iPhone themes for Android : 5 Apps to make Android look like iPhone

Looking for iPhone themes for Android to Give Your smartphone a Look of iOS? Here are best iPhone theme apps and iOS launchers.

make Android look like iPhone

We Android guys wouldn’t give up on our favorite OS for anything out there. But still, there are things and parts of iOS we would like to experiment. The Lockscreen, Wallpapers, anything can seem attractive to some. While there is absolutely no way for ordinary users to get a makeover on iOS to see how Android would look on an iPhone. But luckily we can do a facelift with just a few clicks. And for this many developers have created iPhone themes for android or iOS launcher apps that emulate the look of iOS as close as to the original as possible.

Here are some of the best iOS launcher and apps so we could give our device some iOS flavor. Let’s make Android look like iPhone.

One Launcher

One Laucher iPhone Themes for Android

Probably the best and most popular iOS launcher to turn your phone look like an iPhone. This lightweight launcher app will give your device an iOS 8 look with many customization options. Not only the app resembles the look of iOS, but it also offers some of the general user interfaces from the iPhone. For example, a user can tap and hold then drag app icons to rearrange them. Each of the app icons shows notification alerts of its own. The free launcher also allows getting more icons, wallpaper, and iPhone themes.
DownloaD One Launcher (Free)

Cool OS live wallpaper

Cool iOS live wallpaper for android

Cool OS live wallpaper comes with a dozen of HD live wallpaper that features many variations of popular iOS wallpaper released with iPhone 6. Once activated the live wallpaper will place a live flower on your home screen. The app works best with CM launcher.
Downlaod Cool OS live wallpaper (Free)

Lock screen OS9

Lock screen OS9 theme for android

Experience the iOS lock screen on Android devices. Lock screen OS9 offers a similar functionality that iPhone lock screen provides. You can use the password mode with Pincode to safeguard your phone. Unlike other similar apps, Lock screen OS9 will not disable the locked state when a call comes through. The developer also promised to bring the new lock screen from iOS 10 soon.
Download Lock screen OS9 (Free)

iLauncher 10 plus

iLauncher 10 plus

iLauncher 10 plus is a minimal launcher that only offers the very basic functions and looks of iOS. The UI is very fast and smooth with subtle transitions. Because of its simplicity and no complex features, the launcher is battery friendly and doesn’t eat up lots of CPU resources. There are also other theme3s with many icons. There are some complients from end users and we hope the developer will take care of them in future updates.

Download iLauncher 10 plus (Free)


If you ever played with an iPhone or your friend got one then you may notice a floating touch button on iPhone. Known as assistive touch this button lets the user accomplish many tasks. Many smartphone manufacturers and custom ROM developers are adding this feature. If your device doesn’t offer such an option, then you can easily borrow this iOS feature with EasyTouch app. Give your phone’s physical buttons some rest. The app also is a rescue if somehow your phone’s control buttons get broken.

Download EasyTouch (Free)

These are the apps should be downloaded for those who wants to get iPhone themes for Android and test some of the features and feeling iOS on Android. Don’t get me wrong, Apple has done a great job with its smartphones but doesn’t you think Android is still always one step ahead.

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