Fortnite for Android – 10 Best Similar Style Games You Can Play Right Now

LAST UPDATED: July 20, 2019

Fortnite is thrilling gamers across the world but there are plenty of good alternatives that Android device users can enjoy!

Fortnite alternatives for Android

Anyone interested in mobile gaming is bound to have heard of smash hit adventure game Fortnite. This Battle Royale game has become a phenomenal success with tens of millions of players. It’s a 100-player PvP game where you need to battle your opponents to become the last one standing. You can roam the island maps, squad up with other players across the world, build forts, and gear up in a bid to survive the longest, and it’s a game packed with features, thrills, and intense engagement. Therefore, if you’re an Android device user you might be thinking you want to get your hands on the game. However, that’s where the drawback lies, as you’ll be searching for a long time if you check out the Google Play Store.

Although Fortnite is available for consoles and PCs and there is a mobile version for the iOS platform, it’s only available for Android devices in beta through the Epic Games website (there may be a waiting list) or through Samsung’s proprietary app store. Also, it’s so far not compatible with all Android devices although its reach is expanding. If you’re more comfortable sticking to the Google Play Store or don’t have a compatible device, you might, therefore, want to know about some alternatives to Fortnite for Android that you can play right now. Typically, once a game becomes extremely popular a flock of apps trying to emulate it spring up. While some are great there are plenty of duds too, so finding the best ones can be time-consuming.

With this in mind, we’ve been checking out games similar to Fortnite and below you’ll find our selection of the 10 best similar style games that are readily available on the Play Store. All of the apps below provide plenty of action and excitement and at least come close to the Battle Royale thrills and spills of Fortnite. As with Fortnite, you’ll find most of these types of gaming apps are of a freemium nature. They’re free to download and play but in-app purchases (IAPs) are available for upgrades, customization, unlocking items and more. It’s worth noting that some rely more heavily on IAPs than other for progressing through the game.

10 best Fortnite alternatives for Android


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Many people think of PUBG (the mobile version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) as the original Battle Royale game. The fact that Tencent Games’ PUBG has been downloaded more than 50 million times shows its popularity, and if you haven’t yet tried a slice of the action with its shrinking game zone, you might want to check it out now. You’ll be one of the 100 players who parachute onto an island for a showdown and you’ll need to scavenge whatever you can get your hands on to thwart your opponents and become the ultimate victor.

The game is compatible with over 500 Android devices, the graphics are superb, and the 3D immersive sound effects offer an intense experience.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Rather than 100 players, this game’s tagline is 50 players, 10 minutes, one survivor, which pretty much sums it up. The survival shooter action revolves around a remote island where you’ll have to try to stay safe by surviving ambushes and snipers and avoiding airstrikes while hiding in trenches or traveling across the map in one of the various vehicles. Looting your opponents and searching for weapons adds to the heart-stopping action, and you can create squads of four players featuring in-game voice chat.

Nicely quick to load with smooth gameplay, this one has a lot to recommend it.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

If you’re a fan of blocky pixel graphics this one is for you! Masses of players relish this game that revolves around a battle arena following the apocalypse. Like some others of this ilk, it features a shrinking zone and your mission is to gather loot and kill your adversaries. It features in-game chat and in-app purchases can be used for buying various skins. As well as all this, there are over 30 weapons to use and a good mix of vehicles including a tank!

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Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This is an extremely popular game that’s played by more than 100 million people around the world. The Rules of Survival Battle Royale app from NetEase Games now allows 300 players to battle it out to the end on a new 8×8 km map with a variety of terrains. The safe zone shrinks as you play and you need to collect as many arms as you can to stand a chance of staying in the game. Features also include a solo mode or team mode with 120 players, plenty of accessories, and a choice of vehicles.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This lighter, more casual version of the Battle Royale genre has plenty of fans that enjoy it for offering something a little different. It has fun, simplified graphics, is easy to pick up and play straight away, and you can play Solo or Duos modes. Parachutes are a common theme in these games and this one is no exception. There are plenty of locations to check out including Camper’s Paradise, the Hideout, Trainyard, and Ship, but you must be careful not to get overwhelmed by the raging storm.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Another in the multiplayer online Battle Royale genre, Rocket Royale may not win any awards for graphics but it’s a really entertaining game. This one offers something a bit different though, as even if you’re not the ultimate battleground winner you still have a chance to survive by collecting gear and building a rocket to escape. Features include a vast map, more than 20 weapons, and a Duos mode so you can play alongside a friend. The game has nice simple controls and although it’s a little buggy from time to time, there’s a lot to enjoy.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

This Battle Royale adventure makes a nice change as the action largely happens at sea or in ports. Games last for approximately 20 minutes in which time you’ll need to scavenge for weapons and battle against up to 100 players. There’s a whole host of weapons, vehicles such as speedboats and ships, a large map to explore, and you can play solo or co-op 2 and 4-player modes.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Zombie games seem to be everywhere these days and we really liked Zombie Rules from Wincharge. It’s a mobile shooter game where you’ll need to watch out for radiation from the zombies and shoot them down before you become infected. Deathmatches and Team Fights are available and you’ll need to have your wits about you and develop a great strategy to be the victor. There are 10 settlements to choose from, and finding a vehicle will help you on your way. After all, if you can’t shoot the zombies you run them down instead!

The game has impressive graphics and further features include rich character customization, voice chat, and auto-shooting. Believe me, once you get the hang of Zombie Rules, it’s difficult to put down.

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Price: Free/ Offers IAP

The realistic terrains and environments of Knives Out include mountains, islands, and train tunnels. Your shooting skills will need to be sharp on the battlefield as you bid to be the conqueror from 100 players, all the time making attacks or avoiding ambushes. Knives Out is an absorbing game with fluid character movement offers Duo, Squad, and Fireteam modes. We noted that some user reviews point to the game being a little glitchy but we had no problems in our time spent playing it.


Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Scoring a very high 4.6/5 stars on the Google Play Store, Creative Destruction has an appeal that we can’t quite put our finger on. Another sandbox survival game with 100 player deathmatches, it features 13 different lands and a 4x4km map. You’ll need to break, build, and defend, with just a Destructor to get you on your way, and TPS and FPS modes can be unlocked. It’s an addictive and immersive game with plenty of thrills and spills to keep you riveted.

Final Word

It has been hard work (someone’s gotta do it) trimming down these Fortnite for Android alternatives to a manageable number. This was due to the sheer number of games available, many of which are rip-off versions! The above choices are all great examples of the genre though, and they offer a good variety of adventure to get your teeth into.

The only issue you might face is being able to tear yourself away from them, and we’d be interested to know which of these 10 similar style games to Fortnite you like the best. You may also send us your comments if you want to suggest another Fortnite alternative for Android that you think should be among the top picks.


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