10 Best Custom ROMs for Android

Looking for a great personalized experience on your Android device? Check out the Best Android Custom ROMs.

10 Best Custom ROMs for Android

The best thing about open source software is that it allows users to customize almost every way one can imagine. All you need to root the device and take control of the core system. To get the full potential of your smartphone or tablet, you need to choose and installed a right Custom ROM.

Note: Rooting your phone and installing a custom ROM require advance knowledge on flashing files. Make sure you read all the FAQ for your chosen ROM and also make sure it will work on your device. Follow the guidelines available on ROM author’s website.

There are many custom firmware available with their unique features and mods. Here we list the best of them.

Check out 10 best Custom ROMs and see which one fits your need.


PARANOID android rom

Paranoid Android is the first ROM based on Android JellyBean source and it has added tons of extra features that another ROM does not offer. Its main advantages are the hybrid mode, which allows you to adjust the dimensions of an element without changing equipment configurations, you can change the colors, resolution, and layout of the application interface; Alternative navigation controls that do not take up screen space and are activated by gestures and Android multitasking inspired by the Facebook chat bubbles. The design also noted particularly Halo, with striking transparencies.
Download Paranoid ROM here

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cyanogenmod rom for android

CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM for Android because of its support for a large number of devices and offers a number of features and enhancements not included in stock versions of Android such as support for themes, lock screen gestures, DSP Equalizer, FLAC support, browser incognito mode, etc. CyanogenMod allows endless changes to the system as well as offering custom themes for the operating system interface.
Download CyanogenMod ROM here


MIUI Android Rom

MIUI is a ROM based on AOSP and is known to completely change the look of Android, from a personalized home screen, MIUI applications as the media player, a customizable notification bar, the file browser, to its own launcher and the firmware application – gallery, camera, and other interesting applications. MIUI is still one of the best ROMs available, with a beautiful interface and great possibilities of customization. MIUI started in China as part of the Xiaomi phone but now has expanded to a lot of brands and models of phones among which we find the Samsung Galaxy or HTC flagship models.
Download Miui ROM here


AOKP rom for android

AOKP (Android Open Kang Project) is almost as popular as CyanogenMod and indeed offer similar experiences. AOKP at first glance looks like the standard version of Android, but in the settings option, you can see that offers much more in terms of customization options. AOKP is also based on AOSP, includes support for many high-end devices, and various modifications to the source code of Android that that can not be seen in factory terminals. With this ROM you can customize buttons for shortcuts or create your own, it also includes different vibration patterns and swipes gestures to improve the user experience.
Download AOKP ROM here


Omni rom for android

OmniROM for Android, being developed by some ex-developers of CyanogenMod and some new developers, comes with almost the same features of CyanogenMod, but with the addition of being open source and there are more developers who are helping to make it more popular and has more features in each nightly or stable release, what turns out to be more than good option to install on your device, taking some of the compatibility with smartphones/tablets most famous scene.
Download Omni ROM here


Slimbeam android rom

Slimbeam Android ROM has a great list of features, but it is mainly mentioned in this list for the ability to create shortcuts on the home screen, shortcuts to specific applications, PIE controls. You can also customize notifications and has a feature to invert the colors of the interface. All colors within the ROM can be inverted to the color scheme including GApps and any other installed application. The Rom supports all the official features of Jelly Bean and can be activated manually on demand.
Download Slimbeam ROM here

These are the best ROMs out there among other custom firmware. Each of them had their own advantages. CyanogenMod is famous for its stability, Paranoid Android offers a lot of customization, Liquid Smooth ROM well known for solid performance, Miui is the most simple and lightning fast OS, Aokp is good for beginners and Slimbeam offers great battery life. It’s your turn to decide which ROM you are going with.

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