10 God of War like games on Android for Kratos fans


Fan of Kratos and his Son? Luckily, these games will let you enjoy God of War likes gameplay on Android

God of War like games on Android

When the PS4-exclusive God of War reboot came out last year, it quickly gained attention from dedicated console gamers around the world. With many mobile players weeping due to such a fantastic game not being available on Android. Well, we have prepared a list of God of War like games on Android which are quick to gain sympathies of all Kratos fans. Mobile gaming is growing in popularity, and this is a great opportunity to explore an extensive list of games that can give desktop-like experience even on a mobile phone.

God of War, that follows Kratos and his son as they embark on various adventures was not only embraced by the fans of the action. The game has received sympathies by the critics too and even won three Game of The Year awards, at Game Awards in December, DICE in February, and GDC recently.

Top 10 God of War-like games for Android

I, Gladiator

Price: Free with ads

I, Gladiator is quick to catch your attention if you’ve already played God of War. It combines an excellent combat system, mythology, and ladies of guts and blood. It’s a multi-award-winning action RPG game that perfectly reflects how bloody and vicious gladiator fights used to be in ancient Rome.

It is not a typical hack and slash game. It offers an advanced combat system but also opens a room fora strategy that exposes your enemy’s weaknesses and allows you to defeat them effortlessly. Beating various enemies enables you to win the hearts of the spoiled crowd, but watch out, being reckless could mean losing them pretty fast, and your head too. The game offers an extensive inventory, where you can choose different armors, weapons and much more.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

While Iron Blade: Medieval Legends doesn’t follow the Greek, Roman, or Nordic mythology of the ancient times. the game is set in the dark, war-surrounding medieval times and sports fantasy and action no matter where you go. Your character lives in Europe, surrounded by discord, magic creatures, and countries at war.

The game is not only known to be full of action; it features a console-level graphic with mesmerizing visuals that are quick to take you in. As you embark on a journey of a monster hunter, you’re allowed to explore the fantasy world in detail and pick up useful loot. Keep weapons and armor, while visiting different stronghold, dark dungeons, and participating in exciting PvP battles.

Darkness Rises

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This NEXON-powered game is much more than just a simplistic mobile game. It combines breath-taking graphics, an innovative battle system, and a lot of action to bring a PC- or console-quality to your mobile device. Similarly to God of War, it has an extensive battle system, which allows you to explore beautiful locations while fighting vicious and powerful bosses.

There are also different heroes at your disposal. You can pick between Berserker and even powerful wizards. Darkness Rises allows unique character creation, while customization allows you to create the warrior who can represent you or anyone else you want.

Heroes Infinity: Fantasy Legend Online Offline RPG

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

The good news about this game is that it can be played both online and offline depending are your friends available or not.

It may not boast as prestigious graphics effects like the previous games, but it offers a large selection of creatures and bosses to fight. The game offers advanced strategic features that allow you to come up with different ways to fight the fiends, and battle system which allows you to get creative with different moves to achieve the victory. It sports large maps, cities where you can form a powerful team and play different game modes.

Implosion – Never Lose Hope

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Unlike God of War, this game comes with a futuristic setting, thousands of years away from God of War. However, when it comes to battle dynamics and the entire fighting system, this game doesn’t go much further from it.

It is like an AAA title got brought to a mobile phone, with professional-grade audio, outstanding visuals, and great voice-acting to introduce the player into the depth of this game’s world. It’s worth checking if you’re looking for a God of War-styled game, but with a future-proof setup.

Blade Bound: Hack and Slash of Darkness

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Blade Bound is an extremely action-focused game with a rich combat system with thousands of combinations. You can explore an immersive world, hunt in the dungeons and unlock powerful loots, fighting against the scary creatures of the underworld.

The game is rich in magic, different diverse creatures, and it sees a true warrior looking for survival and adventure in an anarchy-surrounded world. Despite being a mobile game, it’s equipped with great visuals you’re going to love.

Gods of Rome

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Gods of Rome is another game that brings beautiful historical information and mythology to your small screen. It boasts a great combat system, surrounded by myths and legends of ancient Rome.

Additionally, the game is powered by mesmerizing graphics and stellar audio to awaken your adventurous spirit. There are various PvP events that you can participate in to restore peace to ancient Rome, but also win great prizes that will help you advance through your adventures.

Shadow Fight 3

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This game goes to the far East to demonstrate the world of an epic war. Embark on a journey with the dynasties and a powerful military tribe, the Legion which aims to eliminate dangerous energy which brings discord to the world. Explore unique fighting systems, win fights against the enemies and be rewarded worthy.

The game sports mesmerizing graphics experience, empowering audio and a great variety of quests you can complete improving your style. Players are offered to combine three fighting styles to their own uniqueness which they can use to fight their foes. If you’re a fan of Japanese mythology and culture, but loved God of War, there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with Shadow Fight 3.

Blood Warrior

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Mysterious NPC Sarah accompanies your character to different scenarios as you emerge into the beautifully-designed 3D world and learn different skills. The game supports both hard and easy mode to allow you to have an easier time getting used to the game. As you complete mission, you’ll be introduced to even more new skills and items which accompany you on your further adventure.

The game offers a total of 145 different stages that you can explore and use to defeat foes. Additionally, you won’t be alone; you can pick among 20 different types of pets that will accompany you and help you reach your goals.

Lastly, the console-graphics experience in-game allows you to experience three different challenge modes – Time Attack, Boss Raid, and Explore Mode. All three of these features offering diverse, adventurous experiences. Depending on which mode do you play, you’ll be able to get new equipment and weapons which you can use in the harder missions. The only downside is that dual-core processors will have some trouble processing the mesmerizing visuals that this game can offer.

Gladiator Heroes Clash

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Our last game on the list is a Fighting and Strategy Game. It features a historically-rich gameplay revolving around Gladiators which live under challenging conditions and fight for their survival against vicious enemies. What makes this world-wide favorite game different compared to God of War is that instead of traveling alone with your son, you can lead a clan of heroes and compete against other player-led clans.

It also has many strategic elements that make it similar to Clash of Clans. You can build a gladiator village and recruit new gladiators and warriors to go into battle against other kingdoms. You can train your troops and use mythological heroes and gods of Rome to defeat enemies who threaten your empire.

Lastly, there’s a fight in the arena where you can prove your skill and dominate as the victorious gladiator who fought out his freedom, gaining various useful rewards through the game.


God of War was a popular game for a long time, but its last title broke all the records. That said, it’s extremely difficult to find a game as good to match its quality. Aside from extremely detailed textures, beautiful and stellar audio, and a unique combat system, the game is flattered by a beautiful and empowering story that drags you into playing more and more.

Finding a list of games on Android that can match these criteria was more than challenging. However, we did our best in finding details- and texture-rich graphics, interesting lore, and combat system, which is relatively acceptable for a mobile device.

Have you played some games on the list? Which ones are your favorite?

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