The Best Gear VR Apps/Games to Immerse Yourself

These top free Gear VR apps/games will make your Samsung VR headset experience better!

Best Gear VR Apps and Games

The first consumer model of the Samsung Gear VR was released in 2015. Since then, the device has achieved a growing popularity, offering a more affordable VR experience. The mobile virtual reality headset offers immersive gaming, and this is the prime use for many owners of the device. Still, it’s worth remembering that it can also be used for other experiences such as travel, movies, sports, and more. So, if you have your hands on a Gear VR and are unsure which games and apps to try first, we’ve narrowed them down to some of the best Gear VR apps and games currently available.

What are the best Samsung Gear VR Apps & Games?

The Gear VR works with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, and there are an increasing amount of apps and games available for it. If you’ve got your hands on a Samsung Gear VR and want to know about the best apps and games available, read on! This selection covers a variety of must-have Gear VR apps and offers something for all tastes. Also, note that these VR games and apps aren’t in the Play Store but rather on the Oculus Store.

Oculus Rooms

Price: Free

Oculus Rooms is a fun app for gear VR users. The app works best if you have buddies who also own a gear VR headset. The free Oculus Rooms VR app lets you pop into a virtual room with your pals and have a great time partying in the VR lounge. You can chat, watch TV and movies, listen to music, share photos or enjoy other apps together. Additionally, you can create your avatar and customize it as you want.

Samsung PhoneCast VR

Price: Free
Samsung PhoneCast VR app

Samsung PhoneCast VR is a prime example of the capability of the Gear VR app. PhoneCast VR is still under beat for a long time, but still easily one of the best Gear VR apps. It allows you to launch other apps on your phone in the VR space. From checking out your daily schedule to play games and do other tasks is pretty fun. Basically, think of it as a 3D launcher, which feels awesome.

Land’s End

Price: $4.99
Land's End Gear VR game

Land’s End is an excellent atmospheric experience that will keep you truly immersed as you use your mind in a bid to resolve puzzles with dots to unlock a lost civilization. The game was created especially for the Gear VR, and it supports both Touchpad and Gamepad.

There are stunning landscapes to become absorbed in, and it’s a strangely chilled and slow experience exploring this game, with beautiful sunsets, hills, deserts, and mountains. It comes from the developers who made Monument Valley, ustwo games, and although it’s not very long, it’s certainly worth checking out.

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Price: Free
Samsung #BeFearless Fear of Heights VR app

What is the point of having a virtual reality headset if you can’t have some freaking awesome time? #BeFearless is created to overcome your fear of heights. However, it’s amusing in the process. You can even let your friends and family have some terrific time while you laugh out how they handle the situation. It has three different scenarios, such as cliff diving, heli-skiing, and crossing a suspension bridge. You can even pair a galaxy smartwatch to measure the heartbeat rate.

Face Your Fears

Price: Free
Face Your Fears from Turtle Rock Studios

Not everyone is a fan of games that scare you silly, but a considerable amount of us are! Face Your Fears from Turtle Rock Studios will have you covered if you’re looking for a real thriller, and it supports a Touchpad controller.

The story revolves around an old prop plane that gets into trouble on Flight 101, but we won’t give too much away as we want you to be as terrified as we were. You’ll run the gamut of emotions, sheer fright, amazement, awe, and being completely creeped out as the story twists and turns, and you’ll need to be aware of everything happening around you, from ghosts to robots. In short, Face Your Fears is an excellent free gear VR game.

VeeR: Premium Immersive

Price: Free
VeeR- Immersive Entertainment vr app

VeeR is an excellent entertainment app that offers a huge catalog of VR movies from award-winning studios. There are also quite a few interactive titles as well. This is absolutely a superb gear VR app to enjoy a whole of contents. The app also shows subtitles according to your head movement. You can also save videos in 4K resolution for offline streaming.


Price: Free / $8.99 month
film and TV app Netflix for gear vr

Yes, the famous movie and TV app can now be enjoyed on the Gear VR! Of course, you’ll need to be a Netflix subscriber. But you can get a free month to try it out, and then you can watch a whole array of movies, TV shows, and Netflix original content wherever you are.

Using Netflix with the Gear VR won’t suddenly make all of the content a 360-degree experience, although that is something that Netflix is slowly making its way into. However, it’s pretty cool that with Netflix VR, you’ll find yourself in a virtual luxury viewing room that’s pretty cool and has a giant TV.

Guided Meditation VR

Price: Free
Guided Meditation VR app

What could be better than wearing your gear VR headset and immerse yourself in a Guided Meditation tour for a peaceful mind? Guided Meditation VR is one of the best relaxing Gear VR apps. It has 20+ hours of guided meditations featuring various sessions to help in depression, stress, or other situation. Additionally, there are tons of calming music, a timer, and other stuff. It’s one of the best free Gear VR app without even any in-app purchases.

Coaster Combat

Price: Free

Coaster Combat is a completely free gear VR game. Lovers of theme parks and thrill rides will get a ton of pleasure from Coaster Combat. The nature of this Force Field game really makes the most of the Gear VR, as you’ll feel like you’re riding the twists and turns, ups and downs. If you’re concerned that the ride might get boring after a while, the sheer number of different track combinations ensures you won’t experience the same ride twice, and there are also different backdrops.

There’s more to it than that, though, as this is also an action game where you’ll need to use weapons to hit the targets. Coaster Combat supports Touchpad and the 3DOF controller, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Wild Wings

Price: F$7.99
Wild Wings action game

Wild Wings is a popular battle game that feels exciting on gear VR, especially if you like aerial combat games. There are 3 trial courses and 13 unique planes to take control of, all with various skills and weapons, and as you get to grips in a bid to become a flying ace, you can unlock teams, paint jobs, decals, and more. It’s realistic enough to make you almost feel the G’s, and you can enjoy the game either hands-free or with a Gamepad.

Relax VR: Rest & Meditation

Price: Free / Offers IAP

If you’ve always thought of yourself as a traveler but never quite had the resources, this travel app really makes the most of the VR experience. It supports Touchpad and 3DOF Controller, and you can opt from 10 glorious locations across the world. You can almost feel what it’s like to be there thanks to 360-degree video footage and the sounds of the ocean, wind, streams, waves, and more.

A few of the stunning locations you can relish are a tropical beach in the Philippines, Fantail Falls in New Zealand, Glenn Canyon in the USA, and Wineglass Bay in Australia (some locations are only available with in-app purchases). If you want to chill out even more, there are also guided meditations of between 5 and 20 minutes. Overall, it’s a great relaxation app for android that is much more enjoyable with the Samsung Gear VR headset.


Price: $6.99

The blocky world of Minecraft will be a familiar game for most readers, and now you can enjoy it on the Gear VR. The action game can be played in single user, co-op, or multiplayer modes, and even if you’ve built, explored, and battled with Minecraft before, and the VR experience offers a whole new perspective.

It’s a game that will engage and captivate you, and features include Realms, marketplace, game loop, add-ons, and more. Digital purchases are necessary for some features. Even though it cost a bit, the most popular platform game is a good VR game worth the money.


Price: Free
NEXT VR gear vr sports app

Sports lovers everywhere can rejoice with the NextVR app. It will really help you to feel as though you’re actually in the field watching all the big events, with live streaming and dedicated commentators. You can choose different view perspectives that suit you, and replays and close-ups are shown on a pop-up screen. NextVR is a decent free football app for NBA fans. However, it offers much more, including Soccer matches, WWE, boxing, NHRA, ICC soccer, concerts, exclusive behind-the-scenes music experiences, and stand-up comedy events.

Be courtside for NBA matchups, or enjoy NFL games, WWE, boxing, Live Nation concerts, Paranormal Evidence investigations, and more, and benefit from extras such as the halftime show or behind-the-scenes.

Ninjutsu Warrior

Price: $0.99

Ninjutsu Warrior is one of the newest Gear VR games, and it supports the 3DOF controller. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of room around you as you hone your skills as a young ninja. Osamu will try to teach you sword skills, and as your fresh fruit-slicing progresses and you complete objectives, you could reach the dizzying heights of Ninjutsu warrior.

There are 90 levels in the game and Classic and Trial modes, and though the game is free to download, there are in-app purchases available. The game also offers an opportunity to earn coins so you can purchase more weapons, and those coins can be synced for in-app purchased across all products by Mashmo Games.

Star Chart

Price: $4.99

The night sky is absolutely fascinating, and whether you’re an expert or it’s merely something you want to learn more about, Star Chart is highly recommended. The app will give you some idea of the massive scale of our universe and features a 3D solar system, all of the constellations, and a real-time night sky simulation. Moments in Time experiences give an idea of what it’s like to stand on the surface of the Moon like Neil Armstrong or explore Mars using the Curiosity Rover, or you can feel what it’s like to float in space.

Alternatively, you can look down upon the solar system and much more. It’s a fantastic app for kids and also a great educational app as well that is sure to increase your interest in astronomy so be sure to check it out.

It’s no wonder that the Samsung Gear VR has become such a popular item considering its capabilities. These best Gear VR apps and games are a great starting place if you’re a beginner to the device. We feel this is a good cross-reference of the sort of entertainment you can get out of the VR headset and urge you to try some out.

At the Oculus Store links above you’ll be able to download each of the titles as well as find out full details about supported controllers, whether an Internet connection is required or not, unsupported devices, and more. Are you a Gear VR novice or maybe you’ve been using one since the first model arrived? Let us know by sending us a comment, or tell us about other Gear VR apps/games that you think are worth a mention.

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