50+ Top Free Kids Games for Android

Children will have a great time with these free kids games on a smartphone or tablet

Best Free Kids Games

You can’t keep away kids from playing with a smartphone or a tablet. So, rather than consuming evil content, let your children play with some kid-friendly games that might help to improve intelligence. In addition to entertainment, many of these games are also educational.

What are the best android games for kids?

These free kid’s games help developing creative thinking, problem-solving, and reasoning. These apps are also great for adults to have some fun!

Kids Educational Games

Price: Free with Ads

pescAPPs has developed quite a few kid’s apps and games. Most of them educate young kids in a fun way. For example, the latest app in Kids Educational Game series contains 12 games that teach how to draw letters, recognize shapes, sort things by size, learn colors, and more. There are also games to develop logic skills and improve memory and concentration by solving puzzles and table games. Most of the games also support multiple languages.

LEGO games

Price: Free with ads

Lego A/S is a Danish toy company that produces interlocking plastic bricks to build new objects and toys by attaching them. Kids love them so much that the company has opened thousands of retail stores and many amusement parks around the world.

It is nice to see Lego makes some excellent kids games for mobile devices. There are comic book games, Star Wars games, and some original games that interact with existing products. Kids can learn to build various lego toys, solve puzzles, and more. For instance, the new LEGO Friends: Heartlake Rush is a fun game where a bunch of friends crate their customized cars and drive around the city to collect things. Another fun game is LEGO Hidden Side, which lets one kid become a ghost hunter, and other friends join as ghosts using the AR technology.

Looking for some awesome kids apps? Top FREE Android Apps for Kids

Masha and the Bear

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This child learning game is great for toddlers. There are 13 mini-games based on the popular Masha and the Bear cartoon. Kids can learn the basics of numbers and math by completing exciting tasks. Some mini-games also introduce kids with household works.

Endless Readers, Numbers, Words and more

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This is a series of kids games developed by a team of artists and engineers collaborating to create the best education+entertainment apps for kids on mobile devices. As of now, they released five games, including Endless Alphabet, Endless Reader, Endless Numbers, Endless Wordplay, and Endless Spanish.

The games take a simple approach to add educational value for young children. Unfortunately, the free versions have limited content, and users have to pay for the full games.

Moose Math, Pet Bingo, Build Tuck and more

Price: Free

Duck Duck Moose also creates some of the best kids games for children between 5-10 years old. Moose Math is an excellent kid game for Kindergarten and First Grade levels. A very engaging game with five-level activities to learn counting, addition, subtraction, sorting, geometry, and more. Pet Bingo is another good game from Duck Duck Moose. A simple math puzzle that gives cute animals to take care as a reward for solving math problems. Its a combination of a pet simulator, bingo, and a math game.

Building objects, draw cards and creative images, play with animals, and reading stories are some of the compelling features from other titles. Another impressive feature is that parents or teachers can see a Report Card section within the app to ovulate the progress of skill-building activities and the learning outcome.

Fruit Ninja

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Fruit Ninja tasks kids with slicing as much fruit as possible in as few slices as possible to earn the most points possible. Avoid the bombs, though, as that will be detrimental to their overall score!

The game even has a local multiplayer mode that lets kids duel against friends. This definitely will give them a great time together. A great fun game for little ones!

PBS Kids games

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

PBS Kids games bring popular characters from many PBS shows with educational elements. These games are aimed at early learning for kids and motivate children to explore things around them.

From basic science lessons to new objects and problem-solving puzzles, all are there. Some interactive games even let parents participate and teach kids new skills. Most of the apps also support both the English and Spanish languages.

Toca Boca Games

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Toca Boca is a studio that specializes in creating digital toys for kids. These games are a lot of fun, allowing kids to do various activities. For example, in the Toca Life World game, kids can create stories with many characters from their imagination. Other games let them travel to cities, learn cooking, and even run a hair salon.

Little Alchemy 2

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Little Alchemy is more of a fun perspective game. Convert things into a new creation by combining many available building blocks. Some of the combinations are very funny such as putting metal, and a pigeon together becomes a plane. Let your kids use their creative thinking.

Train Conductor World

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Take control of locomotives and travel through famous American locations! Get the trains to their destination without crashing! Fun yet challenging for kids, Train Conductor is a complete simulation game with hours of locomotive fun!

These best mobile games for kids on the Android platform should give little one’s hours of games to play, so let them get to gaming!

Khaled Shariar
Khaled Shariar
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  1. Here are the list of best top game for kids. Fruit Ninja is one the best kids game. My child like to play the game. my 3 years kids play the game long time daily. He loves to play the Fruit ninja game.


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