A selection of the best word games for Android you’ll find in the PlayStore.

We have a variety of options to entertain with word games and puzzles on Android. With such games you can spend your leisure time to improve your vocabulary and expand language skills. The following FREE android word games will test your puzzle solving skills, vocabulary and metal agility.

Are you ready to start playing with letters? Check out our best five word games for android.


8.2Ruzzle is one of the most downloaded word games for Android. The application presents a board on which you must find as many words as possible in the shortest time, in any direction but always without lifting your finger from the screen. Challenge friends online and discover who is the fastest.


8.0Words is a game in which you must find the hidden words in the grid system. You can move freely in any direction. You can choose different difficulty levels, or select the game mode against the clock.

Words With Friends

8.4Words with Friends is another free social word game where your skills are tested. Millions of users compete in this application by creating words to get higher scores and progress in the ranking. You can play up to 20 simultaneous games with friends or random users chosen by the system.


Wordament free word game for android

8.5Wordament is a game to form words on board where you have to show how many words you can find using only 16 letters. It is a game of skill and logic. The proposal is similar to other word games and your goal is to join them using a line in any direction to create as many words as possible. Yes, there is a time limit and also the words should be formed by joining consecutive letters, unable to do jumps. Download the free game and compete against players from around the world in real time.

Bonza Word Puzzle

8.7Bonza is a game that will take you to solve a lot of thematic crosswords, with an unusual mode in relation to what you are accustomed in this kind of games. In this game you’ll give a topic and have to assemble an assortment crossword-style letter tiles so they make a full set of words. If things get too tricky, you can spend the coins you earn in-game on hints.

WordOn HD

WordOn HD android word game free

8.4Wordon HD is another addictive game that works perfectly on both smartphones and tablets and has a large community of users. It is played by forming words with 7 and 2 letters that our adversary gives us. In every play you’ll get stars with which you can get help or have a look at the letters that your opponent have.


BOGGLE FREE android word matching game

8.2With this application you can bring the classic Hasbro board game wherever you want. Roll the dice and in a race against time, find as many words as you can in a span of three minutes. Play the classic game of words and then challenge your friends with Pass’ N Play mode or play alone in the Scenario mode.

We’ve selected these word games for android, but there are plenty of others titles available in the Store. Have you played other android word games you think worth mentioning on the list above? Let us know in the comment section below. Have a good day!


  1. “Word War W” is a great little word game with a funny name (think World War Z).

    It combines arcade elements with word spelling. It’s fun and can get quite challenging. Besides it helps teach spelling and fast typing.

    It’s available for Android as well as iPhone.


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