Looking for the best action games on Android for free? Checkout our top picks.

Just because a game is free for your mobile device doesn’t mean you should expect poor graphics, bad programming, or a boring experience. These ten free action games, all available through Google Play, are hands-down the best on the market, and they’re all here to show you that “Free” doesn’t mean “Worthless.”

It’s time to add the following best action games for android in your collection.


BLOOD & GLORY (NR) - best action games for android free

If the name wasn’t a clue, it should be; Blood and Glory is an HD masterpiece of bloody gladiator fighting with customizable warriors and weapons that will feed your need for visceral swordplay all day long.

Downlaod Blood and Glory Here (Free)

Into the Dead

Into the Dead - best android action game

Running straight through a zombie horde take quick reflexes and steel nerves; if you think you’ve got both, Into the Dead is the game for you. Part reflex test, part shoot-em-up, and all dark and dangerous, Into the Dead is a game you’ll learn in minutes, but play for hours.

Downlaod Into the Dead Here (Free)

Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice- Gods Among Us android action game free

At last, the award-winning DC hero fighting game gets a faithful adaptation on Android thatproves just how short the gap between console and tablet gaming really is.

Downlaod Injustice Here (Free)


DEAD TRIGGER 2 best free HD games for android

A beauty of a zombie shooter, Dead Trigger 2 takes the zombie apocalypse and adds a constantly evolving campaign and unique tournaments.

Downlaod Dead Trigger 2 Here (Free)


SHADOWGUN- DeadZone Best Free Shooting Games for Android

A purely multiplayer game, Gears of War style game, SHADOWGUN: DeadZone combines team-based combat with a slick style. With character progression, a customizable arsenal, and real-time multiplayer voice chat, you won’t just forget that this game is free, you’ll forget it’s on your mobile device.

Downlaod ShadowGun: DeadZone Here (Free)

Zombie Assault:Sniper

Zombie Assault-Sniper android action game download

A fully 3d zombie killing experience, Zombie Assault: Sniper combines an arsenal of unique weapons and a progressively stronger and smarter zombie AI.

Downlaod Zombie Assault Here (Free)



For the players who like gunplay with a bit more strategy gameplay, Frontline Commando 2 delivers both in a big way. Build your own squad from over 65 different characters and fight through a 14 mission single player campaign before taking the fight online with PVP.

Downlaod Frontline Commando 2 Here (Free)


Respawnables android multiplayer game

A goofy third person shooter with a unique art style, The Respawnables is another great game in the tradition of Team Fortress 2 for your mobile device. Easy controls and a progressive skill tree means you’ll be respawning time and time again with this exciting little game.

Downlaod The Respawnables Here (Free)

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D android action game

Between a single player campaign, eight maps full of multiplayer goodness, and a survival campaign that puts you against a zombie horde, you’re not going to get bored of Pixel Gun 3D  for a long time. Also, a plus if you’ve ever wondered what Minecraft would look like as a multiplayer shooter.

Downlaod Pixel Gun 3d Here (Free)


DEER HUNTER 2014 android game free

A hunting game that looks as real as the great outdoors, Deer Hunter 2014 is full of living worlds, dangerous creatures, and opportunities to land the perfect kill in every single one.

Downlaod Deer Hunter 2014 Here (Free)

Once again, every one of these great games is entirely free. Whether you download one or all of them, one thing remains certain; I’m certain you’ll enjoy some quality gaming on android.


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