The Best Hacking apps and tools for Android

LAST UPDATED: July 23, 2017

10 Best Android hacking apps for advanced users, security tester and those who are looking for android hack apps to get inside the matrix world.

Best Hacking apps for Android devices

Most average user thinks hacking and pen testing are could be done only on computers. But today’s smartphones is a great toolkit for hacking. Moreover, Android hack apps are enriched with versatile options, which make techie guys try and enjoy numerous tasks.

A large number of cyber hackers are targeting Android users. There are many restricted options which could be unlocked by the collective effort from techie guys. But we believe hacking apps for android are built for safety testing and other diagnosis processes. So, use the following best hacking apps with caution to explore the tech world.

Let’s get familiar with some of the best hacking apps out there.

1. Hackode (Free)

7.1/10Consider “Hack code as one of the best hacking apps for people who enjoy doing the hacking related tasks on Android devices. It can perform several functions like Reconnaissance, Google hacking, exploit, DNS dig, etc. This is an excellent application for penetration users, moral hacker and skilled person from cyber world.

2. dSploit Scripts (Free)

7.2/10This is a penetration testing tool for Google’s mobile OS. It is built with several modules which can perform assessments of network security on Wi-Fi network. Several tasks like vulnerability scanning, network mapping, cracking of password can be performed by this app. The app only works on a rooted device.

3. Shark for Root (Free)

7.5/10Shark for Root is one of the best root apps is the Android version of the Wireshark. This is built by keeping in mind of security experts and hackers. It does traffic sniffing on devices. It works smoothly on Wi-Fi or 3G. The app is based on TCP dump, so commands like TCP dump are applicable here.

4. SSHDroid (Free)

7.9/10This app is among one of the best protocol which adds a layer of security while the user is connected to a remote machine. This is an SSH server implementation. This app is capable of connecting to your device from PC. SSHDroid can run commands like “terminal” or “ADB shell”. There are many useful features such as:
– Extended notification controls
– Home screen and lock screen widget
– Shared-key authentication
– Wi-Fi auto starts whitelist
– Automation with intents support
– Ad Free

5. WiFi Kill (Free)

8.2/10Wi-Fi kill is an app that allows disabling other users Wi-Fi connection on the same network you are. By using WiFiKill, you simply hack an android device to getting inside it and disable data connection through a WIFI network. The app will scan the connected network to show other users. Barred a device or monitor the sites its browsing. Make sure your phone is rooted to work with the app.

6. Fing Networks Tools (Free)

8/10Like Wi-Fi inspector this is yet another effective hack app. With this app, installed user can scan the whole network from numerous network available. This app comes without ads and completely free to download. You can see other users IP, Mac, vendor name and lots of other information.

7. InSSIDer (Free)

8.2/10An excellent tool to optimize your wifi network. Get the details of your wifi network environment and identifies signal overlap, channel conflicts, and configuration issues. Lot more additional data are also visible.

8. WPS Connect (Free)

7.2/10This app can be used for hacking Wi-Fi password from smartphone. After installing this app, you might be able to connect a handful list routers with WPS protocol enabled. This app includes several master key for routers which run on wps security mode. This is a good app to verify of your WPS network vulnerable to bypass password and connect other devices to Wi-Fi network.

No longer hacking is only done by those who are skilled in this knowledge. These days regular smartphone users are applying hacking tools for Android. But these best hacking apps are not for everyone; it’s only for those who are extremely interested and have the tendency for this practice. They enjoy the freedom and adaptability which this application offers.



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