10 Best Jarvis Apps (A.K.A. Personal Assistant Apps) for Android

Ask anything to your own virtual assistant app!

JARVIS is a very familiar personal assistant developed by Tony Stark on Iron Man movies to manage almost everything in Tony’s life. In real life, you can also have your virtual assistant in the form of a mobile app.

Best Jarvis Apps A.K.A. Personal Assistant Apps

Personal Assistant Apps can answer your queries, easily organize your calls, events, and schedule your meetings. They’re around for a long time, with Apple’s Siri being the first one to become available on the consumer market. Now, we have a plethora of reliable and consistent assistant apps like Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and more. Nearly all Android devices come with Google Assistant. But the following Jarvis apps would provide different features and more personalized experience.

Why are personal assistant apps so popular nowadays?

Personal assistant apps have existed for a while, but it was Marvel’s Ironman first to spark their popularity with its personalized AI assistant called Jarvis. Jarvis assisted Tony Stark during his ventures and also provided valuable data on his insights.

What is a personal assistant app?

It’s an app with a built-in artificial intelligence assistant which helps you get through your daily tasks much easier than you’d do without it.

How does a personal assistant app work?

As mentioned above, these apps use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to learn from your experience and curate it in a way to be of more assistance to yourself. While AI of general purpose is impossible to make, today’s assistants help provide help and organization to users, gathered up in one place.

Benefits of using personal assistant apps

Nowadays, everyone lives at a fast pace, and personal assistant is a perfect way to help us not lose ourselves, our plans, deadlines, and calendars at that pace. With the development of AI and machine learning, as well as better resources, personal assistants are guaranteed to become more interactive with users. Here are some benefits.

  • Day-to-day management – Personal assistants are perfect in helping you achieve tasks you normally can’t achieve on your own. You can use them to manipulate maps and nearby surroundings like restaurants, cafes, petrol stations and more.
  • More knowledge: – Assistants are becoming smarter. With the development of augmented reality, you can even snap the picture, and your assistant will find its source, give you more information about a certain object or more. They give more insight into things you’re interested in.
  • They keep you updated about your peers – Many personal assistant apps learn from your interactions with contacts and help you arrange new meetings and events.
  • They make sure you keep up with your hobbies – Your favorite band published a new song? Did you miss running today? Your personal assistant app will make sure you’re up-to-date with all your hobbies and much more.
  • Google has gone so far with personal assistants, that it enhanced Google Assistant’s algorithm to improve Facial Unlock, and use Soli Radar for Motion-powered sense to unlock and manipulate settings on its new Google Pixel 4 smartphones.

Now that we’ve seen all the benefits of using Personal Assistant apps, here are the best Jarvis apps for Android that will be your companion as Jarvis does for iron men.

What are the best Jarvis Apps/ Personal Assistant Apps?

  2. LYRA
  5. ROBIN
  6. 24ME
  8. VANI
  10. GIGAAA

1. Microsoft Cortana – Digital assistant

Price: Free

Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant, and it delivers a great variety of features that will help you keep up with your surroundings. Because it’s integrated with Windows 10, it allows seamless cross-platform experience, meaning you can combine your Android device with your Windows-powered computer.

Cortana will entertain you with her jokes, take notes, and make to-do lists with you, fill events into your calendar and even send SMS and email. Although there’s still some space for improvement, Cortana should meet all of your requirements.

2. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Picking Lyra means opting for your new AI-powered best friend. Lyra’s algorithm is pretty laid-back so that you can expect personal and reliable conversation. In the era where personal assistants are prevailing, Lyra stands out with her original jokes and translation properties. If your hands are busy, Lyra will entertain you by playing YouTube videos, give you directions on Google Maps while you drive, and set alarms in case you forgot.

Additional features include taking notes, making reminders, checking the weather forecast, and searching the web. Even though its name may not be known as of other assistants, Lyra is still more reliable than the most.

3. Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

DataBot is an enhanced virtual assistant that can access your phone and help you get through the day using voice, text, and images. It will help you work and study while surfing the internet with ease, and accessing sites like Wikipedia, RSS feed, and other web material. You can use it to set alarms, set notes, fill in the calendar, create a to-do list, and even for entertainment.

Aside from playing YouTube videos and music, DataBot will quickly tell you jokes, challenge you, riddle you, and provide memorable quotes to get past the day. It will even check the horoscope for you.

4. HOUND Voice Search & Personal Assistant

Price: Free

Hound has already been available for a couple of years and has helped many people by setting reminders, taking notes, doing calculations over a calculator, and integrated with other apps on the phone. It has been enhanced over the years and allowed users to make appointments at the dentist or hairdresser, book a room in a hotel, interacted with owners through YouTube videos, and more.

While there is still room for improvement, Hound can provide sufficient service for older and weaker phones, as it doesn’t consume too much space.

5. Robin – AI Voice Assistant

Price: Free

Robin is one of the best personal assistant apps in the Android market. There are a plethora of options it can do like take notes, check the traffic, book and make arrangements, play your favorite music and YouTube videos, suggest you interesting news from sports, politics, tech, and more. The company behind it is constantly improving Robin to provide more personalized and less buggy experience.

After all, assistants learn from feedback from their users, and Robin has been around for enough time to provide the best performance for all Android users. One of the best features of Robin is its hands-free capability, meaning you can communicate with it even when you shower or drive.

6. 24me: To-Do, Task List & Notes

Price: Free

This assistant is all about its users and making sure they catch up with all of their tasks. The 24Me will set your reminders, schedule your calendar, organize your daily tasks, help you with fitness, and improve your overall productivity. It can even forward your tasks and to-do list to someone else so that you can share a dentist appointment or a grocery store list with your friends or family.

It will even help you work, study or progress in a project. It has a straightforward UI, and everything is just a few buttons away.

7. Extreme Go- Personal Voice Assistant

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

If you’re looking for a robust and fast-performing personal voice assistant, Extreme Go is one of the best assistants available on the Play Store. It recognizes your voice as a command and will easily do from most basic to the most advanced tasks. You can use it to play music or YouTube videos, forward SMS and emails, check the weather, make appointments and respond to events, as well as interact with other apps. All it needs is a voice command, and it’ll perform all tasks in no time.

8. Vani – Your Personal Voice Assistant Call Answer

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

People who are often on the go can benefit the most from using Vani because it allows seamless hands-free experience only by using a microphone. Simple voice commands like “Hello” and “No” can help you answer or decline calls. You can send auto-reply messages, customize the words you want to use, and much more.

The best part of Vani is that you can use it while in shower, car, or the middle of some tasking job like cooking. The drawback is that it’s not as advanced as Lyra and is more focused on making calls or messages.

9. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Although Jarvis himself is gone for good, Tony Stark still used Friday, and it’s a new and improved personal assistant app. Using its AI algorithms, Friday allows you to communicate with friends, schedule plans, take notes, set reminders, alarm, and much more. Additionally, Friday will replace the regular day-to-day activity like checking news and even posting to social media. This is a perfect voice assistant for Marvel lovers and all other geeks. You can even use it to take selfies!

10. gigaaa – AI Personal Assistant

Price: Free

Gigaaa will tell you jokes while helping you get through the most stressful of days. There are special interactions like “I’m bored” or “Cheer me up” in which Gigaaa will attempt to cheer you up by sharing news, jokes, and YouTube videos. It can change your settings, type your messages and emails, read the news, read the weather forecast, check to-do lists, get recipes, and much more.

Its robust and responsive UI is the best part of the app, so it’s incredibly intuitive to use. The app is still new, but it promises new features like hotel booking, food delivery, parking service, and more.


Personal voice assistants from the list should provide you with everything that will make your day-to-day interactions easier and more fun. Personal voice assistants are here to speed up doing from simplest to the most complex tasks, so starting from making lists, reminders, and calendar schedules, they can also take selfies, book a hotel room, or appoint a doctor. While artificial intelligence is yet to progress and become more general-purposed, there’s no doubt that personal assistants will be a thing of the future.

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