10 Best Flashlight Apps for Android [No data theft]

Yes, torch! Check out the reviews of the best flashlight app for android. Make the most out of your Android smartphone in daily life, getting business work done to entertainment, camera to flashlight!

Out of all of the best android apps, one may find useful on their handset; the flashlight app is at the top of the list for most folks. While some smartphones come with pre-installed flashlights, plenty of users will have to choose from the Play Store. Lucky for you, we’ve done the legwork to come up with a list of the Best Flashlight Apps for Android.

The selection of flashlight apps is vast, which means picking the one that’s right for you can be a tough task. Especially when you consider security concerns. As most consumers know, all apps are not created equal which means you should not download any app without taking a few things into consideration first.

Permissions will be the first thing you want to take a look at when choosing a solid flashlight app. Most should simply require access to your rear camera flash. It doesn’t need to know your contacts, access media files or any other sensitive data on your device. As you’ll quickly find out, many of the flashlight apps may ask for access to your Wi-Fi networks or even your browsing history in some cases.

Does a flashlight need to know what pages you visit or your network ID? Nope. Unwarranted permissions are just one area to consider as Malware is also a significant threat. Some flashlight apps can infect your handset with Malware which can lead to unscrupulous developers gaining access to your information. The result could be as minor as unwanted calls from unknown numbers or major data theft.

In a nutshell, your privacy is nothing to play with, so let’s take a look at 10 best flashlight app with the least amount of permissions.

1. Flashlight Free : No Permissions (Free)

Flashlight Free app No Permissions

8.8/10Number one on our list of the Best Flashlight Apps for Android is an app from a developer called Humberto. The Flashlight Free: No Permissions app is one of the few that can actually live up to its namesake. While it doesn’t offer up any of the fun or funky features some of its competitors bring to the table, it performs as advertised.

  • Camera – to access the LED hardware
  • Other – control flashlight

As you can see, this one is barebones, but that’s a good thing in a flashlight app. The app is totally free to download, but there is a paid version as well if you want to show the developer your support.

2. Flashlight Widget (Free)

Flashlight Widget app

9.0/10Need something super simple with a bare minimum of permissions? If so, the Flashlight Widget could be your best option. As the name implies, it is a flashlight with a widget included – something may flashlight apps don’t provide. That means you can slap a flashlight icon anywhere you want on your homescreen and turn on your torch with a quick tap. It’s also hard to beat the price on this one as it’s free to download.

  • Camera – Needed to access the flash
  • Other – control flashlight, Wake Lock – Keep the light running when you turn the screen off

Another flashlight app with minimum permission required to operate the torch.

3. Flashlight (Free)

Flashlight app for android

8.0/10While it may not have an award-winning name, the Flashlight app is one of the best apps to make the cut. The minds at Flashlight Arts have produced an app that is simple to use and quite effective if you find yourself in need of a mobile torch in a pinch.

  • Camera – for switching on the led light
  • Other – view network connections, control flashlight, full network access

An app this simple to use and with sparse permissions is a winner in our book. We think you’ll appreciate it as well and it is free to download from the Play Store.

4. Torch (Free)

Torch app for android

8.5/10The Torch app from SantosoWijaya is another older app worthy of consideration. While it hasn’t been updated since 2014, we tested it on the LG G5 and Galaxy S6 Plus, and it worked flawlessly. The UI is far from the fanciest, but the simple “light switch” will certainly get the job done.

  • Camera – to control flashlight
  • Other – Widget support, draw over other apps

Also the regular flashlight mode, the Torch app has a few other tricks up its sleeves. From the settings tab, you can set the volume rocker as the on/off switch or kick off the strobe. There is also a “Reverse Switch” which reverses the button’s Sprite modality.

5. Flashlight Widget (Free)

Flashlight Widget android app

8.7/10As mentioned, finding a great flashlight app requires some digging as there are thousands available in the Play Store. The aptly named Flashlight Widget may not be easy to find, but the older app from Alex Stulnikov is one of the better ones you can download for your device.

  • Camera – to access the flashlight
  • Other – prevent device from sleeping

As you can see, this one doesn’t need to do anything extra behind the scenes at all. On the downside, it is an older app that hasn’t seen an update in a few years. It worked on our current devices however and should work on yours as well. The Flashlight Widget is free to download and can be found in the widgets section of your smartphone.

6. Privacy Flashlight Lite ($0.99)

Privacy Flashlight app

8.8/10Privacy Flashlight Lite has the distinction of being the only paid app on our list. Before you get the pitchforks out, there is a reason for that, and a good one if you were a fan of the regular version dubbed Privacy Flashlight. The developers made some changes to the popular original, which included new permissions and some unwanted features. This version lives up to the “Lite” moniker…

  • Camera – needed to access LED and LED only

Nothing out of the ordinary, so there will be no need to worry about privacy concerns with this one now or in the future. That’s an advantage considering new permissions can wreak havoc later on, which makes the $0.99 price tag a bit more palatable. If you don’t mind the more permissions and want extra features, you can still pick up the original version for free.

7. Flashlight (Free)

Flashlight app

8.8/10Ivan Liu’s Flashlight app is the winner when it comes to the most dated app to make our 10 Best Flashlight Apps for Android list. Again, we checked this one using several modern smartphones and a slate with no issues. It’s another oldie but goodie as they say…

  • Camera – to turn on the light

It is also the only app on our list to only have a single permission, which is quite the feat. If you want to give this simple and free flashlight app a whirl, you can scoop it up on the Play Store.

8. Color Flashlight (Free)

Color Flashlight

8.4/10Color Flashlight has many features. In addition to using the camera flash as a torch users can also turn their phone screen into a flashlight. The fun features allow displaying various colors, shapes, text and patterns. For example, you can simulate a candle light, shows text banner, heart shapes and much more.

  • Camera – Camera, Flashlight : Camera flash, LED flashlight, LED Light
  • Other – Internet, Access Network State : Admob ads

The app comes with the basic permissions needed to run the flashlight. It shows ads for monetization but does not steal personal information for targeted advertising.

9. White Light Flashlight (Free)

White Light Flashlight

8.7/10Hex Innovation has put out one of the cooler flashlight apps around with White Light Flashlight. Try saying that 10 times fast. Tongue twisters aside, the app has several features to make life easier if you are ever in the dark. You can activate the torch by swiping, and you’ll get a resizable widget to boot.

  • Camera – to activate phone’s flashlight
  • Other – control flashlight, run at startup

Not much to see in the permissions department which is a good thing. The same can be said of the included Light and Dark themes and the ability to adjust the screen brightness. The White Light Flashlight app is free to download on from Google Play.

10. Tiny Flashlight + LED (Free)

Tiny Flashlight

8.6/10If you have owned an Android smartphone long enough, there is a good chance you have download or seen the icon for Tiny Flashlight + LED from NokolayAnaniev. It’s one of the most downloaded and oldest apps on our list as well, so it definitely has staying power. As for the permissions…

  • Camera – required to use flash/led
  • Other – view network connection, control flashlight, full network access, run at startup, control vibration, and prevent device from sleeping

Tiny Flashlight + LED also comes with a few extra bells & whistles. It has a few fun modes like Strobe and Morse Code to go along with a Blinking Light setting and Color Light. There are some ads on this one, but it is free to download.

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