The Best Cycling Apps On Android for Free


Take your cycling experience to a whole new level with the latest and best cycling apps on Android.

Best Cycling Apps for Android

This is the era of bicycling. For health benefits as well as to reduce carbon footprint; and not to mention, also to avoid traffic congestion, bicycling is our favorite transport today. For the most joyful and beneficial cycling, you should consider installing some great bike apps on your Android smartphone.

10 great free cycling apps to take your riding experience to a whole new level!

1. RIDE WITH GPS – Bike Computer

Price: Free/ Offers IAP

Ride With GPS has a tagline of its own- Ride, Record, Snap, and Share, and this is exactly what this amazing app does. The app delivers information like GPS tracking; distance, speed, calories burned, and the list goes on. The app also comes with more detailed maps and graphs of your stats and gives you the chance to share your experience and achievement with other users.

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2. WAHOO FITNESS: Workout Tracker

Price: Free

Wahoo Fitness is a tracker for running, cycling and all kinds of fitness activities. The app is there not only to track your speed and distance but also motivate you and keep you safe. It can connect to Bluetooth devices and upload your records to Fitness apps like Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Nike+, TrainingPeaks, GarminConnect, and Magellan Active, etc or even email at your address.

You can use multiple sensors in this app at the same time and receive personalized information on your heart rates, calories burnt counts. This app is a treasure map and you can explore its wide uses by visiting at


Price: Free with ads

This great cycling app is simple and efficient. The app can be used to track things like distance, speed, altitude, time, overall distance and much more. What is special about this app is that it provides a home point option to its users which can help them get back home in the quickest and shortest path.

4.Runtastic Road BIKE TRAILS & GPS Bike Tracker

Price: Free with ads

This is a handy app that can track all kinds of bikes rides, distance, duration, speed, elevation gain, pace, calories burned, etc. via GPS. At the same time, you can also track your routes, get detailed updates on speed, elevation, and other ride data through the voice coach. The best part is you get to see your current location on Maps which can be downloaded for offline use if you need to save battery life.


Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

My Tracks is a small but powerful app. The app includes some unique features not available in other usual apps. Along with all kinds of basic features like tracking you’re your routes, location, records and everything else, the app can be used for all kinds of outdoor activities like hiking, bicycle and motorcycle touring, boating, skiing, climbing or just driving fun. The app is a favorite in the list with all its complex functions hiding behind the extremely user-friendly design.

6. MAP MY RIDE GPS Cycling Riding

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Map My Ride is an all-in-one app with a great list of features. It maps everything including GPS Cycling, Riding, Mountain Biking, Workout Tracking, and Calorie Counter. The app can connect to over 400 devices and can be logged over to 600 different activities. You can share your activities and achievements with the other users which consist of a large community of over 30+ million members. What more, the app can also be synched with other top apps like MyFitnessPal and Google Fit.

7. RUNKEEPER – GPS Track Run Walk

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

RunKeeper allows you to track your route and cycling speed as well as other things like calories burnt and distance traveled. RunKeeper is also an all in one app that is less focused on cycling. Nevertheless, this app is as useful for cycling as anything else’s and can record all kinds of information like location, speed, distance, etc.


Price: Free with ads

If you are a bike nerd you will just love this app. And also if you are not. This is because the app along with providing all kinds of basic features also gives you details such as exact rotations for each of your gears, based on the exact measurements of your gear system. Then it works out the speed you’ll achieve for a specific cycle cadence at each gear. This is a deep app. By using the app precisely you can optimize how your bike operates.

9. VIEWRANGER: Trail Maps for Hiking, Biking, Skiing

Price: Free/ Offers IAP
Here you will discover thousands of inspiring trail guides that will definitely make you not want to leave the road. The app has an integrated navigation system using which you can navigate outdoor adventures. Interestingly, this app is even used by 200 search and rescue teams. This gives you quite the proper idea of how useful and powerful this app is. Download this app today and create your own routes or download routes from a massive library of expert and community-generated rides.


Price: $2.62

(Bike Doctor isn’t a free app but well worth to mention in this list)

Here is the Doctor for your bike to help you keep your bicycle in perfect condition. It is almost like having a bike mechanic in your pocket. The app has 40 of the most bike repairs that you will need day to day and clear instructions even if you are even a beginner. The app uses simply comprehensible language and is the perfect dictionary of biking tools for greenhorns as well as experts!

All these apps are the perfect motivation to get you with you on your ride today. Download them today and enjoy your ride like never before!

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  1. I love the social aspect of STRAVA to compete with other cyclists! I get on the bike; my headset on, agm x1 (a phone that endurance falls, water, aaaalll) some water … and I lose a few hours in the road ♥

  2. Anything but Hangbiker again, please … ahahha…. I just somedays take the long road to home , my agm x1 ( great rugged phone), some music and enjoy the afternoon 🙂


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