The Best Apps/ Apk files to root android without PC/ Computer

These apps will help you unlock Android’s hidden features with easy one click root.
Apps to root android without computer

Using your Android smartphone can be a lot of fun, especially with the newer OS versions that bring many new features. However, many of us have thought of installing custom ROMs and mods. With Root access, users can unlock additional settings and customization options that aren’t available by default. Often, we hear that it’s not the best practice, and neither it is easy. That’s why we’ve compiled this compelling guide which can help you root Android without a computer, by only installing an apk file.

What is Android root access?

Rooting is like jailbreaking your android device. Root refers to the term of the superuser, an entity that unlocks all the possible functions of the operating system which were previously locked due to security and stable performance. Root access refers to the privilege of using that superuser to modify system files and codes for additional features.

The difference between the root user and a standard user is with root access users able to do modify anything in the system, from revealing user-restricted files to granting and revoking privileges on certain apps. That said, as a root user, you can delete applications that are forced to users upon the Android installation, or install third-party apps outside of Google play store. Nevertheless, playing around with privileges and data access on root users can put the device in an unstable state or it might not function as it should be, as well as revoke the warranty provided by the company that sold the smartphone.

Should I root?

To root or not to root? Rooting has both its advantages and flaws, and it requires a certain level of geekiness and savviness to perform. However, people have several views on rooting for a good reason. Some people root their device just to see how it works or install some themes and personalization that need root access.

On the other hand, people root to fix or add new functionality to the software that hasn’t previously been available to them. One of the most common reasons consumers root their device is because they value their storage and want to get rid of the bloatware that might slow it down.

Some people also root their device for Ad Blocking to adware, which is sometimes annoying on many apps. Another reason is being able to overclock CPU speed. CPU Clocking can unlock further functionality of the device and make it fairly faster, and enhance the gaming experience. Finally, some users like to root their device to take off some mask or customize the appearance of the operating system to look just the way they want.

That, however, comes with certain risks if you aren’t experienced and knowledgeable enough.

Need to Unlock Bootloader & Root your device first? How to Enable OEM Unlocking on Android

Keep in mind that this article is solely an educational guide. Hence we hold no responsibility if your device starts acting-up, due to poorly performed root.

How to prepare your Android for the rooting process?

If you’ve read all about the necessary information about rooting, as well as the risks that come with it, now it’s time to prepare your device for rooting.

Back-up your phone
Considering the risks above, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that your data stays intact. That said, you should make a backup of your files such as photos, documents, videos, and music, just in case something goes south.

Prepare the battery
It’s worth mentioning that the rooting process can be quite battery-exhausting, so it’d be the best that your phone is at least 70% charged before you attempt to root. Having a lower battery may cause system instability and the device might die during the process which will lock the device at the bootloader.

Enable USB debugging & Install from unknown sources
You need to enable the necessary settings before you download the rooting app. USB debugging settings are not immediately visible to users. You need to hit the “About Phone” setting, navigate to the Build Number, tap it seven times, and then navigate back to the settings where now Developer Options now visible near the bottom. From Developer Options, toggle the button to enable USB debugging. You might also enable the unknown sources settings under apps and security.

How to root an Android device without a PC?

Rooting the device is used to be done using PC and desktop client. There are several desktop apps that get the job done, so all you need to download necessary files/ modified ROM and plug your device to a USB and watch the software do wonder.

However, with the rapid development of technology, there is a plethora of apps/ apks now available that can get the root done as easy as one-click root method without extensive tech-savviness or expertise with Linux distributions. Below, we’ve listed apks that can root your device within minutes.

Some apps will require you to install the Super Su App from Google Play Store to manage individual app permissions. Other apps like Framaroot offer functionality within its application.

What are the best apps to root android without computer?



Framaroot is one of the most effective and efficient apps you can use to root your Android device, without needing a PC. It’s a universal app for any phone as long as it runs Android and works wonders in just one click. The app was tested using hundreds and thousands of users who successfully enabled the superuser privileges using this app. It’s worth noting that you can unroot your device in the future if you’ll no longer feel like being the root user.

How to root android with Framaroot

How to root android with Framaroot?
Download Framaroot apk, tap to install and open the app, select to install Super Su to your Android device. Tap on Aragorn and Boromir exploits and wait until the “Successfully rooted” message shows up. Now, you only need to reboot your device, and you’re set.


Similarly to Framroot, KingRoot is going to give you the superuser privilege in one click, so it’s the best suited for lazy people who don’t want to learn all the technical details behind rooting. It’s free to download and is one of the most powerful apps; it enabled root access to an uncountable number of Android users. It also comes with the Purify app pre-installed so that it won’t drain your battery. The only con is that it requires a stable internet connection to work properly.

How to root with Kingroot?
Once the app has been installed, press “Try now” to access it. Ignore all the warnings; they exist to warn the consequences of rooting wrong. Press “Get Now” once you access the root and wait until the process is complete. Reboot and enjoy.

One-Click Root

As its name suggests, this apk is going to root your device with ease with only one click. It’s an app built with simplicity in mind, and it also boasts a friendly UI for users who are not well-versed with the process of rooting. It also has live chat support that can help you if you get lost in the process, but requires an internet connection and contains a lot of ads.

How to One-click root android?
To root your device using this apk, install it, skip installing the random app it offers. Run a scan to check whether your device is eligible for rooting. If it is, the Android will now be rooted. Once the process is complete, reboot and start using the perks of a superuser.


Towelroot is another excellent app for rooting android without PC. It has an intuitive UI, it’s one-click root, and is safe to use. The only downfalls of this app include the required internet connection and lack of support for HTC and Samsung devices. That said, make sure to use some other app if you own one of the mentioned brands. While the app is mainly free to use, it does ask a donation to keep the support working.

Steps to root with Towelroot
Once the apk is installed, enter it and press “MakeitRain,” now the app will root your device, and after it gets rooted, you need to reboot your device before you can use the device as you intend to.


iRoot is one of the best rooting apps. It’s fast and flexible so that you might gain superuser access within minutes. The app is slightly flawed though, while there are many features that the app offers, the official language is Chinese, so you probably can’t get the best out of those features unless you speak the language.

How to root with IRoot app?
The rooting button is in English, however, so the whole process is fairly easy. All you have to do is “Get Root Access,” and the app will do the work for you. It also has a PC app in case you change your mind and want to root using PC.


Z4Root is another app with a clean user interface that can be used for rooting your smartphone. It was previously available on Google Play Store, although its rooting properties made it banned as Google doesn’t support enabling superuser option. That’s why rooting leads to warranty violation.

Rooting android with Z4Root
Aside from its clean interface and easy-to-use structure, Z4Root doesn’t have pre-installed bloatware, making it more attractive than the rest of the choice. It comes in three options – temporary root, permanent root, and unroot. It’s a one-click option, so tapping on the option should get things done for you.

Universal-Android Root

While the previous apps come with great features, they also introduced limitation to some smartphone models. The Universal-Android Root promises much more support, for most of the Android-running smartphones currently available on the market.

How to root with Universal-Android Root?
After installing the universal android root apk open it. You will have the option to Install SuperSU from the dropdown menu at the top. Specify your phone’s Android version and install it. The app also offers temporary root option. This way, your device will be unrooted after you reboot it. So check the option depending on how you want it. Tap the Root Button and wait for the rooting process to complete. Reboot your phone.

CF Auto Root

If this is the first time you’re rooting your Android, CF Auto Root is the most intuitive and beginner-friendly APK there is. The app is aimed to simply install and enable SuperSU option so the user can enjoy all the apps that need root access.

How to use CF Auto Root?
When you download and install the apk, select the phone from the list which will take you to a link to download the necessary files to root your phone properly. Get back to the app, select the downloaded files, and tap on the big red button that says Root. Once the process is complete, reboot your device, and you’re set.


Kingoroot is another fastest app for rooting Android with one click. It’s free, and it supports nearly all Android devices. The app is safe and promises protection from device malfunctions, and it also has an intuitive user interface friendly to new users. It’s worth mentioning that it’s a different apk than KingRoot, owned by a different developer too. The app also supports devices with Android Nougat where many other apps don’t. The Oreo support yet to come.

Rooting android with KingoRoot
Once you downloaded and installed the apk get inside, and tap the No Root button. Wait until the process is 100% complete. Reboot your device, and now your Android was booted.

Root Master

Root Master also veterans alike who are tired of too much bloatware and ads all over the way. The app is equipped with a clean user interface that allows you to quickly root your Android, even if you’re a first-timer.

Root with Root Master app
Once the app is installed, all you need is to press the Start button. When the process is complete, all you need to do is to reboot your smartphone, and you’re ready to go.

The Best Root Apps to install after rooting android


Finally, if you feel like you don’t have the savviness or courage to attempt rooting using these apps, you can always ask an experienced friend for help or visit popular android forums for your specific model. We hope that you found this guide useful and that you’ve tried some of the apps before. Did you manage to root your Android successfully? Which app did you use? Please, leave a comment and let us know!

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
Khaled is using Android OS since the very first Google Phone. He started to help other Android/ iOS users to find the right Applications/ Games and solving issues with their phone. Khaled also works in Creative Media Design.


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