Complete Guide to Netflix for Android – How to download the Netflix apk, Installation, Netflix hack & mod, Common Fixes, Tips & Tricks

Netflix has quickly become one of the most popular TV and movie streaming app services on the planet. It’s gotten easier than ever to make use of Netflix for Android, iOS and a wealth of smart devices. The Android app, in particular, has tons of great features and is amazingly flexible!

Netflix APK - Download Hack and fixesIn this guide, we’ll be looking at how to make the most of your Netflix Android app. We’ll explore how to download netflix apk file, set up and start using the service, fixes for common problems, and some features you may not even be aware of.

Are you experiencing bugs or problems with your Netflix account via Android? Finding it difficult to get started? Don’t worry!

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Netflix is surprisingly easy to get used to once you know the best tips and tricks. What’s more, you’ll be able to fix a wide variety of common issues in just a few taps. Let’s dive in and take a closer look!

Netflix apk downloading & Installing for Android

To get started, of course, you’ll need to download the Netflix app for your device. The app is completely free for Android, though you will have to sign up with Netflix on a monthly subscription to access its content. There is often a free trial, which means you may be able to start watching for free.

Here’s how to download and install the app for your Android device:

You can either download the app directly from Google playstore or get the appropriate apk file from a trusted source.

Open the Play Store app, and enter ‘Netflix’ into the search bar.

Once you’ve opened the app link on the app store or downloaded the apk file (it’s marked with a big red ‘N’), select it and then press ‘install.’ (If you downloaded the Netflix apk directly, you may need to need to enable unknown sources in Setting > Security)

As with all Android apps, the installation will take a moment or two.

Once installed, launch Netflix from your device, which should be on your home screen.

When you first launch, you’ll be prompted for a username and password. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll need to sign up. Once you’ve confirmed your membership, you can log into the app.

Netflix Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, there may be some occasions where you experience problems with your Netflix app. Netflix for Android is surprisingly powerful, but it can have its quirks! Let’s explore some of the app’s more common problems, and common fixes you can use to put things right.

Slow Streaming or Stuttering

Watching Netflix only to be stopped every few seconds for a movie to load can be annoying. Stuttering and picture quality problems can, sadly, be reasonably common. However, there are ways you can fix them.

Data connectivity issues commonly cause streaming problems. That means either your cellular data or WiFi/fixed data service is experiencing difficulties.

However, it is also worth checking out if there are other users actively streaming using the same Netflix account. Netflix allows for up to five users on family accounts, and multiple streamers could slow down your home data.

Reboot your data connection then switch off 3G/4G and switch back on. Do the same for your home broadband router.

Check the speed of your data connection. Through the Netflix app, find ‘settings’ or the ‘gear’ icon via the menu and select ‘Check Your Network.’ The app will then run a test.

This will discover whether or not your data connection is fast enough to stream content. Netflix advises that a connection speed of at least 3MB per second is needed to access their library.
If problems persist, you should contact with internet service provider or cellular data provider for assistance.
Please be aware that Netflix can experience outages. Check their ‘status’ page online to see if other people are experiencing problems. Social media such as Netflix’s Twitter account, too, will be a good indicator of problems.

Netflix Error 12001

Error 12001 is a common problem which affects Android app users. If you keep getting this error message, there is a process you can follow to stop it popping up.

Reboot your device. In many cases, this fixes the problem outright.
If this doesn’t work, you should delete the app’s data. Be careful – as this will not only log you out of the app, it will also delete any movies or shows you have downloaded. Here’s how to do it.
Select ‘settings’ from your home screen and head to ‘apps.’
Choose ‘manage applications’ and find Netflix in the list.

Once you’ve selected Netflix, press ‘storage’ followed by ‘clear data.’

You’ll then need to log back into Netflix, but error 12001 should be long gone.

Other common fixes can include uninstalling and reinstalling the app altogether. However, it’s likely the above process will remove 12001.

Netflix App Crashing

There’s nothing more annoying than when the Netflix for Android app crashes while you’re watching something. If this keeps happening, there are a few things you can do.

Restart the app, followed by your device if things don’t improve.
If problems persist, consider uninstalling and reinstall the app.
From here, make sure that both your Android device and WiFi router are updated to their latest versions.
If you’re still experiencing difficulty, Netflix support can help.

Download Problems

A relatively new feature for the Netflix app on Android is ‘download.’ This lets you download movies and shows via WiFi to be watched offline at a later date. However, some users may experience problems using the feature. Here’s how to fix the issue.

Always ensure that you have the latest version of Android installed for your device.

Make sure your Netflix app is fully updated.
You should also make sure that you have enough internal storage to download content.

If problems persist, do make sure you contact Netflix support and check that your device is fully supported.

For more common Netflix problems use the sources below to find more fixes and troubleshooting.
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Netflix for Android offers great entertainment to watch on the go. While its problems are rare, there are plenty of fixes and tips you can use to get back to using the service. If all else fails, rebooting the app, your device and your data connection are good ideas to start with!


  1. Thanks for the article Khaled. Netflix app (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) is great on Android. If live outside USA, you can use tools like UnoTelly to get Netflix (or Hulu, or BBC, etc) on your Android.

  2. Hi

    I just tried all your downloads on my Sony Google TV (NSZ-GT7).
    Ufortunately noone worked….

    The pictures flickers and ends up saying “landscape mode not available.
    Can a hack be made to my Googel TV until the official is onair ?

  3. You have to have a DEVICE THAT SUPPORTS FLASH STILL! Just so you know. If your phone can not do that these APK’s will STILL not WORK they may install but wont connect to servers or will be choppy or fail upon load.

  4. With the new app, I no longer have a “Recently Watched” section. Is this something Netflix intentionally removed from the update for some reason? If so, does anyone know where I can download the older version? If not, does anyone have any ideas on how to fix or work around this?

    • Strangest thing: out of nowhere the Continue Watching section showed up! I was using the app not an hour ago, took a break for lunch, and now when I opened the app, there it was! Anyone else come across this strange phenomenon?

      The app was having some difficult with video and audio synching, but no issues today, and I like everything else about it. Good stuff. 🙂

  5. WORKED perfectly on Archos 101 tablet using the 2nd version (device check disabled). One warning; you get a prompt to update your version, DON’T do this or it won’t work. Just press Cancel, there’s a short delay then everything just works…..EXCELLENT!!

  6. Acer Iconea Tab 16Gb :

    can’t login, error: “sorry, Netflix is not available in your country… yet”

    I’m from Belguim

  7. Used my market to get Netflix on my Galaxy S (stationed in Korea so can’t use US market)…but decided to download this .apk file for it on my new Galaxy Tab 10.1…the version on my phone (using VPN pass-through of course) works fine but this one not so much. I can log on and browse/view queue etc. However EVERYTIME I try to view a movie/show I get an error message that it can’t connect to server (12001). I downloaded various different .apk hacks from here and same thing. What’s causing this?



  9. Did all 3 downloads on my asus transformer and it gets to downloading an then it says something like it can not conect to netflix even with full bars and our blueray gets the conection. Not sure what to do now any suggestions?

  10. I have a T-Mobile MyTouch Slide. Does any one know this will work once downloaded? Thanks in advance 🙂

  11. 2nd link almost work when i view movie it go back to movie selection and keeps askin for update but it wont allow me

  12. No device chk one works but restarts when you try to play something. The mod2 apk says connections problems with the netflix server when you play something. This is on my HTC Inspire/Desire

  13. 2nd file works great on my rooted 2.3.3 LG Optimus One
    Only thing is each time it launches or returns to the App’s Main Menu it prompts me to update so I have to click “Cancel” a lot, no big deal,

  14. Downloaded on my Ascend M860. Rooted and upgraded to 2.2.2 from 2.x. A little choppy but it still works. Thanks!!!!

  15. I just want to say thank you, because this works on Virgin Mobile’s Motorola Triumph. I used the second one w/ device check disabled. I did get the message that a new version was out and did I want to upgrade, I bypassed and I’m currently watching a movie. It’s 10 minutes in and shows perfectly and sounds great.


    The easiest way to download netflix If you own an Android Smartphone which doesn’t support the netflix app from the android market is to download AUDIO MANAGER and 4SHARED from the android market than set up AUDIO MANAGER so you can hide the market like that it wont have access to the internet than download netflix.apk from using p4SHARE than instal it to your device run it than it will say a new version of netflix is available would you like to upgrade (yes) than it just gonna transfer the files without transfering you to the market. . . .JUST THANK ME LATER

  17. WIthout device Check works on Lg Optimus (sprint) on the cricket network works, over wifi videos dont like to load quickly on a non android plan…. And a green bar at the top but streaming still “works” and its good enough for me


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