The Best Speedometer Apps for Android to know how fast you are going

Gauging speed is easy with the use of a GPS speedometer app on your smartphone.

Can I use my smartphone as a speedometer?

It’s possible to do virtually anything these days with the use of apps on your smartphone, even as a speedometer. There’s no need for a traditional speedometer when you can have one at your fingertips, using the built-in GPS technology of your device.

Best Speedometer Apps for Android

Speedometers are useful for gauging speed in vehicles (especially if someone else is driving or your speedo is broken!). Still, sports enthusiasts such as cyclists and runners can also make good use of them, especially when the portability of a smartphone makes a speedometer app even more convenient. While there are numerous options available, the quality of them varies wildly. Therefore, you might want to check out our picks of the best speedometer apps for Android.

Are GPS speed apps accurate?

GPS or Global Positioning System is a network of satellites orbiting the Earth. The system continuously broadcast radio signals that can be received by your smartphone’s built-in GPS chip. With a clear view of the sky, at least four GPS satellites are ‘visible’ at any time wherever you are. The signals from each of them contain information about their position in real-time. By intercepting these signals speedometer apps can accurately pin-point the position of your device. Calculating position by the time GPS app shows how fast you are moving.

Of course, accuracy is extremely important, so that’s one of the main factors we’ve taken into account, and these apps also include an assortment of useful and handy features to make use of. Remember, you’ll need to enable GPS navigation on your device for the use of these apps. The apps below are all free to download, and some of them also come as a paid pro version, either to remove ads or add further features.

What is the best speedometer app?



Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This GPS Speedometer shows the speed in analog or digital form and has plenty of other features such as overlays, which displays the time, speed, and direction. You can set up a variety of profiles for different circumstances such as in the car, on a bike, walking, skiing, hang-gliding, or even on a camel, and there’s a trip computer so you can keep track of your journeys over the day, week, or month.

Acceleration times can be measured as 0-100 km/h, 0-60 mph, and 1/4 mile with maximum speeds of 1900 km/h, 1160 mph, and 1000 knots. Settings can cope with km/h, mph, meters/feet, kilometers, and nautical miles. The app really is packed with features and functions. The Pro version has additional features such as latitude/longitude and a music controller.


Price: Free with ads

This app has a high user rating of 4.8/5 stars on the Google Play Store, and it’s full of detail that some other apps lack. It claims to be 98% accurate and can be used in offline mode too, so you don’t have to worry if you have a dodgy Internet connection. It has a quick connection to GPS, and the information shown includes your current speed, maximum speed, average speed, trip time, and distance.

you can also set the desired maximum speed, and there’s a choice of red light, siren, or long vibration to let you know if you go over. It’s easy to change the units while you’re on the go, and it has a nice clean interface.


Price: Free with ads

SpeedView claims to be even more accurate than your car speedometer, and while we can’t verify that, it’s a mighty claim! The HUD (head-up display) mode enables you to see the speed reflected in the front glass when you position your phone on the dashboard of your car, and further features include speed warnings for up to three types of roads, a speed graph, GPX track export with saving to an SD card, background mode, and more.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Unlike most speedometer apps, the free version has no bothersome ads at all, which is a real bonus! It can be used as a floating window over your other apps and has many of the usual features and a battery level indicator, satellite lock status icon, speed warnings, and customizable display colors. The full DigiHUD Pro version offers a whole lot more, including multiple speed alerts, the ability to create different profiles, day/night mode, speed offset, and Google Map view, to name just a few.


Price: Free with ads

We thought it was worth adding this recent speedometer app as it has plenty of potentials. It uses Google Maps and a choice of normal viewing display or HUD mode and also features voice navigation for ease of use. Speeds can be displayed in km/h or mph, and the app can be used without an Internet connection. It will be interesting to see how this app develops, as our first impressions were good.


Price: Free with ads

As you would expect, many of these apps share some of the same features, and Speedometer GPS is no exception. Speeds are displayed as km/h, mph, or knots, and you can track your speed, location, and distance as well as factors such as time elapsed, maximum speed, altitude, and more.

Further additions are map integration, floating speed over Map apps, satellite status display, speed graph, and more.


Price: Free with ads

Whether you’re driving, cycling, flying, or sailing, this GPS Speedometer app will accurately show your speed, current, average, or maximum speed. It’s really easy to switch between units of measurements, and the GPS navigation will show your position on a map in Standard, Hybrid, or Satellite view in real-time.

The app works in portrait or landscape mode, and there’s live tracking for your journeys as well as HUD view, especially useful after the sun goes down. Digital GPS Speedometer has a lot of appeals, is easy to use, and has a very attractive display.


Price: Free with ads

The Accurate Speedometer app measures speed over five scales, mph, mps, km/h, knots, and ft/s. Whether you’re in a truck, running, skiing down a mountain, or even in a chair lift, this one will suit your needs. You can receive notification alarms for your set speed limits and see a digital or simple speed view. The app doesn’t require an Internet connection, works smoothly, and doesn’t consume too much battery.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This app is a useful tool and provides a very nice smart speedometer widget that can easily be positioned anywhere you choose on your screen. The speed limit feature (audible or through the HUD visually) will help you to keep out of trouble when you’re driving, as is the case with many of these other apps. The HUD screen has a customization menu with simple settings, and overall the app has a user-friendly interface that makes it a pleasure to use.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

This Spring Applications app has many of the usual features, and what makes it stand out is the appealing simple and contemporary design that’s easy on the eye. It displays latitude (DMS), longitude (DMS), and altitude (meters and feet), as well as current speed, max speed, distance covered, and more. This app is a little heavy on the ads, but if you can stand that, it’s certainly worth checking out.

Wrapping Up

If you’ve ever wondered how fast you’re moving, these apps provide a way of giving you that information. In our look at the best speedometer apps for Android, we’ve discovered various features and functions that are extremely useful. However, it’s worth pointing out that the pinpoint accuracy of speeds and trip distances may depend on the hardware of your device. At the same time, GPS can be impacted by factors such as satellite visibility and atmospheric conditions. That said, they’re on the whole pretty accurate and could help you to avoid a ticket.

These apps can be used in so many situations to measure your speed, whether using a Segway, on a motorbike, in a helicopter, or even in a rickshaw! If you come across another speedometer apps that you think is worth a mention, let us know with a comment. Alternatively, which of the above apps have you found is best for your needs?

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