10 Best Free Parental Control Apps for Android

These free Android Parental Control Apps will protect children from unsuitable & harmful content.

free Android Parental Control Apps

Kids are precious to their parents, and every parent wants to nurture kids healthily. But in this era of the Internet, technology, and smart devices, both good and bad contents are readily available. The primary concern about kids’ safety with smartphones and tablets is keeping them away from bad things on websites. We all know the dark side of the web and how it can pollute a child’s mind and affect growth.

So parents have to monitor kids’ usage of various apps. The addiction to using smartphones or tablets and gaming can seriously affect children’s development, and mostly it’s a great concern for teenagers. Luckily there are free parental control apps available to provide substantial control over those smart devices to the parents. With these kids guard apps, the parents can keep the android devices secure and restrict usage.

What are the best parental control apps for Android?

Many of these parental control applications come with a price or subscription fee and offer advanced features and monitoring. But in this list, we will do our best to round up some of the top free parental control apps which will shield your kids.

Google Family Link

Price: Free

Google Family Link is one of the simplest yet very effective parental control apps to protect young kids from harmful content and guide them to healthy digital habits. Parents need to install the app on kid’s device (for teens or grown-up children over 13 years old, a parent must have permission), enabling them to remotely monitor the activities, screen-time, see device location, set screen time or even block particular apps that are not suitable. Additionally, parents can also push educational content on children’s devices to motivate them towards learning and exploring interesting topics. Overall, Google Family Link is one of the best free parental Control App for smartphones.

Kids Place

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Kids Place is a very helpful Parental Control app developed by kiddoware. Parents can control the usage and lock installed apps so kids cannot use the device negatively. Furthermore, the Screen Time option lets to limit how long they can use the phone. It is also very good at blocking Ads and inappropriate content.

Parents can restrict download authority, phone calls, and text messaging. Another useful feature is locking the WiFi signal and hand the device to kids to play offline games. Thanks to the kid mode free app, children will not be able to bypass parental control settings or uninstall the app. It’s a functional app for kids to pass a healthy and safe time.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The bark is another best free parental control app that has been praised by users since its release. It aimed to help alert parents to protect children before something bad can happen rather than controlling apps. The goal is to prevent kids from cyberbullying, online predators, and other digital life situations by giving recommendations for expert child psychologists.

Bark continuously monitors emails, texts, social media apps, video streaming apps, and other activities to look for bad signs and alerts parents as soon as it detects an abnormality. The free parental control app lets the guardians manage screen time and filter websites, and take other measurements.

Norton Family

Price: Free

The renowned internet security company Norton Mobile develops a good android parental control app. We all know that Norton is already an established brand in the Anti-Virus market. This is one of the better parental monitoring apps to track your kids’ online activities and which apps they are using. You can keep an eye on which web pages your kids visited or tried to visit, and block inappropriate websites as well. Additionally, there is a location tracking option as well to see where the young ones hanging out.

A costumed e-mail service will notify you whenever your kid tries to visit a web page that he/ she should not visit. This app has a premier version that will provide better and additional features.

Kaspersky SafeKids

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Developed by the famous Anti-Virus brand Kaspersky Lab, Kaspersky SafeKids – Kids mode lets parents monitor and control their children’s online activities on an android phone and tablet. Unlike other parental control apps, with Safekids, users can remotely control and track kids’ activity from a different device with parent mode. This is a very convenient option for parents as they can monitor what’s going on from their personal phone.

All the other basic functions like blocking harmful content, reports on device and app use, and instant alerts for suspicious online behavior work fine. Besides, it has a geofencing option to set a safe area and get alerts for unknown locations and low battery alerts.

Screen Time & Location Tracker

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Screen Time Labs develop a decent free parental app to give you accurate data on how much time is spend with your smart device. It’s a proper match for a family with multiple teenage kids. This app lets you set a time limit on your smartphone or tablets daily to restrict the usage time. It has a remote control option for monitor and managing the usages for a maximum of six children.

The free version of the app is limited to the basic controls but the core function is very useful and works well.


Price: Free
FamilyTime Parental Controls & Screen Time App

FamilyTime is another satisfactory parental Control that comes with many options: monitor & manage kids’ activities like location, internet, calls, parental lock app, restrict mature content, geofencing, remotely control target device & much more! Parents can also limit screen time by defining different rules such as bedtime, dinner Time, homework Time.

FamilyTime works across all your android devices. Kids also have access to an SOS/Panic Alerts button for emergency help and a PickMeUp button to let parents know when and where to pick them.

Kid’s Shell

Price: Free / Offers IAP
Kid's Shell - Safe Kid Launcher

Kids’ Shell – children’s shell is essentially an app launcher that allows running only approved applications and games. Parents can create a safe zone named “kid mode” and chose which apps should be available to launch for kids. The parent mode allows configuring the launcher as they want with a Pincode so kids won’t be able to access the parent zone. Remember to set the launcher as default for the home button. Kid’s Shell works well on both phones and tablets, suitable for toddlers or pre-school kids to allow them to play with your phone without messing with other apps.

Kids App Qustodio

Price: Free / Offers IAP
Kids App Qustodio

Kids App Qustodio is a highly configurable Parental Control tool that works with a companion app installed on the parent’s easy managing device. This is a simple, functional app with basic time limiting, web filtering, and app monitoring features.

It has a completely free charge service but limited to only one device and shows a week’s history. Users can opt to a yearly subscription for the number of devices they need to control for a large family.

Net Nanny

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Net Nanny is a fairly new android parental control app in the market. It has excellent web-filtering technology, can track your child’s location, display their location history. The UI is modern and intuitive, which makes it easy to set time allowances and schedules.

Net Nanny is also particularly good at screening content on social network apps, including Instagram, TikTok, and other entertainment apps like YouTube. Although it can do a lot like giving instant alerts for searches and unsuitable content, monitoring calls or texts is not an option.


Price: Free / Offers IAP
Funamo Parental Control

Get Peace of Mind with the funamo parental control app as it can change internet settings, has all sorts of monitoring and application control features so that parents can control the device’s usage. Besides, parents can set a school timer, which is a handy feature to get up in time and attend school. It comes with cloud-based control options with browsers so parents can configure the setting even from a PC.

In addition to browsing the internet, some apps and games should not use. As one would expect, there are so many applications in the mobile app stores for smart devices. Some of them are good apps for kids, and some of them are destructive. All the above applications are available in Google Play Store. Any parents can visit and download the desired app for free to protect their children.

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  1. Most of the apps above are not free but they provide so many features to protect my child that I think that paying a little to protect and monitor my child would be worth it. I’ve been using the Family Time App for my child for some time now and I have no complaints till now. The cost is very affordable which means that more and more parents can have access to the application. I would urge you all to try out the Family Time app today if you want to do better for your kids.

  2. These are not FREE. I used Screen Time but after trial it has no purpose and I am not going to pay for these kind of apps!
    So very misleading!!!

  3. None of these apps are FREE, they are all trial versions with very limited fuunctionality until you purchase a PAID version. You are misleading people and wasting our time, it’s just plain dishonest. Change the title of this article to “7 Best Android Parental Control Apps with free trial download” or take out the word FREE altogether. Grrrr…


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