of IPL action in near-real-time, there’s not much Cricbuzz doesn’t provide IPL fans with. Users check the points table whenever they need to and refresh scores to keep them informed. Allowing notifications would lead to even more convenience as the app would send updates when you’re not active on it. Beyond the IPL, Cricbuzz also shares news around the cricket world, using images and videos.

IPL 2022 Live

Price: Free
Screenshot of IPL Live - Score Update app on iPhone
Screenshot of IPL Live – Score Update app on iPhone

It might be tricky finding this particular application, because there are a lot of IPL Live apps on the app store. However, most of the other forms are non-functional and have different designs. This particular functional version doubles as a news provider and general competition guide. The competitions that can be followed through this app are numerous, and data on such competitions include fixtures, results, live scores and point tables. It’s quite basic but it could be a valuable companion if you’re always on the road during games.

CricHeroes-Cricket Scoring

Price: Free/ IAP from ₹119
Screenshot of CricHeroes-Cricket Scoring App for iPhone
Screenshot of CricHeroes-Cricket Scoring App for iPhone

CricHeroes doesn’t offer services exclusive to the IPL as the app enables users to follow other cricket lovers, much like a social media service. Cricket fans have access to live IPL scores with commentary through this app. The functionality extends after games to include match analysis, a hero of the match vote/award feature, and a game summary. There’s even the option to stream some cricket games if you have the time.

Cricket Fast Live Line

Price: Free
Screenshot of Cricket Fast Live Line app
Screenshot of Cricket Fast Live Line app

There’s not much going on in this IPL app and it’s quite straightforward to use. On the homepage, you can see all fixtures of major cricketing competitions and follow matches that interest you, including those of the IPL. There’s usually added information on covered matches. Beyond the games themselves, the app also offers news articles as well as a view of the latest national rankings.

ESPN Cricinfo – Live Cricket Scores

Price: Free
Screenshot of Cricinfo - Live Cricket Scores app
Screenshot of Cricinfo – Live Cricket Scores app

Regardless of the country you find yourself in; you can’t mention a major sport without ESPN coming to mind. Luckily, Cricket is a major sport, and the IPL is a major league in a major cricket nation. Thus, Cricinfo is valid for this list. This app provides news updates, fixtures/results lists, the opportunity to view team squads, and a video/photo gallery to check out if highlights and multimedia are your desired content.

ESPN Cricinfo app for iOS offers live scores update of IPL with ball by ball commentary, live scores, latest news, rumor, match schedule, result. The app now also added two new features- video and audio podcasts. A must download free IPL app for cricket fans.

Star Sports

Price: Free
Screenshot of Star Sports official app for iOS
Screenshot of Star Sports official app for iOS

It’s no surprise that the most popular sport in the country is looked forward to with much interest. However, you can’t always be in the right place to catch your favorite IPL cricket team. No need to worry, though. With the star sports app, and access to the latest scores, stats, and in-game analytics, you can have as close to a real-game experience as you could hope for. There are other features, but you would have to check those out for yourself.

Cricket 24 – live scores

Price: Free/
Screenshot of Cricket 24 - live scores app
Screenshot of Cricket 24 – live scores app

This app is quite similar to many of the other IPL apps on this list but it goes beyond the scope of most as well. It allows users to follow a wider range of competitions, including those of some popular cricketing African countries. It can be difficult finding your way with this much info to cover, so the app also prioritizes convenience and customization. Users can streamline info by selecting favorite teams and competitions, and allowing notifications.


Price: Free
Screenshot of CricViz iphone app for IPL
Screenshot of CricViz iphone app for IPL

Widely considered to be one of the best cricket analysis apps out there, CricViz is a goldmine for bettors. Instead of spending money being scammed by so-called peddlers of fixed games, you could get this app. There is no guarantee of success but the odds of winning would definitely tip more in your favor. The app doesn’t analyze IPL cricket alone, but you can be sure that when the season starts, there would be doses of cricket intelligence to help you. 

Cric World

Price: Free/ $9.99
Screenshot of CricWorld - Live Cricket Score app
Screenshot of CricWorld – Live Cricket Score app

Another Live Cricket Score app that doesn’t deal exclusively with the IPL alone, Cric world has something for every cricket lover. Users of the app can view game schedules and read news articles. In addition, users of the app who partake in trivia contests would love access to records. Besides following IPL cricket, fans can also check on international series, national teams and individual players. 

There are more apps that provide value to IPL fans, but these represent the best of the best. Though arguments could be made for the inclusion of fantasy and betting apps, the latter are better reviewed as a whole while the former’s variations cannot be judged through any general metric. That said, you could check out this and let me know what you think of my list in the comment section. Ciao!

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