The Best Prank Calling Apps for Android to have fun

These are the top free prank call apps to have a hilarious time

Best Prank Calling Apps

Prank calling has existed almost since telephones first arrived on the scene, but smartphone apps’ ascension has taken it to a whole new level. Many of us use our smartphones to share experiences, connect with friends, and play jokes can be one of the funniest things to do, even if it’s not the best use of time! Making fake calls can be a hilarious activity, although you should only do this to friends when you know they will take the prank in the right way. Prank calling apps works as female to male or male to female voice changer app, or make a call appear as though it’s from an unknown number so your secret won’t be given away.

What are the best free prank call apps for android?

Below you will find the best prank calling apps for android from the many we’ve looked at. Any of these will give you hours of fun, so let’s begin!

Fake call – prank

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Fake call - prank app android

Fake call – prank app the most feature-packed prank call app of its kind. It will ring your phone after setting a call date and time, and options for callers include the police, a doctor, and a girlfriend or boyfriend. In addition to the presets, you can manually set the caller name, number, and picture. It’s a neat idea if you want a way to get out of a bad date or boring work event, and it’s worth giving it a whirl. The app also allows custom ringtone and recording voice.

Prank Call Wars

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Prank Call Wars is a decent app to listen to funny call prank calls recordings and send them to friends. The app also offers hundreds of scripted prank calls, which you can record with your friends and share on social media. Alternatively, you can make your prank call recordings and submit them to the app or listen to funny call recordings submitted by other users.

JuasApp – Prank Calls

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

JuasApp is a popular Ppank calling app that lets you send pre-recorded prank calls. The calls are made from an online service, so the receiver will not find out who’s behind. It will not cost your mobile bill; however, you have to buy credits from the app. Alternatively, you can earn free credits by loving in with Facebook and adding referrals to friends.

Voice changer with effects

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Voice changer with effects from Baviux is the most effective voice modulator app that enables you to change your voice. You can edit recordings to get different effects, such as echo, helium, aliens, or 40 other sound effects. This will make your voice unrecognizable and open up a wealth of opportunities to have fun! You can share the recordings on social networks or save them to play at the right time to fool your friends.

It’s easy to use as you simply tap on the display to start recording, and you can even make a female voice sound male or vice versa.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Funcalls is one of the best voice changer and call Recording apps that allows you to change your voice during real-time phone conversations. This will really trick your friends as one moment they’ll be listening to the familiar you, while the next they will be hearing something very different. You can also record the phone call and download the conversation to share.

The app has a demo call function so you can check out other voices first, and there are various sound effects of opting from including, Dog, Moo, Werewolf, Fart, or Boom! You should ensure a reliable Internet connection before using the app though, as calls are made by VOIP over the Internet.

Prank Call Voice Changer

Price: Free / Offers IAP

Prank Call Voice Changer by Ownage Labs is definitely one of the best prank calling apps for Android that we came across. It offers pre-recorded prank calls by actors that you can record and share, and a nice touch with this one is the community aspect where you’ll benefit from a social feed of some of the best reactions posted by other Ownage users. Features include saving as My Pranks, free credits for free daily pranks, and environmental sounds to make the pranks more realistic.

Additional features include sending calls from different numbers so you won’t be found out, calls made using WiFi, not cellular, and a whole host more.

Fake Me A Call

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP
Fake Me A Call app

Fake Me A Call is also a good prank call app, especially if you want to get out of a tight situation and give yourself an excuse to leave. It’s a fake SMS, ringtone, and call simulator that’s completely free to download and use. You can schedule a time for a call, set up multiple fake calls at different times, fake the caller ID or your phone number, and set a photo for incoming calls.

The phony SMS and prank calls look realistic, and you can customize different voices and ringtones for each prank call you make. Friends can also join in a fake call via Facebook, and the app features fake call logs, a gallery with fake call avatars, fake calling pages from 6 Android systems, and more.

Fake Video Call

Price: Free with ads
fake girlfreind video call and chat app

Fake Video Call from Screen Mirroring App studio makes imitating calls to select pre-loaded video prank ideas. For example, you can surprise friends with a fake girlfriend prank call. It uses the front-facing camera to display your live video on the fake video chat screen and simulates a fake video chat with a high-quality video along with a fake caller ID. You can schedule a fake call, record the screen, and customize the fake caller name, picture, video, or number. The app also supports YouTube embedded video.

Fake call girlfriend prank

Price: Free with ads
Fake call girlfriend prank app for android

Fake call girlfriend is another prank calling app similar to the above one. But instead of the video call, it’s a simple audio call with a large caller id and name. You can select one of the girlfriend pictures from the character gallery and even connect with a particular to make it more fun.


Price: Free / Offers IAP
Voicer - Celebrity Voice Changer Prank Meme Videos

Voicer is another fun app that lets you make celebrity voice changer prank calls. The app also works as a face swiping app that allows changing your face with popular celebrities. It has tons of famous voice memos and video memes that you can send to others. Even though it sounds fun, the app has some serious punch. For example, it has a professional Audio Editor to change background music or do karaoke and start singing along with it. The VoiceOver feature will automatically Sync Vocal and Karaoke and do more stuff.

Amazon Prime Video

Price: Free / $12.99 per month
Amazon Prime Video app -watch prank call shows

Amazon Prime Video is one best app to watch movies on demand. However, you can also watch prank call shows. Amazon Prime Video offers Crank Yankers, one of the oldest prank calls shows still going on. It so hilarious that we couldn’t resist adding to this list.

Prank calling apps for android are enjoyable and fun, but always harmlessly use prank apps and not cause any real distress. Alternatively, remember that pranks can backfire if you take them too far, so that’s worth bearing in mind. That said, there’s plenty of fun to be had using the above prank call apps, and we’d be interested in receiving your comments if you particularly enjoy any of these. Alternatively, you can share your thoughts and recommend one that didn’t make it to our list if you have a favorite prank call app for android.

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