15 Best Music making apps for Android

Free Music Maker android app to turn your phone or tablet into a musical instrument and studio!

10 Best Music making apps

Your smart mobile devices are great tools that can be used for a variety of things, including making music. Surely among our readers, there are a lot of musicians who sometimes used their tablets and smartphones as a tool to make music. Today, we will make a list of the top musical applications that you can find in Google Playstore to develop your beats and create songs.

How to make a song with music maker app?

Back in the days, you need to convince someone to produce your song, ask fellow artists to play instruments and rent a studio to record the song. However, things have changed dramatically as technology advances for digital audio. Now with a music maker app, you just need to record multiple tracks (using USB Mic and good pair of headphones), record sounds, create beats, add virtual instruments sounds, mix them and voila! Share your song on online platforms such as Youtube, Soundcloud to make it viral and become a star with your own music.

What are the best music making apps for Android?


1. MorphWiz

Price: $1.99

MorphWiz is the number one choice to begin this article as it is one of the best music making applications available at Google Play Store. MorphWiz is an application created by Jordan Rudess, keyboardist of the group Dream Theater, which turns your smartphone or tablet into a synthesizer able to play different sounds, effects and everything you would expect including performing vibrato with your fingers.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

FL Studio is an application that works as a synthesizer. It allows you to create sounds fairly intuitive and simple way by pounding on the screen to go to the composition incorporating them into their corresponding boxes. Sounds are differentiated between batteries and synth instruments, which then you can apply multiple effects.

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Price: Free


Caustic is a rack that combines synthesizers and samplers to create your songs. Everything is optimized for use in real-time. In the rack, you can add different “equipment” virtual analog synthesizer, synthesizer PCM A-Line Bass synthesizer or machine samplings of drums among others.


Price: Free

the best music apps for mobile devices

Turn your mobile phone or tablet on a synthesizer, sequencer, and sampler through the application Nanoloop. With this tool, you can compose your own arrangement of electronic music to play at parties, publish on the Internet or save it to your personal collection. Nanoloop offers the possibility of up to six active channels, which can be synth or sampler. In each channel, you can create up to eight patterns for two instruments differ, which can be sequenced directly from the application.


Price: Free

A fairly complete application that simulates a synthesizer and beatbox. Ideal for composing and performing electronic music on-the-go, including all the basic functions you would expect to create beats, including different modes for the synthesizer.

6. SPC – Music Drum Pad

Price: Free with ads

SPC Music Sketchpad 2 is a drum machine audio station that will allow you to mix and record your own songs. The application shows a screen with 16 points on which you can load sounds and songs. Ideal for use in live sound mixing and adding songs.


Price: $5.99

SunVox - the Best Music making apps for Android

SunVox is a pattern-based sequencer and a complete app to create music. It is a tool for complex composition which not only enables the sequencing but also provides several filters and effects in a system of modular layers. You have several options and tools such as tracking software that unlike the rest. Also supports WAV, AIFF XI, and samples.


Price: Free

Audio Evolution Mobile lets you capture sound professionally from external instruments, modify and play with the different tools of the app and can create magnetic loops to mix in different tracks. It is also one of the best music recording app for android. You can export your results and share files with social networks.


Price: Free with ads

Recording Studio app

Recording Studio will serve among other things to make voice recordings if you want to sing to your compositions. In the free app, it includes an instrument, the piano, but in the paid version you can find much more. Create different tracks to each of the components of your song and then mix them easily with your sequencer.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

the best music apps for smartphone and tablet

If you’re not particularly good with the music but still do not want to deprive you create songs, the Music Maker Jam is for you. This application allows you to remix your rhythms and create your composition. The free features include hip-hop, dance, rock, and jazz and from there can move adding instruments, loops, and effects, mixing up to eight different channels.

11. Beat Snap – Music & Beat Maker

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

If you are someone who uses a lot of beats then Beat Snap is the ultimate drum pad controller and drum machine app! It offers 135 sound packs inspired by popular records and genres including Hip-Hop, Techno, Trap, House, EDM, Electro, and more.

You can record up to 32 sequences and monitor each pad in the step sequencer which helps to create a good song. The step sequencer allows to compose and edit sequence then mix them on launchpad and record your performance and instantly share the result with other music lovers and musicians.

12. n-Track Studio DAW Beat Maker, Record Audio, Drums

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

n-Track claim that it is a full-featured portable music-making app turns your phone or tablet into a complete Recording Studio & Beat Maker with an unlimited number of Audio, MIDI & Drum Tracks. You can mix them during playback and add various effects: from Guitar Amps, to VocalTune & Reverb, adjust levels, pan, EQ.

Along with internal hardware, the user can also connect the external audio interfaces. There is also Loop Browser & royalty-free sample packs to add in your music. There are also many tutorials available for beginners on their website.

13. MixPads – Drum pad machine & DJ Audio Mixer

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

Mix pad is targeted for those who interested in electronic dance music and dj sets. This Virtual beat making DJ studio offers convenient ways to compose remix and DJ sounds with 30 drum pads, 12 creative one-shot sound, 9 PRO DJ sound effects and reverse effects. There are many sample packs also available to use.

14. BandLab – Music Recording Studio

Price: Free

BandLab itself work as a community app where user share their creation with other members. The built-in multi-track editor allows to record and Import a track or create your song from scratch, edit and remix, and also collaborate with creators and producers to produce final song.

Bandlab is completely free and offers 12-Track Mix Editor, 100+ Vocal/Guitar/Bass Presets, 100+ Virtual MIDI Instruments, Looper, Creator Kits and more.

15. Maestro – Music Composer

Price: Free

The award-winning Maestro Music composer is now available on the mobile platforms for music composers, songwriters, and music students. Write a song and Compose music, take notes whenever you want or have an idea.


Download the best Android music production apps mentioned in the list above and share your thoughts on them in the discussions form below. Also, if you are using any other apps for the purpose of producing music on your handheld devices then do share the titles with us.

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  1. BeatDrops is a free Android app which allows users to drag and drop samples to create beats, music and ringtones.

    Unique features let you share your actual project to the world. Other users can listen, remix, reshare and rate your work!

    Browse projects by other users.

    Hundreds of samples.

    Loads of cool features, set volumes, pans and sample pitch.

    Record your creations as mp3 or phone ringtones.

    Cross platform support means you can sync your projects across multiple devices and work on your projects anywhere.

    Download here:


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