How to Take Screenshot on any Android devices

A Complete Guide to learn how to take screenshot on Android devices from different manufacturers.

How to Take Screenshot on Android

Either you are an Android developer, blogger or just want to save an image of your Android Phone’s screen to use it as a reference in future, it is important to know How to Take Screenshots on Android. There is several ways to take Screenshots from Android phone or tablet. Here we will discuss them to take a screenshot on Android.

Taking Screenshots on Android devices using default shortcut

Getting hold of a screenshot on any Android devices is just a few buttons away. All you need to press the power button and the volume down key both at the same time and hold it until you hear a capturing sound. This method runs smoothly on most Android phones or tablets running on Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or higher as a built-in shortcut.

Some manufacturers also implemented their own method for capturing a screenshot. To let you easily find the right way we have added the shortcuts according to brand names.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets

Press and hold power and home buttons together. Alternatively, enable the ability to take a screenshot with a palm swipe in Settings, Motions & gestures, Palm swipe to capture. A a complete tutorial for Samsung Galaxy series devices can be found here.

How to take screenshot on HTC devices

Press the power and volume down buttons together and keep holding them.

How to take screenshot on Sony Xperia devices

Press and hold power and volume down buttons together. You can also tap the power button to access options to take a screenshot or screencast in the Power options menu.

How to take screenshot on LG phones

Press and hold power and volume down buttons together until the process gets done.

How to take a screenshot Nexus Android devices

Press and hold power and volume down buttons together.

How to take screenshot on Motorola phones

Press and hold power and volume down buttons together until you see a notification.

Taking Screenshots using popular Android apps

If somehow the above steps don’t work with your device, then you should consider some popular Android applications to take a snapshot of your device’s screen:

1. A popular pre installed app is Screen Capture Shortcut. Using this app you can take screenshots easily.

2. If your device is running with Android 2.3 or below, then for some devices you may need to install some apps such as No Root Screenshot It. After installing it into your PC you need to install the free companion too. You will be asked to plug in each and every time you reboot your device. But you will be able to take screenshots easily.

3. For the rooted Android devices just install the app Screenshot UX which will allow you to take screenshots using unique shortcuts.

4. Another good Android app is Screenshot Easy which allows the user to take screenshots easily. By using this app you can choose either Power and Home button or Volume down and Home button to take screenshots. You can find many usable options in this app. This app can be used on rooting devices, few not rooted devices and Android version 4.0 or above that.

Honestly speaking, it was hard to capture screenshots in the early Android days. Devices running on older version of Android does not have screenshot taking capability built-in OS. So, manufacturers has to develop their own technique and push it into the devices. But in the newest versions of android now its easier than ever. Don’t panic, just use the above mentioning steps and enjoy taking fresh screenshots.

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