10 Best Multiplayer games for Android to play Online

Online multiplayer games are fun to challenge friends or an opponent from the other side of the world!

best multi player games for android

The advent of increasingly powerful devices and efficient Internet data connections encourages multiplayer games on the rise on Android. It is an excellent way to take challenges from around the world. Show off your gaming skills on online leaderboards.

What are the free online multiplayer games for android?

There are now hundreds of new multiplayer games compare to the limited numbers of a few years back. And, the latest games now supports real-time co-op battles or PvP (Player vs. player) combats and various other features rather than just competing on the leaderboard. In this list of the best Android multiplayer games, you will find some excellent free games.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

PUBG Mobile is probably the most popular multiplayer game on the mobile platform. It works pretty well on most modern smartphones and tablets. A hundred of players from around the world are condemned onto an island. The goal is to fight in the classic battle with other players and stay alive as the last person to win. There are also payload mode and fast-paced 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie fights available.

The game features a vast battle map with different locations with different kinds of conditions. Also, all sorts of weapons and equipment are there, and the border also slowly restricts the size of the playable area to make the fight more intense by time. It’s a free to play game full of actions.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Fortnite has been popular among console and PC gamers for a long time. The mobile version of the game for android relaesed in early 2020. Fortnite offers very similar gameplay to the PUBG. However, the plus point is players can build their own shelters and hide-outs. The building mechanic works well, and overall it’s a pretty decent multiplayer experience. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, so you can expect quality visuals.

Asphalt 9

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Asphalt 9 is one of the most thrilling games to install on a smartphone or tablet that also a great game to compete with your friends or other online players. This epic racing game offers exciting races driving at high speed, full of jumps, skids, and stunts plus high-quality three-dimensional graphics. Although the single-player mode is particularly compelling, the multiplayer side of the game offers several game modes, simultaneous or not, for you to enjoy the sensation of speed with your best friends entirely, wherever you are. It has excellent gameplay being an arcade-style hit.

Asphalt 9 is the ultimate multiplayer game that allows up to 8 players to participate simultaneously. Besides, players can join Multiplayer Seasons & Leagues to win races, earn rewards, and unlock other mini-seasons.

Clash of Clans

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer battle game that lets you build a village and train troops managing raw materials to battle other players online. This free game offers a unique experience of high-quality graphics and entertainment.

The multiplayer side allows to join other players and build a clan to fight against other groups. Overall, the game mechanics seem pretty well designed.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

AdventureQuest 3D is a relatively new MMORPG multiplayer game for android. It’s a cross platform game that has tons of quests to win, and loads of classes, bosses, dungeons, and many more elements. Another impressive perk is players can build new places and have pets. The cross-platform support allows users to log-in from different devices and continue the battle.

Like a good multiplayer title, it has chats, team raids, and even PvP that you can play with other online players. AdventureQuest seems a bit difficult to survive, but that makes it more interesting to play.

Brothers in Arms

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

In Brothers in Arms 3, you can challenge up to 5 friends to multiplayer battles over five battlefields of World War II. Players need to manage different vehicles and a variety of historical weapons. Also, if you prefer, you can play Story mode, getting to know the war during 50 missions.

There is a multitude choice of weapons that provides stunning visuals. A sole single-player combat is also available to train and gain experience.

Last Day on Earth

Price: Free / Offers IAP

If you are into survival games and zombie huntings, then you shouldn’t miss Last Day on Earth. This Zombie apocalypse is set up in the near future when a virus infection wiped out most of the people and turned them into walking dead. You are among the least survivors, and the only goal is to stay alive as long as you can keep killing the soulless livings.

It’s an excellent survival strategy game with a building mechanics for crafting weapons and transport with resource you have.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Dungeon Hunter is another popular action RPG game that brings a long story and hack – and – slash gameplay mechanics, all in a decent graphics. The online modes include co-op mode so you can play with friends, PvP mode to fight other real opponents, and you can even team up and compete in deathmatches.

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Order & Chaos

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This popular MMORPG android game has a decent amount of customization of your character (choosing between elves, humans, orcs, undead, and Mendels). The game has a massive world to explore and an abundance of enemies and friends to interact with. The group play mode is constructive to win the most difficult part of this MMO game called Legendary dungeons.


Price: Free with ads

Shadowgun: DeadZone is a third person shooter game from the maker of Dead Trigger. It has been long around and still maintains the popularity of the title. You’ll get into the skin of a bounty hunter chased across the galaxy, besides being able to deliver excellent fast-faced multiplayer battles on maps with up to 12 players.

Words with Friends

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This Classic Word Puzzle is a challenging word-building game where you form words letter by letter. You can make words in horizontal, vertical, and even diagonal. Words with Friends comes from Zynga. Over the years, the company has developed some of the most popular multiplayer games, including word challenges, brainteasers, poker and cards, RPG, and castle building, farming and simulation games, and more. These games are mainly targeted for Facebook users with easy log-in and invite options.

8 Ball Pool

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

8 Ball Pool might look quite odd in this list of games full of actions and armors. However, this classic casual game is widely popular, and most played online multiplayer game on Android. This is the most realistic and #1 simulator of the 8 Ball Pool on your mobile devices.

Create an account or just log-in with your Facebook details, then challenge a friend to compete and either win or lose the coins. Once you have enough coins, you can play matches at a bigger stake or join a tournament. Miniclip recently added a 9 Ball mode as well due to the enormous demand from players.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Uno allows you to play the famous card game with other online players. The app works very well and comes with almost the same rules, tournaments and features, multiple game modes to build games against other players online, or even by WiFi to play with family and friends.

Players can also partner up and play in 2v2 mode. The graphics are a little overwhelmed, but the fun is still great.

Blitz Brigade

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Blitz Brigade is another online first-person multiplayer shooter game, where you have to choose between five different characters, whether soldier, gunner, medic, shooter or stealth. You can fight alone or in teams where the only goal is to destroy all enemy bases. The game includes more than 100 weapons and different types of vehicles.

Maximum 12 players can join a battle, and there are multiple game modes available. Similar to other group gaming, you can build a squad in MMO team games beat other teams.

Sea Battle

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Do you like to play the classic board game “Sinking ships”? If the answer is yes, then this game is for you. Sea Battle has earned the right to sneak into this list thanks to graphics that resemble drawings in pen on a notebook, the most curious, and a reasonably comprehensive multiplayer mode.

Players can invite their friends to join or join others through Google Play Games. Some other unique parks are the ability to play the game locally via Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth connectivity.

If you know more multiplayer games that you are hooked with friends and colleagues then do not hesitate to share in the comments!

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