The Best Free Ad blocker Android Apps: Block ads and Stop pop ups

LAST UPDATED: December 25, 2019

Top free android ad blocker and popup blocker apps to get rid of annoying ads

Ads. You can’t escape them while browsing or playing game. Most of them exist to push a product or service while using an app or website. It’s something your favorite app or site may use to survive, but some sites go a little crazy and not optimize for good user experience.

Dreaded Pop-up ads were reserved for desktop PC or laptop but they made their way to smartphones as mobile devices are on everyone’s hand. So, the consumers now need some good ad blocker apps. Unfortunately, there is a problem with that. The vast majority of Ad blockers in the Play Store are less than stellar, and you cannot rely on Play Store reviews these days.

Offering up a free Ad blocking service is also a surefire way to lure folks to install shady apps. Downloading a bad app can cause a whole new set of problems as your next stop may be searching for a Malware detector.

So, what is the best ad blocker for android to stop ads from filling up the screen? Installing an AdBlock android app will stop ads from showing up, thus allowing to use apps without being berated to ‘purchase this item,’ or ‘visit this site.’

Top Free Android Adblock Apps

1. Adblock Plus

Price: Free
Adblock Plus for Android Ad blocker for Android

The first app on this list of “Ad blocker for Android” is adblock plus android, which cannot be found on Playstore anymore as it has been removed. But fortunately, you can also grab the latest adblock plus apk here at there website.

The link above will provide you with instructions for using the app. Adblock Plus for android is one of the best and most trusted ad blocker apps that also available on Chrome, Firefox, and more.

There is also an official Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox Android browser. Open Firefox browser, Download and Install the add-on, activate it then restart the Firefox app and enjoy ad-free browsing.

2. Free Adblocker Browser

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP
Free Adblocker Browser for android

The Free Adblocker Browser is a solid option if you don’t mind switching from your normal browser are want something a little different graphically. It will kill any Ad coming your way on the web. It also destroys pop-ups, video ads, banner ads and can also supposedly stop any sites trying to track your footsteps.

Whether it’s a shady cookie or an ad set up on auto-play, the Free Adblocker Browser app can cover the most people’s needs. The app (and its ad-blocking feature) are free to download and use although there are in-app purchases that allow for a few additional features and themes.

3. Adblock Browser for Android

Price: Free

Adblock Browser for Android isn’t much different from other ad-blocking apps as it zaps most advertisements from websites including pop-ups.

The Adblock Browser blocks all incoming ads by default but does allow users a measure of control. You can opt to let in advertising deemed nonintrusive or configure a list of filters based on different dialects. There are several other options that can help with your privacy as well by letting you disable tracking, anti-ad blocking messages, malware domains, and social media buttons.

4. AdGurd

Price: Free
Adgurd android ad blocker

Sometimes a browser with a pop-up blocker isn’t going to cut it. The popular Adguard for Android app promises to filter all the nastiness out of the web to give you a clean and trouble-free browsing experience.

Adguard can block any ad coming your way through a browser, but can also kill advertisements in other apps & games. Features include a firewall, phishing and malware protection and increased web page speed. There also built-in VPN options something you don’t see baked into many apps of this nature.

5. AppBrain Ad Detector

Price: Free
AppBrain Ad Detector app for android

While the AppBrain Ad Detector can block pop-ups and ads, the way it goes about it is different. It can actually “sniff” them out and goes far beyond just snooping for the usual piece of advertising. AppBrain can lock down spam ads and push notifications while detecting for harmful app networks.

Using the AppBrain Ad Detector is simple for rookies and pros alike. There is a tab for “Concerns” which quickly allows you to see if any harm is headed your way. From there you can look at any ad networks that are connected along with social SDKs and Dev tools.

6. AdAway – root only

Price: Free

AdAway is another awesome option if you need something stronger than an ad-blocking browser or plug-in. It’s also an app that is only going to work for users who are rooted, which rules plenty of folks out. Is it worth the hassle? The answer is a resounding yes if you are concerned about your privacy and hate to be troubled with ads.

This particular application is set up with host files that hit any ads coming your way with a quick change of direction. The redirect effectively kills pop-ups, banner ads, and any advertisements shown in games as well. Want a bit more control over your content? The Whitelist option can take care of that. Techies will also appreciate the open-sourced nature of AdAway as it’s not going to be an app that goes long without an update.

AdAway is free to download through F-Droid, but again, you will need Root access. You can read more about the app on the official site if you are still on the fence.

7. TrustGo Ad Detector

Price: Free
TrustGo Ad Detector android ad blocker app

Are you wary of mobile ad networks collecting personal information through the apps that you use? TrustGo Ad Detector scans and dually protects your Android device from possible privacy violations and identity leaks that could occur via ads displayed within an Android app. Use your Android device with the clarity of mind to know that your personal information is safe and secure. An all-to-common occurrence, TrustGo Ad Detector is a different type of ad blocker, but one that will keep your personal information safe and secure.

Is there an Adblock for Chrome mobile?

Although some of the apps claim to works as an android chrome adblocker they might not work very well. But luckily you can turn off pop up ads easily.

How to turn off pop-ups on chrome browser android?

  1. Open the Chrome browser app on your smartphone or tablet

  2. Tap on the three-dot menu to the right of the address bar, then scroll down and go to Settings. Scroll down to find Site settings.

  3. Under the Pop-ups and redirects and toggle the turn on or off switch

Use Opera Mini as popup blocker

Chrome may be the go-to choice for most Android users, but Opera has been around for ages. Opera Mini is one of the most downloaded browsers on the Play Store and sports a solid ad blocker to boot. When you fire up Opera Mini, getting rid of those pesky ads is easy with just tapping a button. After choosing a language, you are asked if you want to get rid of ads and then you’re good to go. No tricky settings to decipher or tabs of options to deal with.

If you do want to enable ads again, you can do so by tapping the ad button from settings in the lower right-hand corner. While the Mini moniker may imply that you’ll be missing some features, that isn’t the case at all. You can do the same things you can in Chrome or Firefox browsers as the pop-up blocking is a bonus, not its main draw.

How do I block ads on Android browser?

Many browsers (including chrome) will have a pop-up blocking option baked in. You can generally find it under Settings-Advanced in the most mobile browsers across the board. Once you locate it, flip the switch, and you are good to go with a basic degree of protection.

That said, the location of the toggle will vary from Chrome and other browsers but all should have one. Some manufacturers like Samsung and Apple will have built-in options, so always check the browser and general device settings on your handset or slate before turning to a tougher means.

Another option we didn’t discuss in our list of the best adblocker apps is Anti-Virus software. Many of the top providers feature a form of pop-up blocking or ad removal. You’ll have to dig deep to find one that does it for free although Kaspersky, Avast, and Outlook are a few solid options to consider if you want an all-in-one solution.

Final Thoughts

Some of our picks in the Best Ad Blocker Apps list will only work on rooted devices, but we have included options to cover most users regardless of root. That means you should be able to successfully block web-based ads in most cases although freemium games are a different story.

Enjoy uninterrupted app features on Android with the top ad block apps mentioned above. Let us know what is your favorite ad blocker for android to stop ads or block pop-ups. For more top quality Android apps browse through our Best Android Apps section.


  1. I prefer u to use AdLock because it can block any ads both in browser and in different your applications! 🙂


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