The Best business card scanner app for android

Why keep all the cards in a drawer or a document holder while you have an Android smartphone in your pocket.

business card scanner app for android

Are you looking for a good Android business card scanner app? On Android, there are some simple applications available for FREE with which you can do the scan of each business card and keep all the information on your Android in an orderly way and easy to find. As you know, these applications use the device’s camera to take a picture of the card and then the information is extracted and compiled heading into a digital card thus saving you the trouble of typing names, email addresses, and phone numbers.

Below the best business card scanner apps for Android, feature-rich and extremely useful for those who have to deal every day with so many business cards.

5 business card scanner apps free on the Play Store.

1. CamCard Free – Business Card R

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

CamCard automates the process of scanning business cards as much as possible. It extracts the data from the photograph of the card and stores the information in the directory without requiring other manual intervention. Just align the edges of the card with the guidelines on the screen and shoot avoiding shadows or light strokes on paper.

The application is very fast, reads the data and collects information in a contact card. The photo is also saved so that you can review in case of need. You can easily share them via e-mail, Social Network or QR codes.

Best Scanner app for Android | Scan document to PDF

2. ScanBizCards Lite – Scan Card

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

ScanBizCards works similarly to the app CamCard, except that it is not automatic. Each action should be done manually, and it needs to be authorized. Having more control can be an advantage even if you sacrifice the speed of capture and save the new contact in the phone book. Keep all your business cards into a single application to keep track of all your contacts. Very handy.

3. CardToContact Card Reader

Price: Free with ads

This application lets you read business cards and helps you perform a scan to save them between your contracts. It works by simply taking a picture of the card and automatically save the contact information directly on your Android. You can save the information on one or more accounts on your device and add notes to tickets.

4. Business Card Reader

Price: Free with ads

It simply allows you to capture all the information of the contacts present in the cards. Instantly transfers the information on the card to your Android, synchronizes the various card on your smartphone via ABBYY cloud storage and share contacts via email, SMS or Wi-Fi. It also integrates natively with Linkedin, which will allow us to have updated data from the contacts we have in this professional social network.

5. Droid Scan Lite

Price: Free with ads

Another handy tool to store your cards on your Android, well organized. Just take a picture of the card you need and that’s it. You can enhance the picture to make it more readable by adjusting the geometry, contrast, and the color. Then you can share it or save it to your SD card, Gmail or Google Goggles.

Each of the above applications has worked very well and makes it modern and simple storage of business cards.

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  1. Denis Kravchuk

    hm.. good article, but what about Business Card Reader – CRM Pro?
    i think it’s good alternative.
    OCR works great and process of recognition takes a few seconds. allows to save data into CRMs, gmail or phone address book.

    sure to check

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