10 Free Best News Apps for Android in 2020


These are the best free News Apps to keep yourself on top of the news.

10 best News App for Android

Because your mobile device can always be connected to the Internet, you’re never far away from breaking news as it happens. Whether you prefer to use one network or simply want the facts, we have a host of free news apps designed to keep you up to date, wherever you are.

What are the best android news reader apps?

  • Google News
  • BBC News
  • NBC News
  • Flipboard
  • News360
  • AP News
  • Feedly
  • Podcast Addict
  • News24
  • CBS Sports

Google News: Top World & Local News Headlines

Price: Free with ads
Google News App for Android

Over the years, Google has fine-tuned its news aggregator app, and it becomes an excellent choice for the latest news. The first tab is “For You” which shows the stories based on your interest, and it does a pretty good job keeping you updated for the matters you care about. The headlines section shows the top daily news headlines around the world. Besides, there is a “Following” tab that keeps track of all the publications you followed and allows quick access to the latest articles from those.

You can also use “Newsstand” to discover popular publishers by topics and start following them. Google News is free to use, but some publishers might have a subscription to read unlimited articles.

BBC News

Price: Free with ads
BBC news app

A reasonably basic app from BBC News, this free app does everything that you can expect from their news website. Reading worldwide breaking news and the ability to stream Live Radio for BBC World Service make this a reliable app for world news. In addition to “Top Stories” the app also has a “My News” for the more personalized news feed.

BBC news is actually a good app to get the insight of news from many experts and top journalists. The app also allows you to listen to thee stories in the background while you are browsing.

NBC News: Best news app for US readers

Price: Free with ads
NBC News: Breaking News, US News & Live Video

Much more focused on an American audience, NBC’s free news app is just as mobile as your device. It brings all the Breaking News & Live Video from the United States. With integrated video and the ability to automatically download stories, you can always get your news, regardless of losing internet connection form time to time.

Furthermore, MSNBC lets the user listen to live broadcasting on the go! The news app also available on Android TV, or you can use the smartphone to cast video or stream audio on your Chromecast or any other Cast-enabled device.

Flipboard: Best for reading experinece

Price: Free with ads
Flipboard - best magazine style news app

Flipboard is a news magazine that has a beautiful design layout to showcase the latest news and top stories. For those who are more interested in Lifestyle articles and know what you want to know about, Flipboard links you to a completely customized set of stories every day. All your news, blogs, and links to different social networks all in one convenient app.

Users can create their own different magazines by choosing the topics they are interested in. The app also recently introduced Flipboard TV to let users watch videos from their favorite publishers.

News360: Personalized News

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

News360 app

An app that learns the stories you like finds them from over 50,000 sources and gives you a 360-degree perspective. It’s no wonder The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times like this app so much.

In addition to mainstream news websites, it also uses local and niche websites and blogs to source articles, which makes it great for finding interesting topics. Similar to the audiobook app, it can also transcribe the news briefing for listening rather than reading.

AP News

Price: Free with ads

If you want your news free from bias, go directly to the source with the Associated Press’s free news app. Complete with a photo gallery and breaking news updates, this app is perfect for those who just want the facts.

Rather than Politics, if you are most interested in sports, entertainment, travel, and technology, then this app is for you. Along with their own news coverage, AP news also source stories form hundreds of trusted sources in both local and nationwide.

Feedly – Best Smart RSS News Reader

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

Feedly is a full-featured RSS reader for smart people who wants to integrate many services into one app. It becomes the go-to choice for everyone who wants to pull their readings through feeds. The free app becomes the main reading and watching hub with the ability to personalize sources such as websites and blogs, integrate social networks and youtube channels that centralized all the stories you would like to read or watch.

Podcast Addict – Best News app for listeners

Price: Free with ads/ IAP
Best News app for listeners

Podcast Addict is a combination of an RSS reader and a podcast app that brings both worlds together in one place. Rather than having multiple apps for Podcasts, Radio, Audiobook, Live stream, YouTube, SoundCloud, and RSS Newsfeeds use this app to organize all form a single app. You can choose to listen to form the 750k+ podcasts, more than 100k radios, and 20k audiobooks or subscribe to your choice of RSS feeds.

News24 – Best for Breaking News

Price: Free with ads
News24 - Best for Breaking News

News24 promised to bring you the latest headlines as it happens. From current affairs to politics, sport, technology, finance, weather, traffic updates, and market indicators, everything gets pushed to your mobile instantly. Moreover, if you prefer to watch the news on your Android, this handy little app has live streaming from all over the world. An excellent option for people on the go.

CBS Sports App – Best for Scores and Sports update

Price: Free with ads

Staying up-to-date on sports news has never been easier than with this free app from CBS. In addition to scores from every televised sport, college sports, this app also keeps you up to date about your favorite teams.

From Basketball to Football, MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, or whatever sports you like, get all the latest updates, videos, expert analysis, game previews and recaps on CBS. Many Podcasts form famous sports presenters, and live streaming radio channels are also available.

Right from your smartphone, you have the potential to get connected to the rest of the world from anywhere. With these ten free best news apps, it just becomes more effortless. Also, if you have any personal preference for news, then do share the app with us.

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  1. For reading new I am usually using Feedpresso: this app has helped me to personalize my news feed and, finally, to read only topics that I am interested in.


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