Best Free Android Office Apps for Editing Documents

LAST UPDATED: February 13, 2019

Get free office apps for android today to edit your documents anywhere anytime!

Free office Apps for Editing Office Documents

Let’s face it; we all need that last minute chance to give that extra finishing to our documents. Or perhaps while giving the last revise, we just need to add one more sentence, one more word. When often we find ourselves at stake, if we had just one of these editing apps in our phone, things would get definitely simpler and the world a little more brighter.

10 Android office apps for ediintg documents

Google Docs (Free)

Google Docs just keeps on advancing with time. Its functionality has expanded as much as ever. Now you can not only edit your documents with this app but also store them or work on them from your cloud accounts. The app provides an updated version of Docs, Sheets, and Slides which make it easier and quicker for writing, making spreadsheets or making presentations. Take no worries about losing the files since everything is automatically saved to Google Drive.

Microsoft Office Mobile (Free)

Microsoft office is and will always be the sole ruler of office works in technology. While using this app, you will experience the latest compatibility of the desktop office suit. You will be presented with the best Microsoft Office formats that are sure to be a boost to your productivity. To add more, Microsoft Office has come with options such as opening files from popular cloud accounts such as One Drive, Google Drive, Share Point, etc. so that you can work on your office files from anywhere you want to. Microsoft Office app also allows your files to be synched with desktop so that you can check them out on bigger screens when required or resume from where you left off.

OfficeSuite 8 Free DoCoMo (Free)

The developer of this app has put on a great deal of effort to bring out the best way of using an office app. It comes in 50 languages, supports a wide range of formats and of course, numerous cloud accounts such as One Drive, Google Drive, etc. In fact, the app has performed so well that many devices had this app pre-installed to attract its customers. Office Suite 8 allows you to do all kinds of writing, editing, etc. you would require to do on your office documents and comes absolutely free.

Docs To Go™ Free Office Suite (Free)

Docs To go has been around for quite a long time and has never run out of business. Moreover, it has only grown into a super office app. The app will allow you to work on your office documents in all kinds of formats such as Pdf, Microsoft Office or any other you can think of. The latest version of this app has added features such as embedding graphics, managing footnotes and endnotes, creating tables, leaving comments, and setting up a table of contents. Yes, the app allows all kinds of cloud storages be it Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive or Box.

Polaris Office + PDF (Free)

Polaris Office is a simple, straightforward app that had gained quite a popularity and had been pre-installed on several phones and tablets. Its main attraction is it’s the user-friendly and attractive layout. The app has all kinds of and also allows you to office documents editing features in Microsoft Office formats cast documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to a Chrome cast. As expected, all kinds of cloud storages are also supported by this app and come for free.

Quip: Docs, Chat, Spreadsheets (Free)

The makers of this app has put on an effort to make your works comes in customizable screen sizes. Hence, the best part about this app is that it looks good and feels good. Different kinds of text sizes are available, and the comments section opened. The app can handle all kinds of office documents, slides, spreadsheets and supports all kinds of Android devices. This is an app you look for when you need things to get quickly done or try to give a quick overview of your documents. The app works best when you take it your team. That is, the app has a chat feature for collaborating tasks, and if a group of people interacting with each uses quip at the same time, maximum efficiency can be anticipated.

Zoho Docs (Free)

This is an office app when you have confidential matters to take care of. You will receive the convenience of Google Docs, Office Suit, etc. but you will not have to trust your data with such tech giants. You can download, edit or create your office files using this app and also use cloud storages. The app supports all kinds of formats and can handle various types of documents. The app has a community of its own. Therefore, you can share your works done here privately too. Any files can be synched to your Zoho accounts so that you can resume your work from any browser you wish to.

All of the above Android Office apps are for users who have a hectic professional life. The compatibility and convenience of the app might be able to reduce your stress. These android office apps are made to make your life easier and convenient anywhere. Give each a try and find out which suits you the best!


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