The best karaoke app for iPhone and iPad free

In this article, you will discover the best apps to have a karaoke always on tap.

Your iOS device can be a complete machine, which guarantees hours of fun. Today, however, we are about to deal with something different, the best apps for iPhone and iPad that allows you to do karaoke. What is Karaoke? The karaoke is basically a screen that goes by the lyrics of a song and we go singing to the music of the same song in the background.

best karaoke app for iPhone and iPad free

On the App Store, there are countless of applications to do karaoke and it is difficult to find the right one. For this reason, we have chosen the best karaoke app for iPhone and iPad that will allow you to have fun with your friends singing karaoke without problems & mishaps.

All applications in this article provide a rich database of musical achievements, selected in order to satisfy the tastes of all users. The choice is yours, let’s begin to have fun!

Yooke: Sing like a star!

By far the best app dedicated to karaoke. This application has a powerful search engine that allows you to look your favorite song in karaoke mode. You can record your versions of your favorite songs and share it or vote those of your friends. In addition, it also allows you to share your performance on all major social networks.

Sing Me Something

Sing Me Something is a karaoke and entertainment application that allows you to enjoy music at the same time to challenge your friends. You can choose a song, sing it, send it to your friends, and then challenge them to guess what you sang. This game is really fun, it gives you a chance to learn listen skills in place as to lyrics of a song!

Red Karaoke

Red Karaoke puts you in the shoes of your favorite musicians or bands. You can find a huge variety of songs popularized by the classics, of all styles and genres and almost every language. This application lets you sing like a pro with change of tone, sound effects in real time and even improve your voice to reach new levels.

Free Karaoke!

With Karaoke Free, you can sing individually or with friends and totally free through the use of YouTube. The song catalog that offers the breadth is contained on YouTube, so it is almost unlimited. You can record your songs and share on Facebook and everyone can observe your talent for music. It stresses the YouTube channel that the application makes available to go following all developments regarding songs:


Enjoy music with StarMaker, the only karaoke game with Auto-Tune, which allows you to sing all the latest achievements of international music. Choose your favorite song, sing the right tune. You can also share your Facebook or Twitter recording.


Soulo allows you to sing your favorite songs, record your performances, and share them with friends. It has a good library of songs, which you can enlarge by simply buying other song packs, has a good interface for controls and allows you to easily manage your performance.

Karaoke For Kids

Sing with your child with Kids Karaoke and record it on video. Have fun and entertain them with songs culled from the popular classics and new hits for the elderly. Moreover, you can also share videos by email, Facebook or Youtube.

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Danica Simic
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