12 Legal Best Free Music Download Sites on the Internet

Yes, both FREE & LEGAL music exists for you to pull down from the Internet.

Best Legal Free Music Download Sites

Where can I safely download free music?

To safely download free music you need to go to a source that allows downloading the tracks legally. We all know it’s illegal to download copyrighted music from the internet. Record labels and studios spent a lot of time and invested a lot to create tracks. And, artists also want to get paid off their hard works. So, it’s obvious that stealing someone’s intellectual property why should be illegal. However, there are many services that offer free music. Some of them as part of the promotion and others from the artists who want to share music directly to the music community. So, in this article, we will show you the best free music download sites where you can get your music without paying money.

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How do you download free music?

Some sites such as Spotify offer free music streaming, but you’ll have to pay extra for all of the features available including downloading. But there are free music downloading websites that won’t cost you a cent to get and store your favorite tracks.

What are the best free music download sites for android phones?



Jamendo free music site

Jamendo offers a massive choice of music available via Creative Commons licensing and is one of the largest sources to choose from. Free Jamendo Apps for Music available on Android, Windows phone, iPhone, and iPad are also available. It has a nicely organized user interface that enables to browse tracks, not just by genre, most popular, latest releases, most played and more.

There is also a user rating system which is an excellent way of discovering new talent. In addition, there are radio channels for discovering more music. Although Jamendo very much focuses on work from lesser-known musicians, you can also search for your favorite artists to see if any of their tracks are available.


google play free song

First, we suggest you enjoy 30 days of the free trial period that also allows downloading music for offline playback. After that, you will see google’s own music store also offers some free music alongside paid tracks. Besides, some artists make their music available to download for free. Search on the store homepage with “Free Music” and you will see the results with free tracks and albums available. Click on the ones you like and chose “Add to Library“.


As its title suggests, this site concentrates on live concert material. The site is a collaboration of etree.org and Internet Archive and aims to provide high-quality concert coverage. The provided concert material offers a hugely diverse mixture, from Jack Johnson to the Grateful Dead, and The Smashing Pumpkins to Sound Tribe Sector 9 on offer being reggae, jazz, and jam bands.

There are filters available to narrow things down by title, original creator, or date. Tracks are also available for FLAC player or MP3 format.

4. SOUNDCLOUD (For highest quality music)

Soundcloud free songs

SoundCloud offers free content from independent musicians as well as some from professional artists. Not all of the tracks offered here are free, but there is plenty of free music you can tweak, or remix the tracks.


Last fm free tracks download

The popular music streaming site also has a dedicated music section with thousands of free songs available to download instantly. You don’t even need an account to save files. If you looking for new songs by popular artists then this might not be a great option. However, there are various free works by new bands and indie musicians and you might find some beautiful songs to hear.


This is another site that offers thousands of albums that are absolutely free and legal. From the homepage, you can find new content to enjoy by checking out the new, notable, or top popular sections.

You can give something back here to the independent artists that are allowing you to listen to their works, as you can promote them to your circle of friends or tip them a donation.


Some people might not think of Amazon for free music, but in fact, there are thousands of free tracks available. Simply find a free track and add it to your cart. From there you proceed just as if you were making a purchase. Once you’ve placed the order, a link will take you to the song page.


Soundclick music website

Some of the songs here are only free for streaming, but there is still a wealth of tracks that can be freely downloaded from the various artists’ websites. This includes music from both signed and unsigned performers who want to allow you to access their portfolio with no charge. It’s worth knowing that the Analog Hole feature allows saving audio streams to listen offline.


Free Music archive

The Archive was formed back in 2009 as part of a WFMU Radio project, and now offers a huge amount of free content covering all kinds of music genres. Browsing the tracks is therefore somewhat of a mammoth task, but it’s certainly an enjoyable activity if you’re a real music enthusiast. In addition to free songs the site also offers podcasts as well as studio session live cuts from well-known radio stations and artists.


This site is purely aimed at fans of hip-hop and rap, and unlike many mp3 download sites, it regularly features free content from mainstream music artists. A lot of the music on DatPiff comes as mixtapes.


Musopen for music

Of course, not everyone loves contemporary music and so nonprofit organization Musopen fills the gap for classical music fans. Musopen offers a convenient hub for a big selection with no copyright limitations. This makes it a good resource for people such as teachers, as it avoids the worry about royalties.


The BeSonic music promotion network offers thousands of songs after a simple free registration. You can listen to the tracks via streaming or watch music videos. The site also includes music charts covering various genres and recommendations. An interesting extra with this site is Mood Radio that allows you to enter your mood to find music to suit the way you’re feeling.

We hope that at least one of the above sites will be what you’re looking for as your go-to place for free tracks that you can keep as long as you like.

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