11 Best Song Identifier app for any music recognition and finding song


These Song Finder apps can recognize and identify songs playing around.

10 Best Song Identifier apps

Have you ever been in a situation where you hear a song playing, and you are like, “Oh my God! I love that song”, “name that tune”, but to your great dismay, you do not remember the artist or song name? “What song is this?” or “What’s playing in the background?” is the most common thought that comes to our mind when listening to a tune. Perhaps it was playing on the radio or someplace else, but you have no way of getting the details or lyrics of the song so you can Google that later. So how do you identify this song? What you need is a song detector app to find songs in a matter of seconds.

What are the best Song Identifier apps?

  • Shazam
  • BeatFind
  • TrackID
  • SoundHound Music Search
  • Musixmatch
  • Sound Search for Google Play
  • AnySong Chord Recognition
  • MusicID
  • Genius – Song Lyrics
  • Bird Song Id: Auto Recognition

What song is this?

Well, relax! Welcome to the communication age, where your smartphone will listen in with you and identify your song and even provide you with the lyrics instantly! All you need are the best song detector apps to install on your phone, or usually just one of the following music recognizer will do the trick. Some of these music identifier apps can even help you purchase the track and even display the lyrics.

About music recognition app

Song Identifier Apps are apps that enable your device to auto-detect almost any music or movie you play and feed you with information about the author, the link to purchase the song, and lyrics to the song. Most song recognizer apps are free to download and use to hype your music experience as much as you please.

How a Song Identifier App work?

Song identifier apps work with cloud connectivity to an online-based database. First, they sample the music being played by the user, make a digital fingerprint from the sample, and compare it against the online database for a match. Once it hits a match, the details of the song artist, album, and title are returned to you. Some also give you lyrics to the song as well as the link to download the song. Some of these apps also allow you to Find song names using your own voice by just humming a tune.

Excite your music experience with a song guesser app that is smart enough to auto-detects a song or movie playing near you or on your devices and provides you its details and download options.

Shazam – Discover songs & lyrics in seconds

Price: Free

Shazam is the undisputed king of all android song identifier apps. This genius application can identify nearly any song that you are playing or is playing near you in a split second. You no longer have to type lengthy lyrics search terms to discover your next favorite artist and more of their work. Also, you can watch the video on YouTube or even buy the song on Amazon if you like.

Like all good applications, Shazam is a cross-platform app and free so if you have migrated from iPhone you probably do not need an introduction. There are a ton of other fancy apps out there that can do some other tricks, but if all you want is easy to use app that can decipher almost any piece of music then Shazam is it!

TrackID – Music Recognition

Price: Free

This beautiful app from Sony has more than its killer good looks to it. It can tell what song you are playing with just a single tap. Almost instantly you can get the song’s information including the biography of your favorite artists. You can save your cached search history so you can always come back to listen to the songs you like the most at a later date via streaming services. This app allows you to share your favorite music with your friends on Facebook so you they love you even more.

Upgrade your music collection:
Free Music Download apps

SoundHound Music Search & Play

Price: Free with Ads

How would you like an app that can tell the song you have in mind by just humming to it? Think that’s impossible? Introducing the SoundHound, the ultimate song radar equipped with the smartest algorithm that can recognize your voice when you are humming and check for a song that goes like that and bingo! There you have it.

This comes in handy when you have absolutely no clue as to who the author of the music, the song title, album, or anything about the song is, and to make matters worse the source of the music has stopped and all you have is the rhythm in your head. Apart from this cool feature, this app also does what all other song identifier apps can do, and above all this, it gives you the latest social media updates on all your favorite artists, how cool is that!

Music Recognition

Price: Free with Ads
Music recognition beatfind

Formerly known as Beatfind, it’s not only a song-recognition app to figure out songs but also brings some cool features. Rather than just searching for a song, it syncs with the track and mimics a flashing strobe light effect via using the smartphone flashlight something they called party flash.

Other notable features are the ACRCloud engine for quick finding, the identified song is saved in the history, links to watch on YouTube, and listen to the full song in Spotify or Deezer.

Musixmatch – Lyrics for your music

Price: Free with Ads/ Offers IAP

This is one of the most reliable song identifier app recommendable for all users. The app not only instantly identifies your music but also provides lyrics to the song so you can sing along. It even doubles as a music player helping you to manage your playlists, and equalize your music for optimum playback experience.

Perhaps a unique feature to the MusixMatch app is the sing along capability where you can strip the song of all the voices during playback so you can sing along to the instrumental, pretty cool huh? Well, here is the best part yet; it free!


Price: Free

This is yet another app that is capable of identifying your music for you. But this is no ordinary app that identifies songs; it enjoys the privilege of accessing the largest music collection in the world with over 130 million possible hits. The database backed up by the music recognition engine of Gracenote which serves more than 800 million searches and is adopted as Toyota, Apple, KDDI, etc.

What makes unique though is the link generation feature that provides you a link to the web page where you can find your song. The app also promises to show no ads and no access to any personal data.

Sound Search for Google Play

Price: Free
Best Android Song Identifier apps

This amazing app from Google has a widget that you can add to your lock screen and is capable of listening to and identifying music playing in the room or around you instantly. What else do you expect from Google? This is a high-quality application that does not waste your system resources and will prove to be the most practical song-identifying app.

In the newer version of Android, google integrate the song searching options directly to the google assistant. All you need to say “Ok, Google” to launch the assistant and ask “what song is this?”. This built-in music recognition feature works without installing another app. But if you still want to have the widget on your home screen go ahead and download the apk.

AnySong Chord Recognition

Price: Free with Ads

With this piece of software, you can forget about having to Google guitar chords just to get to play a song you like. This app has the unique ability to identify the song by guitar chords within 40 seconds of playback of any song on your SD card. If you want to process the entire song, then you can upgrade to the pro version which is unfortunately not free. This app extracts the guitar chords and shows you the tabs on the screen as the song plays on.


Price: Free
MusicID song finder app

This app is ideal for all music lovers as it can identify a music extract in just less than five seconds and provide the related artist and song title information. The app prides itself in a large database containing all the music you need so your kind of music will not miss a match. You can also find videos and watch a YouTube video of your favorite song.

Genius – Song Lyrics & more

Price: Free with Ads

With the genius application, all you need to do is hold your phone towards the source of audible music and tap the Soundwave button and behold! The annotated lyrics appear with annotations just like that! It works like magic; it’s simply a genius application. Now you can learn all the lyrics to your favorite songs by heart with this easy to use the app and get singing along in no time. You can also get lyrics to all music you stream from online services for free.

Bird Song Id USA Automatic Recognition songs calls

Price: Free

Unlike all other apps on this list, this one is for all bird lovers. Just let your device listen to a bird sing, and it will search the database for the name and other interesting facts about the bird.

The overall best song identifier app is Shazam judging by the ability of the app to practically identify songs. However, this is not the gospel truth as you could be looking for another added functionality. The ultimate song identifier app depends on your personal taste. Please leave your comments and suggestions in the comments section below regarding your experience using the apps in this article or any others not included here.

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