Tips for Uninterrupted Video Streaming and Zoom meetings

7 Ways to ensure uninterrupted video-streaming, live streaming, and zoom meetings

These 7 tips will improve your zoom meetings and video streaming

People use the internet for pretty much everything in their lives these days, so it can be frustrating when it’s suddenly slow. Especially while streaming a movie or, more importantly, while working from home. 

There can be several different reasons why the connection speed is acting up. The first thing to do is to use a free speed test tool to get an accurate read on both the upload and download speeds of the device. Then, if possible, test another device and compare. If the speed isn’t near what it’s supposed to be, then take a look at these suggestions that may help solve the problem. 

Reset the Router

Sometimes the most simple fix is the best one. In the famous words of Roy from The IT Crowd: “Have you tried turning it off and on again?“. Resetting the router might be all it takes to get that connection fired up to full speed again.

If that doesn’t work and the router is a few years old, it may also just be time for a replacement. But that’s a drastic step so try some of the other options here first. Maybe something clicks, and then buying a whole new router won’t be necessary.

Move the Router or Use a Wi-Fi Range Extender

There may be a few things, such as walls and other appliances, that could be interfering with the router. Or it may simply be too far from the device, weakening the Wi-Fi connection. Both issues can be fixed by either moving the router closer to the device or investing in a Wi-Fi booster. The latter is a better choice if moving the router to a new spot in the house isn’t really an option.

Using a Wi-Fi range extender can also help if there’s a lot of interference from other Wi-Fi connections in the area. There are plenty of great ones at different budget levels, so shop around a bit for one that fits.

Switch to an Ethernet Cable

Sometimes Wi-Fi simply doesn’t cut it. Not just because there can be interference, but sometimes other factors can make the signal weak. Or the device can have trouble with its Wi-Fi settings. Or any number of a long list of other issues. So switching to a cable that can physically connect the device directly to the internet is always best. That may not always be possible, but if it is, stick to staying plugged in instead.

Replace Old Cables

Like with the router, old ethernet cables may cause connection issues like slowing it down or causing dips in connectivity. Especially if the cables are damaged in any way. Replacing the cables may solve the problem if nothing else seems to be causing the slow connection problems.

Use a VPN to Avoid ISP Throttling

All ISPs monitor their users’ online traffic, and many then throttle their connection speeds based on certain actions that take up a lot of bandwidth. Usually, things like streaming or online gaming. It isn’t fair to pay for a certain speed only to have it artificially slowed down for the ISPs own interests.

Many people turn to VPNs to solve this problem because virtual private networks encrypt people’s connections using strong algorithms. They also route a connection through a secure VPN server first before routing it through the ISP’s servers. This combination means that ISPs can no longer see what a person is doing online and won’t automatically throttle them.

Many premium VPNs offer apps for a wide range of devices, including smart TVs and consoles. Some VPNs even work with Firestick and Roku, making streaming without being throttled easier.

Upgrade the Internet Plan

It’s easy to forget that the more devices people add to their home, especially when working from home, the more it will bog down their internet. Adding a few extra smartphones to the household with constant Tik Tok videos and online gaming can take up a lot of bandwidth.

So if the household data plan hasn’t been upgraded in a while, it might not be adequate anymore. Check if the ISP offers an upgrade to a plan with more data and bandwidth to accommodate all of these new devices in the home.

Switch to a Different Provider

Some internet service providers just don’t have their clients’ best interests at heart, and paired with poor customer service, can’t offer them what they need. It could be time to move on to find new and better ISPs on the horizon. But as the adage goes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, so be sure to shop around first.

Check out reviews of popular ISPs in the area, look at their packages, and compare their offerings. Of course, it’s also possible to find some good deals at certain times of the year when ISPs throw in extras like a free router or free installation.

Figuring out the cause of a slow internet connection is a process that takes time and can often be a confusing undertaking. Try out these suggestions to see if any of them solve the problem.

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