The Best Android Call Recorder Apps to record phone calls

Check these apps that will record phone calls with clarity and flexibility

Best Android Call Recorder Apps

Recording your phone call can be extremely useful if you need to get back to some parts of the conversation, remember something, or use it for an interview if you’re a journalist. While most modern smartphones come equipped with a phone call recorded, they are mainly limited in their functionality and lack some useful features. In this article, we will cover the 10 best Android call recorder apps to record phone calls. Most of these apps are easy to use and come with some great bells and whistles. There are call recorder apps that can record [phone calls manually and automatically to choose a more flexible option based on your preferences.

Cube ACR

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Cube ACR is one of the best free call recorder app for recording calls using an android phone. It supports both manual and automatic call recording and supports the vast majority of modern calling technologies, including phone calls and VoIP. Using Cube Call Recorder ACR, you have to record the regular phone calls and those within Skype 7, Skype Lite, Viber, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Facebook, Slack, KAKAO, Line, Telegram, and much more.

It has many features, and one of our favorites is crystal clear voice quality and an exclusion list that enables you to make a list of friends that will automatically record calls. Also, smart gesture control let you switch loudspeaker mode to regular call as you move the phone towards your ears.

Automatic Call Recorder

Price: Free with ads/ $6.99

As its name suggests, Automatic Call Recorder developed by Appliqato, will easily record your phone calls and store them in a place for you to use later. The most useful feature is the ability to customize which phone calls to record and which calls should be ignored. You can listen to the recordings, make notes about them as well as share them.

The app easily integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and other storage on the clouds, which lets you save them without compromising your device’s storage. If you don’t want to integrate the cloud, you can save the calls in your inbox, which can be manually optimized – size, number of saved calls, and setting conversation priorities. The app comes in three default settings – Record everything (which is set to default,) Ignore everything, and Ignore contacts. Automatic Call Recorder is available for free, although upgrading to a premium version will extend the available features and get rid of ads that can often be very annoying.


Price: Free with ads/ $4.99

Tap-Mobile’s Call Recorder Automatic is another app that comes free of charge and allows you to keep track of conversations with your friends, family, and colleagues by recording the conversations. You can choose any of the incoming or outgoing phone calls and press record. The app gives you the ability to save your calls and share them with other apps.

Both automatic and manual call record option is available and sorting option to organize all the saved recordings by names or group by the date they were saved. One exciting feature allows you to reveal the ids of calls where the caller is unknown. The app is free, but it contains in-app purchases that may improve the overall quality and add new features. We installed the app on the phone running android 4.1, and it works perfectly, showing the app is fully compatible with older devices.


Price: Free with ads/ $4.99
Automatic Call Recorder app callX

callX is our favorite call recording app option, mainly for the nice visuals. It sports a darker theme that doesn’t put so much pressure and strain on the eyes while providing all the bells and whistles users need to record their audio calls.

You can record calls based on the phone number or name while excluding recording by the same parameters. The caller id will be able to identify the unknown phone numbers, which is great if you want to keep track of a stranger calling you. Another interesting feature is that you can choose whether you want to save your recordings in MP3 or WAV audio formats. Both of them offer stellar and clear audio quality, which is great if you’re a journalist, you’re making a YouTube video, or a podcast. The app also provides a secure Dropbox and Google Drive integration.

Auto call recorder

Price: Free with ads

Auto Call Recorder is one of the better free call recorder apps for android smartphones to record phone calls that offer a lot of flexible and easy functionalities. It’s a simple automatic call recording app that does the job without tweaking any settings and has deep customize options if you want to. It has external SD card support and comes with five working profiles to adjust your settings, including Record Everything mode, a default mode, Ignore Everything, Ignore Contacts, Record Incoming Calls, Record Outgoing Calls.

Call Recorder by lovekara

Price: Free with ads
Android Call Recorder app

Call Recorder app from lovekara is a more popular app that lets you record phone calls in a very intuitive way. It offers both manual and automatic modes and the option to save phone calls, whitelist, or blacklists them. Like other apps, it has three different modes that allow recording all calls and ignoring them, depending on whether the contact is called or a stranger. Apps will also let you add notes and share the recordings you make. If you don’t have enough storage on your phone or the SD card, you can easily synchronize the app with Google Drive or Dropbox.

Call Recorder Lite

Price: Free with ads
Call Recorder Automatic Lite app android

All Call Recorder Automatic 2 is a perfect app for people who are not tech-savvy and need a flexible and intuitive user interface. It is one of the best Android call recorder apps for quick phone call recordings. The app captures phone call’s audio automatically and saves them to the device. It comes with a library of conversations that lets you store and organize the recorded phone calls intelligently. Just like the other apps, you can synchronize them to other apps.

Call Recorder: Voice Recorder

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Automatic Call Recorder: Voice Recorder, Caller ID

This app will enable you to record all the crucial conversations worth saving while providing a smooth and intuitive user interface. What’s the most appealing about this app is the clarity and sharpness of the voice quality, so this voice can easily be distributed further, especially if you’re a YouTuber or you are recording podcasts using the phone.

This app supports all the features above and works in different modes to use it flexibly. Another attractive feature of this app is regarding the security aspect, as it can identify unknown numbers and give a warning about telemarketing, fraud calls, and other spam that is incoming. It supports different file formats, including AMR, 3GP, MPEG4.

Smart Call Recorder

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Smart Call Recorder app for android

Smart Call Recorder will do precisely what its name suggests – record your phone calls quickly and cleverly. It works in different modes, allowing users to record calls automatically as soon as the phone call gets connected or delay the recording start at some particular point and have it activate automatically at some point. You can easily organize, upgrade, send calls to your friends, and delete the list of phone calls recorded while also setting a password if you’re working with sensitive data. Also, the calls can be organized to be split between more important and less urgent calls. Also, it works with different calling formats, including MP3, WAV, AMR, and 3GPP.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Truecaller- Phone Caller ID, Spam Blocking

Truecaller is one of the most popular calling apps that lets users identify an unknown caller. However, one of its most attractive new features includes the capability of recording ongoing calls. While the app is available and works for free, the call recording feature requires a premium plan. That said, you’ll need to pay to be able to record the calls. The call recording feature needs to enable the settings menu, where there is a toggle to enable the calling feature. Truecaller is extremely flexible and reliable from security and safety aspects because it doesn’t store the calls on their servers. Instead, all your recordings are saved on your phone only. Another drawback is that it only works phones running android pie and lower OS version.

Choosing the perfect call recorder app for a phone depends solely on the experience and performance you need, as well as whether you’re willing to join a premium plan for better quality, more features, and fewer ads. Finally, it’s worth taking your own device’s capabilities, so you wouldn’t download an app that won’t work correctly on your phone. There are countries where recording phone calls is illegal, so make sure to check whether you can record your phone calls, before embarking on such an endeavor.

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  1. I see people recommending Automatic call recorder BUT i have tried it several times fine it records the incoming and outgoing calls BUT it doesn’t record the caller ID like the number or the name.
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