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Best Free iPhone Apps For Small Business Owners


by Danica Simic

Do you want to take advantage of your iPhone to the max? Here is a selection of the best iPhone apps for small business owners. These apps will useful for the development of the corporate work.

The App Store is full of useful applications designed for mobile devices in different categories. Among them, there are some very interesting apps available for the organization of work.
iPhone Apps For Small Business Owners Today, everything is done through the Internet. The user is practically connected all day long, so it is necessary that businesses and services adapt to this new system. In this way, business and organizations will be able to keep in touch and find new customers. Your iOS device can help you in this purpose. By installing some apps, you can turn your iOS device into a working tool to help you in the corporate world.

Here are the Top 6 applications responding specifically to the needs of enterprises and small businesses.


With the help of this application, you can connect directly to your computer, office, or at home. Among other things, you will be able to go retrieve email, edit an important document, and even use all software that you have installed on your PC or laptop. Note: For this to work, the application must also be installed on the “host” computer.


It allows you to record all your ideas, notes, lists of things to do, websites, photos, audio recordings, and more. Thereafter, you can organize and access these items in a very easy way. It is also possible to share the items entered with colleagues.


This is a tool that known by most users and is most useful for entrepreneurs. It provides the ability to store files in the cloud and simultaneously share those files with co-workers. One of the great advantages of this tool is that it allows you to synchronize files anywhere from your iPhone with other devices such as PCs and laptops. With this application on your phone or tablet, you will have all your vital documents not only safe, but also available anytime.


Wunderlist is an excellent app to organize the tasks of your business. With the ability to work collaboratively, and create different lists by theme, you can also assign subtasks to each of the things you have to do. It is useful for small businesses owners.


Linkedin is a social network for professionals. Through this social network, it is possible to exchange or publish professional information and look for candidates, among other things. The Mobile version of the site allows you to see the status of your contacts and publish your own and to consult the networks of contacts.


Mint is an ideal application to control your finances. It is one of the most favorite money management apps of many individual users, but can also be a good alternative for small businesses owners. It lets you understand your bank account more advanced form. It connects directly to your bank account to monitor financial activities. Mint also allows you to generate graphics information and keep track of your income and expenses.

Doc Scan

This application allows you to use the camera of your device to scan documents and convert them to PDF and converts the image into editable text. This application provides all the options, from editing to sharing, that you can expect in this type of applications. Simple, practical and without many unnecessary details.
Do you want to suggest any other app that will be helpful for small business owners and should be added in this list? Use the comments section to inform us. We are waiting for your suggestions. Have a nice day.

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