10 Cool Math Games for Android


Give Your Brain A Workout with these best fun math games!

Is math fun? Well, it depends on who you ask. Yes, we are not all built to crunch numbers but that is no excuse failing so terribly in elementary math. Perhaps it has to do with the attitude kids develop against math as they are introduced to it. Again why is it that some kids ace their math tests while others keep on chronically failing? It all hinges on how willing one is to study because, in truth, math is not like most other subjects taught at school.

What are the best Match Games?

Math requires more hours of practice, and that is just the way it is. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is hard, it just requires more time to practice. Now what if your Android phone or tablet could help you or your child to study math? Below are some 10 cool math games on android you might want to check out;

10 cool math Games for smartphone/tablet

All-In-One Intellijoy App Pack Subscription

1. All-In-One Intellijoy App Pack Subscription

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

The Intellijoy pack is an all in one app from the renowned Intellijoy developer studios with several apps that can help your little ones get busy, learn and have some fun while at it. You will find within this app smaller apps for reading, counting, shapes, music, animals, and puzzles all perfect games for preschoolers. The prices vary depending on the apps you need but the most expensive ones are worth just about 2.99, so you do not have to break the bank to get your little ones busy and enjoying.

This master app is the better for you because it will let you browse and get all the apps from the developer as you need them. The downside to apps from this developer is that they are neither free nor without in-app purchases.

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2. Hundreds

Price: $4.99

Don’t shy away from this game just because it’s a bit expensive. It is totally worth every dime and will keep you occupied with math practice for many nights to come. You can expect endless fun with this one minus getting bored.

This game goes like you have all these cute circles on your screen and all you have to do is touch, and they begin expanding and also make sure they add up to a hundred. Initially, it is a walk in the park but in higher levels, you will need to really put your head into it.

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3. Threes

Price: $2.99

And at number three on our list, it is none other than the famous Threes!

Perhaps also one of the most well-known apps on this list, the threes app is another one of those game that keeps you glued to your phone for hours whether you are a math genius or just like the rest of us.

With this game, all you get is one level, one aim and definitely one game mode. Sounds boring right? You should try it! It is not boring at all. You are required to come up with multiples of three and go as high as it goes. To play, you need to shift a board so that you are adding numbers together and as soon as you hit the shift tab, a new number comes into play, and you have to consider it too. Trust me it is not as complicated as it sounds, plus it is so much fun you will spend hours learning math interactively.

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4. Math effect

Price: Free with Ads

The math effect game is not for the faint-hearted, and if you give up easily, it is not recommended for you. Now that you are warned, this game is quite simple but it is very unforgiving; one error and its game over. Two to three of these and your fate is sealed, you are officially a math dummy, right? Not so fast, man is to error, and we all learn from mistakes. You should never be hard on yourself especially when math is involved.

So, anyway, the premise of this game is really quite simple. You are provided with an equation and the solution, and you are only supposed to determine whether it is true or not. You fail once, and that is it for you, game over! Plus it’s a timed game, so either time runs out, or you go wrong and either way, the game ends. This game could help you learn to accurately do math at high speed but could also injure your morale particularly if you are not good at math with its game over mentality. That said, it is awesome for those of us that are good at crunching numbers and generally love a good challenge i.e. Engineers.

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5. Algebra tutor

Price: Free with Ads

Please rethink what your Android phone or tablet can do for you regarding improving your math grade. This app right here, the Algebra Tutor, brings a whole new meaning to the phrase cool math games for android. Unlike most other cool math games for Android, this app will help you revise more complex math problems. As someone anonymous once said, “Math was a walk in the park with just numbers until some members of the alphabet decided to gate crash the party, then math was not cool anymore.” Algebra is the real deal when it comes to acing your math tests in the coming levels.

It may not be exactly calculus, but it can be challenging the first time it is introduced, and this app right here will help you to evaluate your learning progress. This app is also not for the faint-hearted, but if you just believe in yourself, you can do better with its help.

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6. Simply Sudoku

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

You got me! This is a goner, but that doesn’t make any less of a useful, cool math game to play on your Android phone. In its own special way, it is an adorable, sometimes even addictive game to play and it will certainly do your math skills a world of good. Soduku has a long history, but one thing about this awesome old school game is that it is good for your arithmetic abilities. There are hundreds of apps that you can use to enjoy sudoku, but we picked this one because it is among the very best.

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7. 2vars

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

2vars is yet another invaluable app that you can easily make use of to gain some ground in the positive direction toward self-improvement as far as arithmetic operations are concerned. As the name already hinted you, it is all about filling in two variables that are missing from an equation. And because it is impossible to guess two arbitrary numbers off-head correctly a multiple choice is provided for you in two sets of numbers, and only one combination will work out correctly.

The cute thing about the game is that they are just mental sums, but they progressively increase the challenge so you can be sure your mind is learning. It is actually an encouraging game to play and is recommended for everyone.

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8. Countdown math game

Price: Free

At number eight is this epic game based on the UK’s popular TV show that has been in existence for the last over 35 years now. The gameplay involves trying to use some smaller numbers each only once and the operators for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to come up with a provided figure chosen randomly but which can indeed be derived using the smaller ones.

I know, right? It sounds like rocket science, but that is mostly because it’s from the UK. What else do you expect? This game is not for everyone! That said, it is a fun way of spending time with your fellow geeks in a multiplayer mode. Have fun!

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9. Target Number – Math Puzzler

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

For you recently switched to Android from iOS users this is for you. The game app numbers is popular on iOS, and now it is on Android. It is much similar to the above countdown math game except that this is much easier. You still have six numbers and the “random figure, ” and you now have different levels and the numbers are added to form new intermediate tiles before arriving at the final figure. You will love the graphics on this one given that it is also a free app with no in-app purchases.

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10. Class teacher

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

And now the app you simply can’t miss out on if you are downloading for your toddler. The class teacher is one fresh app to teach you, toddler, how to count and write numbers. Teaching your preschooler how to count and write in math language should no longer be the hectic and boring task that it seems to be. Instead, learning can be integrated with all fun and games so your toddler simply can’t wait to start learning math. Give them a proper head start in their life to face math with a positive attitude later in their schooling years and beyond. It all starts here today with you getting this cool app on your phone right now.

Finally, I would like to wish you luck in your math life and look forward to seeing your sincere comments about some, all or any other app that is not included here we need to know about, as far as cool math games for Android are concerned.



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