The Best Call blocker & Text blocker Apps on Android for FREE

10 Call Blocker & Text blocker Apps! Get rid of unwanted calls and texts with any of the following best free SMS & Call Blocking App for Android.

If you’re receiving calls or texts from a number you don’t trust, either it’s from an automated message sending machine or a real person, it can hurt your mobile using experience. The good news is that there are plenty of apps on google play store can rescue you from this situation. But you need to find a good reliable app, and here we are to help.

Try any of these free text and call blocker apps for android.

Caller ID & Block Calls, Texts for android

Caller ID & Block Calls, Texts

The perfect all-in-one call and text blocker, this little app from Phone Warrior Inc. come pre-loaded with many spam numbers. If you’re unsure about a number, this app also keeps a tally of how many times a number has been blacklisted by its community as well.

Download Caller ID & Block Calls, Texts here

Call and SMS Easy Blocker app for android

Call and SMS Easy Blocker

A simple, no-nonsense interface and the ability to block and delete calls and texts from private numbers. This app also keeps a log, so you know who’s been calling.

Download Call and SMS Easy Blocker here

aFirewall call and sms blocker android app

aFirewall call and sms blocker

In addition to being a call and SMS blocker, aFirewall offers a wide variety of customizable options and call lists. If you want to receive work calls only on work days and during work hours, aFirewall is the app for you.

Download aFirewall Call and SMS Blocker here

SMS and Call Blocker app for android

SMS and Call Blocker

This app, an extension of HideIt Pro allows you to block incoming calls and texts, as well as view calls and texts from certain numbers discreetly. A great app for people who share a mobile device.

(Requires HideIt Pro to run)

Download SMS and Call Block Plugin here

BlackList app for android devices


As the name suggests, BlackList keeps calls from unwanted numbers from reaching your phone. With a full user guide and community support, BlackList is the perfect app for someone new to phone security.

Download BlackList here

Extreme Call Blocker app

Extreme Call Blocker

The only text blocking app that works with KitKat, Extreme Call Blocker is a fully customizable blocking service. With a wide variety of privacy options and customizations, Extreme Call Blocker can accommodate whatever you need for a call blocker.

Download Extreme Call Blocker here

Mr. Number-Block calls app

Mr. Number-Block calls & spam

A well-designed call and SMS blocker, Mr. Number also takes a proactive approach to unwanted calls. Thanks to Reverse Lookup, you can research questionable numbers as they come in, so nobody can trick your system into getting a new phone number.

Download Mr. Number here

Call Blocker Free - Blacklist app

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

Another basic blacklist program, Call Blocker does exactly that; keeps certain numbers from calling your phone. Perfect for if you find yourself on a robo-call list and want the easiest possible solution.

Download Call Blocker here

Privacy Safe app

Privacy Safe – Call Blocker

For those of you who keep sensitive data safe on your phone, Privacy Safe is the app for you. In addition to call and SMS blocking and blacklist support, Privacy Safe offers a host of options to discreetly let you know you have sensitive messages, as well as an instant scan option to detect threats.

Download Privacy Safe here

Mobile Security & Antivirus call blocking apps

Mobile Security & Antivirus

While not simply a call and SMS blocker like the other apps on this list, Avast! Is the whole package for mobile device security. A great “one-stop shop” free app that covers all your bases, including screening out unwanted calls and texts.

Download Avast! Mobile Security here

You deserve peace of mind on your mobile device. Let one of these completely free apps make sure you get it right.

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